Adin Ross Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 9, 2023

Adin Ross Workout Routine and Diet Plan: With more than 3 Million subscribers on YouTube, Adin Ross is again in the limelight. His interaction with the infamous Andrew Tate and the following transformation has brought Adin Ross back to the forefront. A recent video of Adin working out has drawn a lot of comments on his transformation after meeting Andrew. The video featured him sparring with his trainer, and the guy seems to be improving his health and outlook on life.

The 21-year-old is already a success story in terms of his YouTube career. With a very loyal fan base, the guy draws audiences from around the world. So naturally, many people are curious about Adin’s Workout Routine and his diet plan. If you are one among them, keep scrolling. Moreover, if you are just looking for a good workout routine that gives you long-term health and helps with weight management, this is the article.

So, In this post, we will dive deep into the Adin Ross Workout Routine and his approach to fitness. We will also tell you about Adin Ross Diet Plan and supplementation.


Adin Ross Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Adin Ross Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Adin Ross Body Stats

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 68 kgs
Age 22 years
Waist 30 inches
Shoulders 36 inches
Biceps 12 inches

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Adin Ross Workout Routine

Adin Ross was quite unhealthy for his age, at the start of this year, making him look quite dull and lethargic. However, a series of video meetings with Andrew Tate changed his physical health. He was challenged to get fit and start working out, the challenge went even to the extent of shaving up his head. Now, Adin uploads videos of himself working out and training, the recent one being with Sneako. And the progress he made is quite impressive.


Adin Ross Workout Routine

Adin Ross Workout Routine


Approach to fitness

In a podcast, the YouTuber revealed that the reason behind him accepting the challenge to work on his body was to inspire his audience with content that’s raw and real, has some innate value in itself, and can improve the lives of his viewers. He intended to help people in being their best selves. Adin is halfway through his challenge, but he won’t give up.


Adin Ross Workout Routine includes: 


The workout session starts with some stretching and warm-up to activate the body muscles and is followed by a Cardio session. Usually, Adin’s Cardio session is on a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. Sometimes he also goes for a stationary bike. But mostly he works out indoors and isn’t known to get into outdoor running for Cardio workouts. Though indoor cardio is good, outdoor cardio workouts have a holistic effect on your overall fitness.

Cardio sessions aid the weight loss process by burning loads of calories and improving cardiovascular health.



The next in line is a Basketball session with his friend Sneako. Adin involves himself in a basketball session to improve his overall fitness, especially focusing on Agility, Mobility, and hand-eye coordination. The inclusion of any sports in your workout routine has tremendous health benefits. Firstly, it improves mood and mental health. It’s great for improving blood circulation and allows you to feel energized for longer times. It’s also great for the heart and can replace your cardio sessions.



Adin is going hard on his boxing skills. He is quite serious about this game and is even thinking of getting into the MMA circle, according to some reports. Moreover, he recently uploaded a video of himself sparring. Though the form was not too good, his efforts are truly appreciable. 

Boxing is one of the best exercises there is. Besides building strong physical health, it also builds mental toughness and gives you clearer thoughts and a calmer mind. 

Boxing is a full-body workout, so it builds muscles all over your body and increases metabolism, helping with long-term weight management.


Other Exercises

Adin also got into intense weight training. Pull-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, and deadlifts formed a part of his gym schedule. Weight Training is usually the base of most physical transformations, as it builds muscles that continuously burn calories, as opposed to cardio which doesn’t burn many calories at rest. 

That’s all for Adin Ross Workout Routine.

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Adin Ross Diet Plan

We have not found much information about Adin Ross’s diet plan. But he is consuming lots of protein, including from animal sources. He is also drinking lots of protein shakes to build and maintain muscle gain and perpetuate the results.


Adin Ross Diet Plan

Adin Ross Diet Plan

Is Adin Ross Vegan?

No, Adin Ross is not vegan.


Adin Ross Diet Plan includes: 


The guy is big on hydration, and he is taking extra care of his liquid intake. Working out is stressful, and a dehydrated body makes it worse. So you must keep a regular check on your hydration levels to get the maximum benefits of your workout routine.


A Block on Junk Food

In an interview, Adin admitted to having a very bad dietary habit earlier and now he aimed to get into a disciplined approach to life. He has completely blocked junk food and processed food and is now eating a high protein protein diet that’s laden with good carbs and fats. 

He is also taking supplements for his deficiencies.

That’s all for Adin Ross Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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