Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | December 14, 2023

Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Anastasia Ashley is a professional Surfer; she has a fantastic following on social media, and you may have seen her in many sports magazine covers and surfing events taking part.

Anastasia is also known for her incredible body shape that she maintains, so if you also want to see the secret of the Anastasia Ashley workout and diet plan, then keep on reading.

Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anastasia Ashley Body Stats

Height 5 ft 8 inch
Weight 58 kg
Age 33 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 36 inch

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Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine

Anastasia is a professional athlete, so it’s not such a surprise to see her staying healthy and fit always. The workout routine of Anastasia Ashley is more of a mixed workout routine containing different kinds of exercises.

Anastasia also focuses more on her core, and lower body as that plays a considerable role while surfing. She has revealed her workout in brief in the interview with the Living Healthy. So let’s see what Anastasia likes to do, to stay fit.

Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine

Anastasia Ashley Workout Routine

Anastasia Ashley workout includes:-

The workout of Anastasia revolves around cardio, Spin classes, pilates, weight training, core, and bodyweight exercises. All these workouts give her the perfect balance and shape that you see on Instagram and other social media accounts of her. So let’s see how you can get a body like Anastasia by doing these workouts.


Anastasia has loved doing spin cycles for a long time; it’s been years, and she still does it whenever she gets the chance. She loves going to the soul cycle classes for doing this, in that interview, Anastasia said that she likes the energy and environment there and it makes her love spinning a lot more. You can also attend the spin classes anywhere you want for at least two days a week.

Anastasia Ashley Weight Training

Weight training plays an essential role in her routine, as Anastasia needs that core and lower body strength to surf, so she focuses a lot on weight training. The training mostly concentrates on the lower body. Still, she does some upper body workouts as well to keep the muscle tone.

The exercise is divided into three days of lower body workouts: in which she works her quads, hamstring, calves, and glutes area on different days. Then one or two days for upper body training, where she does a lot of arms exercises like; dumbbell curls, barbell curls, tricep pushdowns, hammer curls, etc.


Anastasia Ashley Core Workout

Anastasia also does a lot of core workouts to make sure her core stays stable when the waves hit her while surfing. She does core conditioning around three times or more a week, in that Anastasia focuses on doing a circuit routine, wherein one set you do all exercises continuously and then rest for one minute and so. This training method helps you get your calories burned and also gives you a high muscle definition.

Anastasia Ashley abs

Anastasia Ashley abs


In the interview with Living Healthy, Anastasia said that when she wants to get her muscles toned fast, she goes and does pilates. It’s an excellent exercise for her as it focuses on the lower body and core muscles more.

Pilates also gives you a lot of flexibility and burns calories while you work out, so you can say that it’s one of the best exercises you will do. There was no information about how many days she does pilates every week, but I’m guessing at least two days.

That’s all for the Anastasia Ashley workout routine.

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Anastasia Ashley Diet Plan

Anastasia Ashley Diet Plan

Anastasia Ashley Diet Plan

Anastasia loves to eat a lot of whole-grain foods and fruits and vegetables; she also enjoys the aloe juice that she keeps with her. Anastasia stays away from processed food all the time; she even doesn’t eat sugar, maybe sometimes on dessert and stuff, but most of the time, it has no sugar at all.¬†

Anastasia’s go-to snacks are her protein shake and protein smoothie, with fruits and other kinds of stuff. She loves to drink her shakes, and Anastasia drinks at least one or two shakes every day, this also helps her get all the essential protein.

Anastasia also has stated that she loves a good glass of fresh juice, it can be juice from green juice to fruit juice, other than that she also drinks a whole lot of water throughout the day.

That’s it for the Anastasia Ashley diet plan.

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