Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss

By | October 2, 2023

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss: Anya Taylor Joy is a British actress who rose to fame with her role in ‘ The Queen’s Gambit ‘ and she has been maintaining the expectations quite well since then. The actor even won a Golden Globe For Best Actress for her stellar performances. The actor has been quite busy for the last two years with many projects to her credit. 

In addition to the talent that she is, her physical transformation has been a topic of discussion among netizens. Though she has been quite fit all her life, she was asked to lose some weight for a role and did that effectively. So in this post, we will look at Anya Taylor Joy weight loss journey and her workout and diet for weight loss.

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss

Here’s a look at her Body Stats-

Height  5 feet 8 inches
Weight  55 kg
Age 26 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Biceps 12 inches

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Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Workout

Anya’s journey to weight loss has been quite smooth and healthy as she reveals that she feels more energetic and strong now. Her weight loss journey isn’t about some very conscious and difficult efforts but about a rather relaxed approach at an individual level for weight loss. So altogether she is very active physically and likes to serve her fitness goals by enjoying the process.

Here are some of the exercises she did for Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss-:


The actor has a very old relationship with dancing. She even has stated that her fitness is a result of regular dance workouts and a clean diet. She has been trained as a Ballet dancer and was quite good at that. She reveals that though she isn’t regular, Anya picks up the tone and forms very quickly when she rejoins the class. 

Ballet improves coordination, and toning of the body and instills confidence through improving mental health. So, altogether Dancing, especially Ballet played a big role in Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss journey.

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Workout

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Workout

Hip-Hop Dance Classes

The actor is also involved in a lot of Hip Hop dance classes and though it’s a new addition to her workout, she is quite diligent with her classes. She says that dance classes help her in focusing on one thing or one moment at a time, clearly. She says that her day starts with silly crazy dancing, the first thing in the morning that prepares her for the day ahead.



Running is also a part of Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss workout routine and she likes to switch up her workouts once in a while. Running burns loads of calories and gives you lean muscles while also building cardiovascular health. So, you must take the initiative to take a run over this weekend and subsequently increase your capacity.



Kickboxing too finds its place in workout routine of Anya for weight loss. She also likes to kickbox when she is not specifically targeting a body goal. Basically, her fitness secret is working out in the way that she enjoys. 

In her photoshoot for the promotion of the horror project ‘ Last night in Soho’, the actor gave us some major abs goals, which definitely have contributions from Kickboxing and Dancing.

Kickboxing brings coordination, improves posture, and gives you loads of energy boost for the day. So you must get into a kickboxing class if you have an interest in this sport even otherwise and learn a new skill.


Staying Active

Well, the last and probably most important aspect of Anya’s workout is her active and busy lifestyle. This she points out by stating that her busy schedule itself feels like a workout and she tries to stay as active as possible otherwise. So most of her extra calories are burnt during her shoots, which she is finding herself being busy in.

That’s all for Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anya’s diet is specifically plant-based and it’s been that way for most of her life now, starting at age 8. Her Vegan lifestyle comes from her love for animals and nature and she plans to keep it that way.

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Anya Taylor Joy Vegan?

Yes, Anya Taylor Joy is Vegan.

In an interview, she also revealed that a plant-based diet makes her feel fitter than ever and she finds herself feeling healthier than ever.



Greens are something that the actor absolutely loves. She revealed that when her schedule is tight with very limited options to eat, she often is left craving Greens, which she claims makes her feel stronger.

For her shoot when she was filming three films simultaneously, the actor just survived on diet Coke, coffee, and Cigarettes. And at last, she was looking to consume a good amount of greens and fruits. Green vegetables are high in micronutrients and give you true strength that lasts. They sort of balance out your body and leave you feeling stronger.

Her favorite food option is a low-carb diet, with an option of salads at lunchtime. She is particularly conscious of her hydration levels which gives her body a detoxifying effect and helps in losing weight altogether by increasing her metabolism.

The actor also likes to indulge in Italian foods, pizzas, and burgers sometimes to help with her consistency in efforts for weight loss.

That’s all for Anya Taylor Joy Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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