Ben Simmons Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 23, 2022

Ben Simmons Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Ben Simmons is a Point Guard and Small Forward NBA basketball player. Currently, Been Simmons is playing for the team Philadelphia 76ers, and he also plays in the point guard position at Team Lebron at NBA All-Star games. Ben Simmons is known for his incredible reach and fitness; this young NBA player is undoubtedly a ladies man. Ben Simmons has that physique that can easily make him a professional model. So if you also want to know the Been Simmons workout routine and diet plan, keep on reading.

Ben Simmons Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ben Simmons Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ben Simmons Body Stats

Height 6 ft 10 inch
Weight 100 kg
Age 24 years
Chest 44 inch
Waist 34 inch
Biceps 16 inch

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Ben Simmons Workout Routine

Ben Simmons has become an NBA rising star, and credits should go to the level of fitness that he maintains. Many people adore him for the way he looks, and his body and stamina are the things people love about Ben. Ben is a sports star, and thus playing is his best physical activity, and of course, his strength training exercises make his physique quite tremendous. He usually does intense workouts at the gym and is fully loaded with energy and strength when he gets into his gym sessions.

Ben Simmons Workout Routine

Ben Simmons Workout Routine

Just recently, he had a back injury. But it seems that he has overcome the same now and this 23-year-old NBA star is yet ready to play again. This year if the game resumes, then he is supposed to return to the NBA. When Simmons was recovering, he used it pretty well for loads of practice and exercised too.  

To gain his strength back, he went through training using the weightless treadmill, water rehabilitation, and some such amazing things that could give him the same power once again. Often, bodybuilding and weight training exercises are something we tend to ignore because we find them a bit hard. Well, these are the exercises that enhance levels of activeness and strength. At least, this holds for Ben Simmons. His workout regime is an adorable mix of stretching exercises, strength training, and also a few cool-down techniques at the end.

Ben Simmons work out include:-

To get a physique like Ben, we will need to do mostly gym exercises and eat like crazy. You can follow this routine to get a bulk like Ben.


Duration: 15 to 30 minutes

Even though the player does a lot of cardio and agility drills, we will do it for 30 minutes max. As we aim to get bulked up and cardio will be our warm-up routine. However, suppose you want to gain stamina and agility like him. In that case, I recommend you add 30-minute agility drills and out of basketball drills, with a combination of dribbling drills, shooting drills, a three-pointer drill, etc. Although if you are just aiming to look like him, then simply do 30 minutes of cardio.

Ben Simmons Exercise

Ben Simmons Exercise

Ben Simmons Gym Training

Training days: Monday to Friday

If you are professionally trained, make sure you do this routine in the evening and the other drill and cardio routine in the morning. If you try doing all those workouts together, your body will break apart. In this workout, we will focus on bulking up, so for that, we will do fewer reps and lift heavy weights in every set. The rep count you need to keep at 6 to 8 per set, and on each set go to your maximum weight.

That’s all for the Ben Simmons workout routine.

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Ben Simmons Diet Plan

Ben Simmons is a person who gets home-cooked meals typically only when he visits his mother during the NBA hiatus. Ben Simmons doesn’t know how to cook food, and once his mother had challenged him, he could not prepare. At that time, Ben had boiled the eggs and added a bit of fish sauce. Then he asked his mother how she liked the food? Well, she didn’t know what to say, but she decided never to challenge this guy!

Well, jokes apart, coming back to Ben Simmons’s diet plan, since he is a sports star, he should have a high protein meal. It means nuts, eggs, and dairy foods should be an essential part of his diet. Meat, fish, and legumes are also very rich in proteins, and hence for a sports person like ben Simmons, these are ideal meal items.

Like most other sports personalities, even Ben Simmons relies more on a healthy diet, a perfect mix of proteins and nutrients. There should be proper meals every day and the right and healthy snacking items. Ben’s food should be free from soda, caffeine, saturated fats, alcohol, trans fats, and sports drinks. So let’s see a diet plan that you can follow to get a body like Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons Diet Plan

Ben Simmons Diet Plan

Ben Simmons diet includes:-


  • Eggs
  • Whole grain pancake
  • Juice


Pre-training Meal

  • Protein smoothie made from banana, egg, almond milk, berries



  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Veggies


Pre-workout Meal

  • Protein shake
  • Almonds



  • Steak or chicken
  • Veggies
  • Rice

That’s all for the Ben Simmons diet plan.

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