[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine: Know The Secrets Behind The Korra Skills

By | July 16, 2021

[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine: Know The Secrets Behind The Korra Skills: Korra is the Avatar and lead character of the series “The Legend Of Korra.” Korra is also the only Avatar after Avatar Aang to bend all four elements and is now responsible for world peace.

Korra indeed is robust and well known for her extreme martial arts skills while using different bending. So if you also want to train and want the Avatar Korra workout routine, then keep reading.

[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine: Know The Secrets Behind The Korra Skills

[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine: Know The Secrets Behind The Korra Skills

Avatar Korra Body Stats

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 55-58 kg
Age 17 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 26 inch
Hips 35 inch

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Avatar Korra Workout Routine

Korra gets known to be the most potent Avatar in the series, with having the agility, strength, reflex, superhuman powers, and martial arts abilities is something that makes Korra unbeatable. She is also exceptionally skilled in martial arts while fighting and can lift a pretty healthy size guy with just one hand. So how does Korra train, and how can you get a physique like her?

Well, the Korra workout would be unknown, and even though you won’t be able to do the bending with all elements, you can still get a few basic training. The most basic foundation in every bending is that Korra has to use some martial arts. While doing water bending, Korra uses Tai Chi; when she does earth bending, Korra is using Hung Gar. So different kinds of martial arts for more getting used in the whole process.

That is also the reason why she is so strong and agile. As we know, martial arts doesn’t focus on just making you more robust; it also makes you move like you are one with your body. Many people can also master their fighting spirit animal and fight like their spirit animal, such as mantis, snake, scorpion, etc. So there is always an influence of some kind when we talk about Korra training routine.

Then there are her acrobatic skills and MMA-influenced fighting skills. Yep, MMA influenced as MMA fights drastically influence her Pro-bending. So to get a body like Korra, we would need to focus on doing workouts that will work our agility, get us flexibility, stamina, and body strength.

So that’s why I will be giving you a routine that will help you get all these stats. We will train five days a week and doing various workouts, and training twice a day for a total duration of 2-3 hours. The workout will include some circuit routines, calisthenics workouts, and flexibility workouts as well. So let’s get it started:

Avatar Korra workout includes:

[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine

[The Legend Of Korra] Avatar Korra Workout Routine

Morning Routine (MMA & Cardio)

In the morning routine, we will focus on getting that fighting skills and strength. So we will join an MMA gym and train the basic fighting skills. You can go to any nearby gym and work out there for about an hour, or it will also help you tone your body and get you the basic fighting skills used in pro-bending.

After that, you will be doing a cardio workout in which we will do two HIIT activities. One will be your running on the treadmill for 15 minutes with 30 seconds intervals and a 1-minute jog. The second one will be a Hydro-row machine for 15 minutes with the same pattern interval training.


Evening Routine (Pilates & Strength Training)

In the evening routine, I would suggest focusing on flexibility and body strengthening workout routines. That’s why I will suggest you do four days of Pilates workout that will help you get an excellent toned body shape while making sure your waistline stays slim and your body gets flexible.

Once you get done, you can do two days of strength training by adding exercises like battle rope, deadlifts, sled pull & push, bench press, etc. This equipment will be available in the MMA gym only, so when you go there, make sure also to train for your body strength two days a week.

That’s all for the Avatar Korra workout routine.

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