5 Simple Tips to Create a Working Mom Workout Schedule 

By | December 17, 2022

Being a working mum is a challenge in itself. At times it gets so tiring that you end up ignoring yourself altogether. You end up physically and mentally exhausted, and it feels impossible to leave this sad state. 

However, you can shred this exhausting condition by following a workout schedule. Including some exercise in your daily routine can help boost your physical and mental health. For inspiration, you can always read some personal trainer quotes.

You won’t have to be dependent on any medicine or therapy sessions to feel good. A good workout can keep your body in shape and mind in harmony. All you need is a workout schedule that you can follow to perform all your tasks along with some me-time conveniently.


Make a TimeTable 

The first thing you need to do to make an exercise schedule is to make a timetable. Now following this timetable should be your top priority. 

Out of 24 hours, there should be at least 30 minutes that you must take out for your workout session. For working moms, the best time is early morning. This way, your work or childcare routine won’t be hindered. If that’s not convenient for you, you can take some time out 2 hours before your dinner and burn some calories. 


Personal Trainer

Another effective way to keep your workout schedule in check is by pre-booking a personal trainer. It’s human nature to make extra effort for others to accept you. When you pre-book a trainer and commit to a particular time, you’ll try your best to show up on time and perform your workout.

Plus, if you have invested your money in it, you won’t feel like wasting it only because your mood is not in favor of exercising. You’ll push yourself to any limit to complete this burnout task. 


Keep Track 

Give yourself a month and keep track of your progress throughout your workout sessions. With each passing day, when you notice extra fat shading from your body, you will automatically be motivated to do more. Give yourself some break from the workout by immersing yourself in funny mom workout quotes.

When every day you will mark on your calendar how productive you have been for the past month in your workout routine, you will want to pat yourself on the back. 


Take Baby Steps 

Another effective way to stay loyal to your workout schedule is by taking baby steps instead of high leaps. This will help your body build the required stamina slowly and won’t tire you. 

You won’t feel as if somebody is extracting the soul out of your body. Instead, your workout routine will be a smooth ride, and that’s what we are looking for. 


Include a Friend 

For working moms, making a workout schedule and staying true to it can be quite easy if they start doing it with a friend. 

You may feel demotivated if you are doing it alone, but when you have a friend right by your side who’s also a part of your journey, you won’t feel like giving up. Instead, with each passing day, you will want too much better, and that will help you go on with your exercise routine. 



As a mother it is very important for you to stay fit so you are able to stay productive and in good health for your family and children. Make sure you use the right fitness equipment and follow this workout schedule to make the most out of your time. 

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