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Hello, We are going to discuss “Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan, Ashika Ranganath Workout routine, Ashika Ranganath Height, Ashika Ranganath Weight, Ashika Ranganath Age, Ashika Ranganath Beauty secrets”. Before going to discuss workout routine of Ashika Ranganath and diet plan of Ashika Ranganath, let’s know about her. Ashika Ranganath is an Indian actress and works primarily for the Kannada film industry. Ashika Ranganath was born on 8th May in Hassan district, Karnataka, India, and she was brought up in Tumkur district.

Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan and Workout routine
Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan and Workout routine

Ashika Ranganath did her schooling in Tumkur and did Pre-University in Bangalore. Ashika is currently pursuing her degree course in Bangalore (Bachelor of Commerce). She looks so beautiful, talented, stylish, and also that she is a popular Indian actress. Here in this article workout and plan of Ashika Ranganath, beauty secrets of Ashika Ranganath and body measurements of Ashika Ranganath are explained in detail.

Ashika Ranganath Bio

  • Real name – Ashika Ranganath
  • Nickname – Ashika
  • Profession – Actress, Model, and Dancer

Ashika Ranganath Physical Stats

  • Height – 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
  • Weight – 54 Kg (119 Pounds).
  • Body Measurements – 34-26-34 inches,
  • Waist size – 26 inch
  • Hip size – 34 inch,
  • Hair color – Black
  • Eyes Colour – Black

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Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan:

Ashika Ranganath is a self-proclaimed foodie. Not only that, she is away from any fad diet or starving oneself, she does not even endorse it. But, she follows a simple diet consisting of 5 small meals a day.

Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan
Ashika Ranganath Diet Plan

Ashika Ranganath ate home-cooked food on top of processed food and made sure that she would drink at least 3 liters of water every single day to detoxify her body! Detailed Diet plan of Ashika Ranganath given below.

  • For breakfast, Ashika usually has 2 egg white with a glass of fruit juice.
  • This is followed by an afternoon snack of cottage cheese toast with coconut/lime water.
  • Ashika always likes simple, homemade food for lunch-veg, lentils, chapattis, and salads.
  • Her evening breakfast includes protein bars or seasonal fruits because she believes in keeping the dinner light, And finishes her day with a glass of milk before hitting the sack. This is all about the Ashika Ranganath diet plan. Now we have given full information about the exercise plan of Ashika Ranganath.

Ashika Ranganath Workout Routine:

Ashika Ranganath trains regularly four times a week to maintain her slim figure. Ashika Ranganath Workout Routine includes-

Ashika Ranganath Workout Routine
Ashika Ranganath Workout Routine
  • Running on the treadmill for cardio warm-up. She goes for a walk daily.
  • Ashika Ranganath does weight training three times a week using lightweight. She does many reps using weights to tone her body.
  • She also practices yoga for mental balance and strength.
  • Ashika likes to go for a swim which helps maintain her fit body.
  • Follow her workout regime regularly without a miss.
  • Practice yoga for a stress-free life.
  • Following a good diet with proper consultation with a dietitian.

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Ashika Ranganath Beauty Secrets:

She considers yoga the key to her glowing skin and flawless glow on her face. Ashika is so obsessed with yoga that she makes sure to include yoga sessions in her daily fitness regimen.

Ashika Ranganath Beauty Secrets
Ashika Ranganath Beauty Secrets

Ashika is a big fan of herbal remedies. In fact, she prefers a neem facial mask to detoxify her skin. It prevents acne and pimples, controls excess oil secretion, lightens rashes and scars.

A homemade face pack that uses natural herbal ingredients such as bananas, papaya, honey, and milk. The actress also regularly follows the hair care routine. She used to wash her hair before going to bed to reduce the chances of product buildup. She always greases her hair before washing. She recommends a massage of coconut oil for strong hair and a healthy scalp.

Use natural products based shampoos and conditioners to treat her hair. Also, do not forget to cover her head with a scarf, hat or umbrella to avoid direct exposure to harmful heat and dust.

Another valuable secret of Ashika Ranganath for hair is her healthy hair mask in which she incorporates coconut oil with egg yolk or amla powder for long-lasting effects.

Ashika Ranganath Beauty Tips
Ashika Ranganath Beauty Tips

Ashika Ranganath Beauty Tips:

  • Ashika Ranganath believes that eating right, daily doses of meditation and regular exercise can keep your skin young and fresh for a long time. Not to mention, the role of water to flush out harmful toxins.
  • Ashika encourages the intake of at least 3 liters of water a day to keep the skin hydrated.
  • She recommends scrubbing any beauty product after the shoot and before going to sleep at night.
  • Wash your skin with a cream-based cleanser before going to sleep and apply cocoa butter lotion to restore moisture.
  • It is also important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For this, Ashika recommends applying sunscreen under her makeup before going out in the sun.

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Ashika Ranganath Instagram Photo
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Ashika Ranganath HD Photo
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Ashika Ranganath fitness HD Photo

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