Anya Chalotra Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 30, 2023

Hello, we are going to discuss “Anya Chalotra Workout” and “Anya Chalotra Diet” for The Witcher. Before that let’s know about her. Anya Chalotra was born on 21 July 1996 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. She is currently 23 years old. After starring in a few theater productions, Anya Chalotra played Jennifer Ashman in the British drama series Wanderlust. This series of Anya aired on BBC channel for the United Kingdom people but for outsiders, the series is released on Netflix. She is an English actress of Indian origin, first attracting industry attention for her role as Jennifer Ashman in Wanderlust. 

Anya Chalotra began playing Vengerberg’s Yennefer in the Netflix original series The Witcher in 2019, which brought him back into the headlines, and has since been angered by the television industry. In her Grand Country, Anya is already known for her beautiful appearance and charming over-glass physique.

In this article, we focused on Anya Chalotra Workout, Anya Chalotra Diet, Anya Chalotra Exercise Plan, Anya Chalotra Fitness Regime, Anya Chalotra Workout Video, Anya Chalotra Body Measurements. let’s start with Anya Chalotra’s body measurements.

Anya Chalotra Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anya Chalotra Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Physical Stats of Anya Chalotra

Age 18  years (as in 2019 )
Height 5 feet  6 inches (168 cm approx…)
Weight 121  lbs (55 kg approx…)
Hair color Light Brown 
Eyes hazel
Breast  size 34 inches 
Hip size 26 inches 
Bicep size 35 inches 
Body type hourglass
Body measurements  34-26-35
Bra size 32B 
Net Worth $200 thousand 

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Anya Chalotra Workout Routine | Fitness Training for The Witcher

Anya Chalotra likes to work out in the gym but she mostly prefers to workout in the home and here are the exercises that she performs to get a perfect physique.

Anya Chalotra Workout Routine

Anya Chalotra Workout Routine

Anya Chalotra Workout Routine Includes

Abs: Mountaineer with a hands-on Swiss ball 

  • Extend the pushup position completely with your hands, but keep your hands on the Swiss ball instead of the floor. 
  • Keep this in the position so that your body should form a straight line from your head to your ankles.
  • Tighten your core and hold it this way throughout the exercise period. 
  • Lift one foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee closer to your chest. Then repeat with your other leg. 
  • Alternate back and forth for 30 seconds. If this is too hard, place your hands on the floor or on the bench

This is “Anya Chalotra workout” for abs


Quadriceps: Offset dumbbell lens workout of Anya Chalotra

  • Hold the dumbbell in your right hand beside your shoulder, bending [A] with your hand. 
  • Proceed with your right leg and bend your right knee at least 90 degrees and hold your body down until your left knee almost touches the ground [B].
  •  Get back your self in the starting position.
  •  It is representative. Do all your reps, then hold the weight in your left hand and repeat with your left leg.


Chest: Single-arm dumbbell chest press

  • Hold the dumbbell in your left hand and lie on your back on the flat bench. 
  • With your hands, hold the dumbbell directly over your chest.
  •  Your palm should be outward but slightly inward. Put your right hand on your abs [B]. 
  • Lower the dumbbell toward your chest. Stop, then push the weight back to the start. 
  • Do all your repetitions, then repeat on your right.

This is Anya Chalotra exercise for Chest.


Shoulder: Scorpion and Shrugs

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  •  [A] Hang dumbbells at arm’s length on your sides with your palms opposite each other. 
  • Without bending your elbow, extend your arms at an angle to your body (so that they form a “Y”) until they are parallel to the floor [B]. 
  • At the top of the movement, lower your shoulders upward [C]. 
  • Pause, and then repeat and repeat the motion to return to the start.

This is a workout of Anya Chalotra for shoulder


Arms: Swiss Ball Lying Triceps Extension

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie on your back with the Swiss ball over your center and upper back. 
  • Your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. 
  • Hold the dumbbell on your forehead, your arms straight and your palms facing each other [A]. 
  • Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells until your forearms are parallel to the floor. Stop, and then lift the weight to start.

This is Anya Chalotra Workout for her arms.


Arms: Split Attitude Dumbbell Curl

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells and place one foot in front of you on the bench or step above the knee. 
  • Hang dumbbells at arm’s length beside your shoulders, your palms facing forward [A]. 
  • Without twisting your upper arms, bend your elbows and bend the dumbbells toward your shoulders.
  •  Stop, and then slowly weigh down.


Back: Swiss Ball L Rise

  • Lie on the Swiss ball so that your back is flat and your chest is away from the ball. 
  • Keep your hands off your shoulders, your palms down from behind you. Raise your upper arms by tucking your elbows out and bending your shoulder blades together. 
  • Your upper arms should be perpendicular to your torso [B]. Without moving your elbow, rotate your forearms as far as you can [C]. 
  • Stop, then reverse the move. If you can do more than 12 repetitions, use dumbbells. This workout, Anya Chalotra does for building her back.
Beautiful Anya Chalotra

Beautiful Anya Chalotra

This is all about Anya Chalotra’s workout routine. now let’s know her diet plan.

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Anya Chalotra Diet Plan

Anya didn’t diet for her any of the roles until now not for the Wanderlust series neither for the Witcher series, but she definitely looks for a better option and encourages better choices of food.

Secondly, Anya shifts her food routine from fast food to whole food and this really helped her in achieving a desirable physique.

Anya Chalotra Diet Plan

Anya Chalotra Diet Plan

Anya Chalotra Diet Includes-

  • She is more likely to introduce organic foods in her diet when preparing for the role of the Yennefer in The Witcher.
  • In breakfast, Anya Chalotra mainly likes to include some yogurt, avocado, and some eggs 
  • In lunch, she would like to have beans, rice with some pulses.
  • In she intakes chicken on someday and goes with vegetarian food on the other days. This is all about the diet plan of Anya Chalotra.

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I hope you like Anya Chalotra Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Training for The Witcher.

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