André Lamoglia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 11, 2024

André Lamoglia Workout Routine and Diet Plan: National Cinema is getting more ‘ international’. So is the talent. The latest buzz around the 26-year-old Brazilian actor André Lamoglian is a testament to it. Best known for his role as Ivan Carvalho in Netflix’s ‘Elite’, André is continuously climbing up the ladder of fame and success. André is also known for projects like ‘The Traitor’, ‘Juacas’ and ‘Bia’, alongside ‘Elite’ which gave him international fame.

But this young talent is equally known for his fashion sense and appearance as well. The guy carries classic Brazilian features and is a great man to be leading fashion shows, with his toned and strong body, that’s lean but not weak. He leads a very active lifestyle and in this post, we will be diving into the fitness and health aspects of André Lamoglia, his workout, and diet plan.

André Lamoglia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

André Lamoglia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

André Lamoglia body stats.

Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight  65 Kgs
Age 26 Years
Waist  26 Inches
Shoulders 34 Inches

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André Lamoglia Workout Routine

An interviewer recently shared that André’s routine is to not have a routine. He has a very busy lifestyle and unquenching ambition. This keeps him on his toes all the time. So he works at his convenience without actually putting on a certain routine dedicated to working out. He is quite young as well, so his body has better adaptability skills. So the actor does not follow a fixed routine, rather tries to workout as and when convenient, but he tries to maintain a degree of consistency.

André Lamoglia Workout Routine

André Lamoglia Workout Routine

André Lamoglia Workout Routine includes:


Having been brought up in Rio De Janeiro, surrounded by nature and sea, André quickly took up a love for beaches and seashore. He also took up a more intense love for sea waves and surfing. It surfaces in his life even today. Whenever he gets a chance, André is quite sure of spending a lot of time surfing and dancing with the waves. So, surfing is one sport that this Brazilian actor enjoys. 

Surfing regularly has a wide range of health benefits, from improved cardiovascular fitness to mobility and muscular strength. Going near natural water sources has also been found to help manage mental health greatly. It is shown to improve moods and bring hormonal balance. Surfing is one of the most effective ways to lose stress. It makes you realize the smallness of your worries in the dance of sea waves. 

So, if you are interested in surfing, it’s one of the great habits you can pick from André Lamoglia. You can pick up any other adventure sport of your choice as well. All kinds of adventure sports are replete with huge physical and mental health benefits.

Walk in the Nature

In a recent interview, André talked about his love for nature. he is actively involved in campaigns for climate preservation and restoration. He also shared that his love for nature is rooted in his background of having a very close connection with nature. So, regular walks in nature have become an important part of his routine, especially since he has started to live alone. Being in nature and going on regular walks, relieves his homesickness. 

So, a regular walk in nature is almost a constant part of the workout routine of André Lamoglia. 

Walking in general is full of all the best benefits for long-term health, including better heart health, and mood, and has been shown to lower hypertension. So, Walking regularly even for 30 minutes thrice a week is a great way to invest in your health. 

Gym Workouts

It’s not quite possible to be relying on outdoor activities all the time. So, André includes a convenient portion of conventional gym training sessions into his workout routines. He majorly focuses on a combination of cardio and strength training, which is the classic gym training routine. His workouts focus on the back, arm, Abs, and Leg muscles and he seems to focus more on muscle-mind connection, rather than on increasing the number of repetitions or intensity. So, Gym exercises like barbell Rows, weighted squats, Deadlifts, weighted Planks other similar common exercises are performed by him. He tries to keep himself as active as possible, on days that he cannot hit the gym. 


Swimming is another exercise that finds its place in André Lamoglia Workout Routine. Swimming seems to be a regular part of his life to calmly wind up the day. Swimming helps him relax after a tiring day. And an actor like him is never not tired. So, swimming seems to be an important part of André Lamoglia Workout Routine. 

Swimming is a highly potent activity to promote good long-term health. It’s not very hard on the body but has a wide range of physiological and psychological benefits. So, Swimming is another exercise that André Lamoglia enjoys. 

That’s all for André Lamoglia Workout Routine.

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André Lamoglia Diet Plan

As far as the diet plan is concerned, André is a little cautious over there too, but not freaky. This means he tries to eat home-cooked and healthy in his routine as far as he can, but doesn’t mind eating out when the situation demands. 

He likes cooking, so making a good healthy meal is not an issue for André.

André Lamoglia Diet Plan

André Lamoglia Diet Plan

André Lamoglia Diet Plan includes: 

Multiple Small Meals

André is a man in his mid-20s and a man of high metabolism. So, he prefers to have multiple small meals throughout the day rather than going for one, two or three large meals. He shared that this makes him feel more energetic. It’s also proven to keep your metabolism and help with managing weight. Since eating small meals frequently doesn’t lead to a sugar spike unlike a huge meal, André maintains good energy levels throughout the day. So, his focus is on eating multiple healthy plates throughout the day, rather than eating less.

Favorite Foods

André loves a good creamy coffee. He likes to have lots of raw vegetables and fruits before a meal and focuses more on protein and micronutrient intake. So, he also takes supplements whenever needed. Overall, his approach to diet is not very restrictive. He enjoys everything in moderation.

Is André Lamoglia Vegan?

No, André Lamoglia is not Vegan.

That’s all for André Lamoglia Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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