Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | November 29, 2021
Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan: KPop stars have been just the new ideals for the fitness and health industries. And so the Kpop idols receive a lot of popularity if they are physically enchanting along with having a strong screen presence. Ahn Bo-Hyun is one such KPop idol who struggled in silence until success and fame came his way. Even now he is highly loved for his humble beginnings and simple living. He is perhaps one of the fittest Kpop idols.

Today we bring for you the Ahn Bo-hyun Diet Plan and Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine. This will help in achieving a toned body and it will be dynamic enough to fit into your own lifestyle.

Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

First, let’s list down the body Stats of Ahn Bo-hyun.

Ahn Bo-hyun Body Stats

Height  6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 75 Kgs
Chest 42 Inch
Age 33 Years
Biceps 14 Inch
Waist 32 Inch

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Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine

Ahn Bo-Hyun has been a perfect fitness freak that we have all known of. In this section, we will tell you how he maintains his muscles in absence of gyms and inside the gym too.

Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine

Ahn Bo-hyun Workout Routine

Home Workout

In the thick of pandemic and heightened mental stress perhaps workout was the last thing that crossed our mind. It is also something that people with too busy a  lifestyle to access the gym routinely face. But not with Ahn Bo-hyun. He has a YouTube channel of his own where he shared an easy Home Workout Routine that targets almost all major muscles.

Let’s list down the exercises that he does in a home workout session:


It is an exercise that is extremely effective in burning fat; especially that of the belly area. It improves brain functions too. Make a repetition of burpees for at least 60 seconds followed by a 30-second rest. This will smoothen out your path a little.



The second exercise that Ahn Bo-Hyun incorporated into his home workout was squats. It had two variations; Normal Squats and Sumo Squats. You should also add squats to your exercise regime if you are into home workouts. This too should be for 60 seconds and then followed by a 30-second rest.



Lunges are excellent for toning your body. And  Ahn Bo-Hyun definitely seems to be reaping the benefits of it. I mean look at those toned abs. Start with 12 repetitions per leg.


Arm Walking

In the home workout session, Ahn Bo Hyun has also trained his upper body and shoulders through Arm Walking. This too should be done for 60 seconds to start with and then a 30-second rest to follow.



Ahn Bo-Hyun ended his home workout session with variations of the plank. Plank is a very effective exercise for Core Strength, Posture, and Flexibility. A session of 10 seconds to 30 seconds will be good enough to go forward with your journey to achieving celebrity fitness.


Gym Workout

If you are somebody who prefers gyms then Ahn Bo-Hyun provides a peek into his gym routine too. In a post, flexing his abs; Ahn Bo Hyun is seen doing weight training for his biceps. So you should also include a little weight training in your fitness and workout routine.



Before rising to fame because of his role in ‘Itaewon Class’ actor has been an alumnus of Busan Sports High School and he has also won close to 5 gold medals in Boxing tournaments. Thus he has always maintained a healthy relationship with exercise almost all his life.

 Further, the model turned actor is frequently seen involved in Cycling, Camping, Rope Skipping, and in most of these, he will qualify as certainly close to being perfect. So we would advise you to maintain a very healthy lifestyle that should include certain aerobic exercises that you can enjoy. This will also make sure that you do not skip your workouts and keep your body moving.

This is all about Ahn Bo-Hyun Workout Routine.

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Ahn Bo-hyun Diet Plan

Have you heard that Ahn Bo-hyun makes his own meals? Well, he certainly does. He has been living alone since he was 18 years old and he cooks his own meals. Ahn Bo-hyun says that he cannot and does not order outside food and makes sure that he keeps his calories in check. So He is certainly a body fitness celebrity to look forward to. Thus it will be a good initiative from your end to start preparing your own meals.

Ahn Bo-hyun Diet Plan

Ahn Bo-hyun Diet Plan

Ahn Bo-Hyun loves Noodles though. But the Noodles should be of a particular brand only. And that brand is Nongshim’s Noodles. The reason behind this preference is a similarity in the names of the brand and family name of the Actor.

Hyun suggests that we should not be too harsh on ourselves and sometimes we can treat ourselves with our favorite flavors. Recently Ahn Bo-hyun also introduced a lunchbox called under 299 lunchbox because it contained less than 299 kcal.

Is Ahn Bo-hyun a Vegan?

No, Ahn Bo Hyun is not a Vegan. He mostly has chicken breasts for food. This ensures that he has a good amount of protein in his diet which he admits keeps him in shape. So you too should try to add amounts of chicken breasts in your food if you are not on the vegan side, but a big no-no to Fried Chicken though.

Further, as a person who is passionate about health and fitness and workouts, Ahn Bo Hyun says that his passion roots from his body type that has a tendency to quickly gain weight. And if you too are on that side of the river and worry about your fitness journey then Ahn Bo Hyun can be exemplary for you.

This is all about Ahn Bo-hyun Diet Plan.

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