Anoop Singh Thakur Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Regime

By | March 23, 2019

Anoop Singh Thakur Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Regime

   Hello, Here we are going to discuss Anoop Singh Thakur Workout Routine and Diet Plan also Anoop Singh Thakur Fitness Regime. Before going to Workout Routine and Diet Plan of Anoop Singh Thakur and his Fitness Regime topic, let’s know about Anoop Singh Thakur.

   Thakur Anoop Singh is an Indian actor, model, and a professional bodybuilder. He won a gold medal in a bodybuilding competition in Bangkok, Thailand. Thakur Anoop Singh has a lot of rag and muscle. He makes two hours of workouts daily. As I told you that Thakur Anoop Singh is a professional bodybuilder, his workout routine changes from time to time. If you are a beginner then do not follow this workout routine. here Anoop Singh Thakur workout routine, Anoop Singh Thakur diet plan, Anoop Singh Thakur fitness regime, Anoop Singh Thakur workout tips, Anoop Singh Thakur health tips, Anoop Singh Thakur bodybuilding tips are explained in detailed. 

Anoop Singh Thakur Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Regime

Disciplined for the Core for Brilliant Bodybuilding –

   Thakur Anoop Singh starts the morning with a jog on an empty stomach because he knows that our body’s metabolic rate is at its peak. He insists that he works until he maximizes sweat, by which fat quickly disappears.

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   Anoop Singh Thakur works out in the gym for 2 hours a day. He makes alternatives with cardio and restricts the maximum level again to burn fat. Anoop also likes to be involved in games like Kabaddi, which helps them focus on their opponents, assures quick movements and increases stamina. Let’s go in detail of workout routine of Anoop Singh Thakur.

Thakur Anoop Singh Workout Routine –

   Here is all information regarding workout schedule of Thakur Anoop Singh. Bodybuilding Thakur Anoop Singh works out 6 days a week and he rests on Saturday. He gives so much importance to cardio and doing gymnastics for body flexibility for a combined total of 6 times a week.

Monday: Fasted cardio for 30 mins + Abs + Shoulders + Calves

  • Crunches
  • Leg Raises
  • Cable
  • Overhead Press
  • Lateral Raises
  • Shrugs
  • Arnold Press
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Seated Calf Raise

Tuesday: Fasted cardio for 30 mins + gymnastics + quads

  • Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension

Wednesday: Fasted Cardio for 30 mins + Abs + Chest + Triceps

  • Abs Leg Raises
  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Bench press – Incline+Decline
  • Fly’s
  • Tricep pushdown

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Thursday: Hamstrings + Calves + Steam/Sauna

  • Leg Curl
  • Lunges
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Seated Calf Raise
  • Standing Calf Raise

Friday: Fasted Cardio for 30 mins + Gymnastics + Back + Biceps

  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Lateral Pulldown
  • Rowing
  • Bicep Curl
  • Hammer Curl

Saturday: Rest

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Sunday: Legs (Squats and Leg Press and Leg extension)

  • Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension

That’s All about” Workout Program of bodybuilder Anoop Singh Thakur”. Apart from this, we are going to tell about how he achieved great success in the bodybuilding field. here his Anoop Singh Fitness Regime details.

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More About Anoop Singh Thakur

   Thakur Anoop Singh, who has created a storm in Indian bodybuilding, lives a completely disciplined life. For example, he does not have carbohydrates in the evening after 6 and ensures the night to sleep for 8 hours night and you know the results are surprisingly best.

And this is just the beginning. In their diet plan, in the night before making a call during the day, they include diverse protein sources such as egg whites and chicken breast and In addition, he has his regular dose of whey protein and his body responds effectively with the muscles that the world likes to see. Its time to share Diet plan of Anoop Singh Thakur. here all details regarding Anoop Singh Thakur Diet Plan.

Anoop Singh Thakur Diet Plan

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   Thakur Anoop Singh is very Strict about his diet plan. Thakur Anoop Singh was a person who could eat a pizza, burgers throughout the day but he abandoned all such foods and worked on a strict diet plan, which gave him such a wonderful body! Here some Points related to a “diet plan of Thakur Anoop Singh”.

  • He eats oats, mixes it with protein powder, this gives him a balanced carb and protein diet to start them.
  • He usually takes high protein and low-carb diets.
  • In one of his main diet 40 eggs white part, 300 grams of chicken breast, honey with sweet potato/rice and before sleeping in the night, he eats salt and oil-free post fish.
  • He does not take carbs after 6 p.m. in the evening. This all includes in diet plan of Anoop Singh Thakur.

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