Anne Marie Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | May 26, 2020

Anne Marie Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Anne Marie is a singer and songwriter; she gets mostly known for her hits like Friends, 2002, Ciao Adios, etc. There is another thing that her fans love about her, which is how strong she is mentally and physically; Anne Marie has been through depression and survived it;

she opened about it a couple of years ago and how she overcame that mental health. Now about her physical fitness, she has also always been fit and healthy, so let’s see the Anne Marie workout routine and diet plan that she follows.

Anne Marie Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anne Marie Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anne Marie Body Stats

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 63 kg
Age 29 years
Breast 33 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 38 inch

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Anne Marie Workout Routine

Anne Marie’s workout routine wasn’t easy to find at all; other than her fighting from anxiety and depression, there was not much about her fitness. There were only Anne Marie Instagram accounts and something about her background that helped me figure out how she maintains that unusual body type.

Anne Marie exercise Workout

Anne Marie Workout

Anne Marie Exercise Includes:-


Anne Marie is a very active person; you can even check out her Instagram, and you will see what I’m talking about, Anne Marie also loves to play soccer and do a few of the tricks with the ball. Anne also enjoys the walk on the beaches and traveling to places with friends and family.

The best activity that she does is performing live in different places around the world. This routine is what keeps her calories burning and keeps her body fit and healthy. This routine might not look enough for you guys, but practicing and performing a lot isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many celebrities, singers, and performers just stay fit by rehearsing and playing every week.



If you follow Anne Marie, you would already know that Anne Marie is a black belt and a three-time world karate champion. She also practices a lot almost every day to keep herself fit and even released some classes for her fans on her YouTube channel, which you can check out.

So if you also want to train like Anne Marie, you might want to start by taking karate classes at least four to five times a day, but if karate is not your thing then don’t worry there are other ways that you can follow to get a body just like Anne Marie.

Anne Marie abs

Anne Marie abs


You can try to do yoga; yoga will give you the stretching and flexibility that Anne Marie has gained by doing karate stretching. This routine will also make your body lean and helps you achieve that essential body strength. You can start by joining any yoga classes near you for three days a week and slowly increase it almost to every day in a week.


Cardio & Weight Training

Now you might not be free enough to do lots of performances, dance, karate, etc. But you can still achieve the body like Anne Marie by doing cardio and weight training routine for at least four to five days a week. For cardio workout simply aim for 200 to 300 calories burn, you can burn those calories the way you want, go on the treadmill, do circuit training, elliptical machine, biking, etc.

Once you finish with your cardio routine, you can start working for your body shape. Looking at Annie Marie, you can see she has that curvy waist and that thick thigh. So the best workout you can follow is performing, three days lower-body, two days upper-body, and 15 to 20 minutes of core exercise five days.

This is all about Anne Marie Workout Routine.

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Anne Marie Diet Plan

Anne Marie Diet

Anne Marie Diet

For Anne Marie diet plan, there was not much I could find out, although after going through her Instagram account and seeing some pics, I would say that she follows a plant-based diet where she also enjoys some of the junk food from time to time.

You can even see her eating burgers and fries, and you can see her eating healthy stuff too. So I can say she is just calculating the number of macrons and calories that she is consuming every day to keep her body fit. Also, don’t forget to drink more than a gallon of water every day. This is all about Anne Marie Diet Plan.

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