Avani Gregg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | November 26, 2021

Avani Gregg Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Avani Gregg is a social media influencer that is mostly known for her tik-tok makeup videos, she has gained incredible fame over these couple of years, and Avani Gregg is also a member of the original Hype house. There is another thing that she is very well known for, and that is her body physique. So today, we will take a look at the Avani Gregg workout routine and diet plan.

Avani Gregg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Avani Gregg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Avani Gregg Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 7 Inch
Weight 55 Kg
Age 17 Years
Breast 34 Inch
Waist 24 Inch
Hips 34 Inch

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Avani Gregg Workout Routine

The Avani Gregg is a former athlete, and that plays a massive role in her body physique, Avani Gregg was a level 10 gymnast, before one day she got a severe back injury and after that, Avani Gregg had to quit the game for good.

Although Avani Gregg has left the game for good, her body remains the same. Avani Gregg still performs a lot of splits, stunts, and other things related to gymnastics. You may even have seen Avani Gregg Instagram account, where she has posted many poses and flips.

Avani Gregg Workout

Avani Gregg Workout

Even though we can say that Avani Gregg does all that, but there is not so much info about her workout routine, Avani Gregg has never really shared the actual reason of how she maintains her body, but don’t worry I will provide you with a workout routine that you can follow to get the body just like Avani Gregg.

Avani Gregg Workout Includes:


We have seen her doing poses because of her flexible, slim, and toned body. All that can be achieved by yoga as well; you can get a fantastic collection by just doing yoga regularly. Yoga is one of those exercises that won’t backfire on your body even if you perform it every day.

You can start by doing yoga for five days a week, and one hour each day, you don’t have to go and join a yoga class right off the bat. You can start by doing free yoga lessons for the beginner that will help you learn the basics.



Pilates is, without a doubt, another exercise that can help you achieve a flexible body, and you can become super flexible and lean by doing pilates regularly; even the Kpop star of BlackPink likes to do pilates for their regular workout.

Just like yoga starts with doing some home exercise and then slowly escalating your way to the pilates classes. Start by doing it three to four days a week and increase it with your face that you feel comfortable doing.


Cardio and Weight Training

If you are more of a Cardio and Weight training person, then you can also get a body like Avani Gregg by doing those exercises. You can start with a ratio of 65% cardio and 35% of weight training. Focus more on your lower and core muscles, perform a cardio high-intensity workout routine for about 30 minutes, and do running and other cardio machines as well.

To get a body just like Avani Gregg by doing a workout in the gym would require constituency, so make sure you go to the gym at least five days a week and train for almost an hour to two hours each day.

This is all about Avani Gregg Workout Routine.

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Avani Gregg Diet Plan

Avani Gregg Diet Plan

Avani Gregg Diet Plan

The Avani Gregg diet plan is also not revealed yet, so I can’t say what Avani Gregg eats during her typical day, but looking at her body type and her eating habits, I would say that Avani Gregg eats almost everything but in a balanced way.

So basically, what she does is try to control the amount of food that she eats and mix some healthy eating in her day, that way she can maintain her body and also enjoy some of her favorite meals. Avani Gregg also drinks a lot of water to keep herself fit and hydrated. This is all about Avani Gregg Diet Plan.

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