Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | April 22, 2023
Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Arman Tsarukyan and Renato Moicano’s fight was suspended two days back, due to some injuries suffered by Renato Moicano. Both the lightweight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars were looking forward to this game and it has a good viewership base intact already.  Both are quite aggressive in their moves and their match was speculated to be a great watch for all UFC enthusiasts. Arman Tsarukyan is one of the most promising young talents in the UFC championship games and a lot of veterans are betting on him.

The Armenian- Russian mixed Martial Artist fights in the Lightweight category and has already claimed lots of victories to his name.  The tough and promising talent started his career with a fight against Islam Makhachev where he put up a much better fight than most expected. He then went on to claim six straight victories and was ranked No.8th as of January 2023.

So naturally, people are curious about this rising star of UFC who carries his own personality and fashion sense along with tactical moves inside the ring. People are very interested in knowing what the everyday life of Arman looks like and what the secret is to his performance concerning diet and Workouts. So, in this post, we will shed light on the Workout Routine and Diet Plan of the star UFC Mixed Martial Artist and you can make for yourself accordingly.


Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arman Tsarukyan Body Stats

Height  5 feet 7 inches
Weight  70 kgs
Age 26 years
Shoulders 34 inches
Waist 30 inches
Biceps 15 inches 

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Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine

We at healthyogi have always stood for a sustainable and wise approach to health. Being a fighter, Arman undergoes very intense and strict training which is followed by an intensive diet plan. Most of our readers are not looking to get trained for an International fight, so we would suggest you take smaller sessions that healthily match your ultimate health goals. So, you don’t need to be as Intense as Arman about workouts or diets. You can make your own choices.


Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine

Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine


Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine includes:


The guy goes heavy on cardio sessions. His cardio workouts include Running, Elliptical Bike training, Rope skipping, and core Ring training. All of these exercises work on your cardiovascular capacity and build endurance to fight for long sessions with a limited supply of energy.  Running is known to build leg muscles and lower body toning while also improving lung capacity. Rope skipping builds coordination and improves concentration. It boosts stamina, builds flexibility, and gives you strong bones.

So, Arman relies on several exercises for Cardio workouts and likes to mix things up, so that he can target every muscle of his body. The fighter also does Uphill running which has positive impacts on endurance and targets the glutes, calves, core, and hamstring muscles.


Weight Training

Arman Tsarukyan also does lots of weight training in the gym. He works with deadlifts and also does simple bodyweight exercises. His weight training exercises included heavy weight lifting. With deadlifts, a UFC fighter gains overall body strength and builds power in his hips and lower body. This also helps with overall speed and aids muscle gain. 


Functional Exercises

Arman also does a range of functional exercises, targeting individual muscle groups. His exercises include Burpees, Lunges, and Plank with a range of variations. These also help them burn extra calories. Lunges help in improving lower body strength, especially the glutes, and give a fighter a stronger grip on his position.  

Planks build muscular endurance in arms, legs, and core and a 1-minute plank session is good to start with.  His workout schedule also includes Burpees, which are beneficial for overall body strength and power, while building cardiovascular capacity.


Rope Climbing

The star UFC player also involves his body in Rope Climbing for upper body training and helps him build upper body strength. This upper body strength is extremely essential because that’s where the punches come from. And Rope climbing exercises build upper body power while also promoting flexibility.



The core training for fighting forms the biggest part of Arman’s Workout routine. His Kickboxing sessions are power packed and he specifically works on those kicks and punches for close to three hours every day. This part of his workout involves learning new techniques, refining old ones, and practicing the art.

Besides these, Arman also tries a  range of other exercises. For example, in a video, he listed out the benefits of Hot Yoga, where you sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories as a result. The fighter seems to mix up things and tries new techniques to work out. This is all about Arman Tsarukyan Workout Routine.

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Arman Tsarukyan Diet Plan

Arman Tsarukyan Diet routine is not shared on the internet. But we have done our research and have come out with a diet plan that Arman Follows for his fights.

He involves a dietician or nutritionist to prepare meals for Arman, in the weeks immediately preceding the fights. 


Arman Tsarukyan Diet Plan

Arman Tsarukyan Diet Plan


Is Arman Tsarukyan Vegan?

No, Arman Tsarukyan is not Vegan.


Arman Tsarukyan Diet Plan includes:

Arman’s Diet plan before a fight is focused on recovery and so he takes a lot of proteins while also Training intensely for the fightsArman Tsarukyan Diet Plan includes- Granola, Yogurt, Sweet Berries, Chicken, Octopus, sauteed beans, Pasta Combo in Tomato sauce, Bolognese, Potatoes, Asparagus, and Branzino. He also has lots of fruits, especially strawberries, and bananas with oatmeal for breakfast. 

Further Arman also loves coffee and we can often spot him with his cold coffee cups.

That’s all for Arman Tsarukyan Diet Plan

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