11 Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

By | August 5, 2019

Hello, We are going to tell you BEST HAIR CARE TIPS IN RAINY SEASON. Finally, after the harsh summer, the rainy season (Monsoon) has come in India. Monsoon has risen in everyone’s heart after the summer season. But the changing temperature can affect your hair which may lead to hair fall, frizziness and damage to your hair.


Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

When the first rain begins many people start worrying about there hair due to excessive humidity. The main reason behind your hair damage problem is that your scalp isn’t clean. Here I will share best hair care tips in the rainy season, how to take care of your hair during rainy days.


Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

  • Buy a Waterproof Gear

Many people allow there head to get wet in order to protect their body from rain. Therefore, I recommend you to buy a raincoat or windcheater with a nice headcover in order to protect your hair from the rain.

Hair is at its most brittle once wet thus it’s perpetually a wise option to hide. keep in mind that flourishing hair fall management depends on plenty of interference instead of cure. This is first and important hair care tips in the rainy season.


  • Oil your Scalp Regularly

Oil is the best natural conditioner that helps in hair loss treatment. Oil your hair the previous night and shampoo it off within the morning. In Rainy Season, best Hair Care Tip no 2  is that oil your scalp regularly.

Your hair is going to be glossy swish equivalent to the result of a conditioner. For best results decide on a pure oil like oil or virgin oil. Skip the scented oils as they usually have preservatives and chemicals.

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  • Choosing a good shampoo is Best Hair Care Tip in Rainy Season

If your shampoo doesn’t appear to pacify your hair within the monsoons, it would be time for an amendment. Elect an instructive shampoo or a shampoo with frizz-control. continuously get a little bottle once attempting one thing new.

If you prefer it, you’ll be able to get a much bigger pack. If you don’t or if you’ve got an associate hypersensitive reaction, you won’t have wasted any cash.


  • A conditioner is a must

Rainwater does not suit your hair normally and is usually acidic and dirty. So, If you are stepping out you should use a protective conditioner and dry your hair naturally. This is an important tip to hair care in the rainy season.

It’ll kinda be protecting layer on your hair and defend it from the harm rainwater will cause. Besides, it’ll act as a deodorizer to stay your hair smelling sensible.


  • Choose a Good Comb

It is also important for you to choose a good comb for hair especially if they are wet. If you need to opt for one comb to hold around with you, create it a wide-toothed comb. This comb suits all hair varieties from oily to dry and really nappy. Choose good comb one of the Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season.

It’ll permit you to comb even damp hair with a tokenish injury. Save the brushes just for days you would like to blow dry.


  • Eat a Proper Balanced diet

“Your Balanced diet has a lot of effect on your hair”. Simply choose more protein-rich food for keeping your hair root strong. A supermolecule wealthy diet can assist you greatly in hair fall management and in fighting several scalp diseases. A properly balanced diet is also very important for hair fall in the rainy season.

Embody eggs, lean meat, pulses, yogurt, soya, cheese, fatty fish, spinach, mushrooms, and kale in your diet the maximum amount as double.


  • Handling Wet Hair

In monsoon, you usually have to handle wet hair as our hair usually gets wets due to humidity or rain. Wet hair must be handled with care. If your hair gets wet within the rain, don’t clip it up instantly or tie it tightly with rubber bands.

Hair cuticles area unit exposed after they get wet and so wet hair is a lot of liable to breakage. Let your hair dry naturally or if you’re in an exceedingly hurry, dry it underneath a hand drier within the lav. If you need to use a dryer, invest in an exceedingly diffuser to attenuate injury. To handle hair safely you must know surprising Science behind the Hair.


  • Aloe Vera

It is an absolutely smart choice for your skin as well as beautifully superb for your hair. If you’re stepping out of the house and it’s descending, what you’ll be able to do is, simply take a bit little bit of Aloe vera gel on your palms, rub it and apply everywhere your hair. Urbanbotanics pure aloe vera hair gel is good for hair fall problem. It contains vitamin E and natural emollients.

 Don’t use any harsh heating tools, let it dry naturally. It holds on to your hair and tames the crimp. It conjointly acts as an excellent conditioner. you’ll be able to use it as a hair mask too by applying the gel everywhere your hair from scalp to the guidelines, going away nightlong and laundry future day with a light shampoo.

It prevents breakage and rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients.


  • Don’t use Styling Products

Your styling and so-called hair products are damaging your hair and scalp while making you look good only for a temporary period. Cut out the expenses on hair and if possible ( Man ) keep your short this monsoon and you will suffer from less hair fall.

However, if you need to style your hair suppose for a function then I recommend using a heat protectant. No matter what temperature you are using that will prevent your hair from damage.


  • Take Supplements

Many people are not able to get the right balanced diet according to there body due to workload or some reasons. So, If you’re feeling you’re not consumption right, it’s okay to raise your doctor or a specialized for hair supplements. ordinarily counseled supplements to contain one or additional of the subsequent list: vitamin H, iron, zinc, Vitamins A, and D.

However, do bear in mind that supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. They solely play a supporting role in hair fall management.


  • Keep yourself hydrated: Best Hair Care Tip in Rainy Season

We merely can’t stress this one enough. everybody from your oldsters, to your lecturers, doctor and athletic facility pedagogue can inform you of the importance of drinking lots of water.

However, if you have got a busy routine, you may not be drinking enough water. you would like a minimum of a pair of liters of water per day for healthy cells to perform. Combine things up by as well as contemporary drink, lime soda, clear soup, green tea, and milk to remain hydrous.

This all about “11 Best Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season”. hope you will take care of your hair on rainy days. Share this post with friends and Family