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By | March 24, 2019

Hairs are one of the essential features that make everyone look good. Although not everyone gets blessed with thicker and fast-growing hair, some people’s hair grows so slowly that they get afraid to get a haircut. Especially if you are a girl, I’m sure that there must be many hairstyles you want to try, but the growth of your hair stops you from doing that.

When that happens, people often try different oils and supplements to have faster hair growth; some contain chemicals that damage your hair. If you are also working with those for a while and nothing happening, don’t worry, as I will tell you about natural oils that will help your hair grow faster.


Why is oiling hair essential?

Before I tell you about the best hair oils for hair growth, let’s see why it’s essential to use oil on your hair. Oiling your hair is a way to provide your strands with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Like any other part of our body, our hair and scalp need care, and oiling them ensures they remain healthy and damage-free. Now that’s not just it; there are many other benefits of oiling your hair regularly, such as;


Prevent Hairs from Getting Grey

One of the most common things that happens these days is young people start having great hairs which shouldn’t happen. The reason why this happens is that the person lacks vitamin B12 in his body.

Although many oils contain Vitamin B12 in them and using them regularly, can help prevent your hair from getting gray at an early age.



Dandruff is one of the things that we all hate, nobody wants to have great hair with dandruff. Dandruff happens when your scalp gets dry, and the skin starts to break, it also causes you itching and hair fall.

With regular oiling, you can keep your scalp moist and prevent it from drying, which will eventually get rid of your dandruff.


Shiny and Strong Hairs

I’m sure you want shiny hairs like the girls in commercials who always do advertising for many hair brands. If you do regular oiling, it can help your hairs get more substantial from the roots and provide your strands that shine from the outside.


Hair growth 

Hair loss or slow hair growth may happen when your hair doesn’t get enough nutrients, which weakens your hair from the roots and makes them thin and easy to fall off. By oiling regularly, you can make sure that those nutrients get to your hair and make them stronger and grow faster.


Home Remedies for Longer Hair

Castor Oil and Onion Juice

Castor oil and onion juice can help your hair growth and also help you solve other hair problems.  Onion juice is rich in sulfur, which allows your hair to get less thin; it also provides nutrients to your hair roots and helps your scalp to stay moisturized, which also helps with issues like dry scalp and dandruff.

Castor oil contains a lot of fatty acids. It is also known as the antifungal oil because of its antifungal properties that save your hair from fungus infection and also keeps it moisturized. Using both of them will guarantee your hair care and help your hair to grow healthier and shinier.

How to use castor oil and onion juice

  • Take two tablespoons of castor oil and onion juice in a bowl
  • Warm it for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Apply on your scalp and hairs with your hands
  • Massage the scalp for a while
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Wash it with shampoo


Onion Juice and Egg

Like we discussed earlier, onion juice could be good for many things and with hair issues like dry scalp, thin hairs, hair fall, hair damage, hair loss, etc.

While the egg gets used since old times for many traditional hair spas and treatments, it contains a lot of protein and that protein nourishes your hair, making it stronger and healthier.

How to use onion juice and egg

  • Take one egg, two tablespoons of onion juice, and three to four drops of essential tree oil in a bowl
  • Mix them well
  • Apply it on your scalp and hairs
  • Massage for a while
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap
  • Let it rest for an hour or two
  • Wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner


Amla Powder and Coconut Oil

Amla powder is a dried powder often used to make amla oil. The reason it goes good with coconut oil is that because coconut oil or sesame oil is required to create amla oil. Amla is one of the traditional hair oils that has been used by counties of Indian women to get more substantial, thicker, and silkier hair.

It helps with different hair issues, as well. Also, when you make your amla oil with coconut oil, it gives the benefits of the fatty acids as well, which makes your scalp and hair moist and save from damage like heat damage or water damage.

How to make amla oil with coconut oil

  • Take 120g of amla powder, 1 liter of water, and 250ml of coconut oil
  • Mix 100g amla powder and 1liter water in a pan and let it boil
  • Put on low flame and let the mixture evaporate till the pan is half empty
  • After that strain the concentrated amla
  • Now, place the coconut oil in a pan
  • Add 20g of amla and the concentrated amla
  • Put it on the stove and when it starts to boil turn down the flame and let it simmer till the water gets evaporated
  • Once done strain it and store it inside a jar in a cold and dark place


How to use amla oil

  • Take two to three tablespoons of oil in a bowl
  • Microwave for 15 to 20 seconds
  • Apply on your scalp and all over the hairs from root to tips
  • Massage for a while
  • Cover with a towel or shower cap
  • Let it rest for an hour to two hours
  • Wash it with shampoo


Coconut Milk and Fenugreek

Like we saw the benefits of coconut oil, in coconut milk, the benefits are almost the same as coconut oil. You can even drink coconut oil every day to get its health benefits, while Fenugreek is one of the core ingredients in the market that’s known for its hair care properties.

Both of them make sure that your hair gets healthier, smoother, thicker, and grows faster. It also helps you to deal with hair issues like dandruff and dry scalp with their fatty acids that help your skin to stay moist.

How to use coconut milk and fenugreek

  • Take two tablespoons of coconut milk and fenugreek powder in a bowl
  • Mix them till it becomes a smooth mixture
  • Apply on your scalp and hair
  • Massage for a while
  • Cover with a shower cap
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Wash it with shampoo and conditioner


Coconut Oil

Coconut oils are one of the oldest oil treatments used by many Indians to treat hair problems like dry scalp, lice, dandruff, hair fall, etc. While it gives you many benefits, people also believe that coconut oil can help you get faster hair growth.

Now I don’t know about that, as no studies have proven it, but it sure does make your hair look more robust and thicker, and it may seem like your hair started to grow faster. It can get used as cooking oil and even as a body massage oil, as it contains a lot of benefits.

Coconut oil benefits on your hair

  • Fight infection: coconut oil makes your hair healthy from inside to the outside, helping get rid of some fungal infections. 


  • Calms irritation: coconut oil contains fats that help reduce the irritation on your scalp and reduce the itching. The fat also helps with moisturizing your hair and making them healthier.


  • Split ends: in research, it was found that coconut oil gets absorbed by hairs better than any other oil, which helps with hairs staying stronger and not breaking or having split ends.


How to use coconut oil

  • Take a small amount of coconut oil in a bowl
  • Heat the oil in that bowl in a microwave for a few seconds; you just want your coconut oil to get soft and warm, not liquid and hot
  • Massage the oil on your scalp and your hair from roots to the tips
  • Tie your hair in a bun and cover your hair with a towel
  • Let it rest for about an hour to two hours
  • Wash it thoroughly with shampoo


Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the most used oils in our daily lives. You may not notice, but many soaps, shampoo, medicines, cosmetics, and even your moisturizers contain sesame oil.

That’s why people have started using sesame oil directly on there because of its benefits, including hair growth in a way with the help of other benefits.

Sesame oil benefits on your hair

  • Hair loss and hair thinning: one of the benefits that you get from sesame oil is that it contains two essential fatty acids that we need every day. It provides you with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that make your hair skin better and hair healthier. In 2017 a study also showed that the people who consume not enough Omega-3 and Omega-6 have more hair loss than people who take enough.


  • Hair growth: there is no proof that it directly helps with your hair growth as the scientist is still studying about it. But, surely, the sesame oil has all these nutrients that help your hair grow faster. Nutrients like:
    • Vitamin B-1
    • Calcium
    • Copper
    • Phosphorus
    • Iron
    • Magnesium
    • Manganese
    • Zinc


  • Dry hair: like we discussed that it contains healthy fatty acids, and applying them to your hair can moisture your hair and make them smooth and shiny. It also softens your skin and gets rid of the dry scalp that gives you dandruff or lice.


  • Healthier and shinier hair: sesame oil helps you fill-up the gap that your hair roots have, and it also provides a protective layer around your strands. It helps your hair to absorb less water and heat, which makes them more durable and shiner. 


How to use sesame oil

  • Pour a little amount of oil in a bowl
  • Warm it up for 10 seconds in the microwave
  • Massage it on your scalp and hair
  • Use the rest of the oil to cover your hair
  • Cover your head with a towel
  • Let it rest for an hour to two hours
  • Wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner


Castor Oil

Castor oil contains lots of rich nutrients that give your skin and hair many benefits. It is mostly known for its scalp and other skin treating properties.

But many people claim it can help with hair growth; they say that using castor oil can help your hair grow at least three to five times better than it usually would. Even though they say it, there is no scientific research done that can back that statement up.

Castor oil benefits on your hair

  • Dry scalp and other scalp infection: you may have heard of castor oil that people use for many hair treatments and scalp treatments. In the market, it sells in the name of alopecia, which is known for many procedures, including reducing your hair loss.


How to use castor oil

  • Wear an old shirt, as it can leave a stain
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Put the oil on your scalp and slowly start to massage with your fingers
  • Apply the rest of the oil on your hair and comb your hair to make sure it gets evenly distributed
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap
  • Let it rest for two to three hours
  • Wash it with shampoo


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a wax type of oil extracted from jojoba plant seeds; it gets used in many products like cosmetics, hair products, skin products, nail products, etc.

The oil is very well known for its moisturizing components, which is why many hair conditioners use jojoba oil to smooth. It contains many rich nutrients like; vitamin C, vitamin B, copper, vitamin E, zinc, etc.

Benefits of jojoba oil on your hair
  • Dry scalp and dandruff: as we said, the oil contains many nutrients and moisturizing components, making sure that your scalp stays healthy and moist. That also helps with many other problems like dandruff, which is often caused by dry skin breaking.


  • Hair loss: the oil provides the nutrients inside your hair and makes them soft and moist, which helps them get healthier and thicker. That also prevents hair loss and dryness of your hairs, causing hair problems like split ends and damaged strands.


  • Shiny hair: like we read it, can help you get wet hair. All those moisture components also make your hair healthier and provide them with an incredible shine. That helps make your hair shiner and more robust. 


How to use jojoba oil

  • Take one tablespoon of oil for short hair and two tablespoons of oil for longer hair in a bowl
  • Warm it up for about a few seconds in the microwave
  • Apply on your scalp to your hair tips
  • Massage for a while
  • Let it rest for 20 minutes
  • Wash it with shampoo and conditioner

You can also add the oil to your daily hair products like; shampoo and conditioner. Just put two to five drops in it and use it.


Olive oil

Olive oil is a light green or light yellow; it’s mostly known for its fatty acids and antioxidant agents, which is why many people use olive oil in their food every day. It contains many health benefits, and even when it comes to your hairs, olive oil can help by treating the scalp and other problems.

Benefits of olive oil on your hair

  • Healthier scalp: olive oil comes with many nutrients and especially that fatty acid that is essential for our skin to stay healthy. Applying oil on your hair also helps the skin to get moisturized, which helps to prevent dry scalp, dandruff, and other scalp infections.


  • More durable and longer hair: olive oil contains nutrients and vitamins that make your hair healthier. It fills the gap and covers for hair, which makes them thicker and reduces the chances of you getting hair fall. It also helps with other hair problems like split ends and damaged hair.


  • Hair growth: in 2015, scientists did a study with the olive tree ingredients and applied it to the mice to see if it will help hair growth, which went well and resulted in hair growth, although there is still no research done to prove that the oil will have the same benefits as the olive tree. Also, there is no study to show if it will even work on humans in the same way or not? Although many people do believe and say that it helps with hair growth.


How to use olive oil

  • Take ¼ cup of olive oil
  • Rub the oil in your palms
  • Apply it gently on your scalp and hair from roots to ends
  • Massage for a while
  • Make sure it goes inside the roots
  • Use a shower cap and cover your head
  • Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Wash it with shampoo and conditioner



So like we read all about the benefits of oiling, that why oiling is essential and can help you with many hair problems, you may be facing. In our list of best hair growth oils, we also noticed many many benefits that it provides you if you use it. 

All these benefits kind of work together and help you get healthier, thinner, and longer hairs. So now, you can try each one of them and follow the instructions to apply the hair oils. Use the one that will benefit you the most, as there is no evidence of directly giving you faster hair growth, so try all of them.


   Hello, here we are discussing a very important and necessary topic related to human hair, “Best hair oil for hair growth and thickness”. When it comes to oiling your hair to keep the growth of your hair, it is a very important step because it gives life to nutrition and breath. 

Oiling relates to innumerable issues such as Russian, dryness, split ends, breakage and hair fall. Diversity screaming to be the best hair oil can sometimes mislead you into making insufficient choices. To choose the right product, you have to sort your needs. Here we are going to give a list of best hair oil for hair growth and thickness.

   Before going to tell you Best hair oil for hair growth and thickness, let’s know why oiling hair is very important and what is actually do with hair. How oiling hair is help to hair growth and thickness.

The idea of putting oil on your hair twice a week seems old school, is not it? wrong! It is known that your mother was right to reduce oil on her hair regularly. Oiling is the best way to care or pamper your hair. It gives essential nutrients and proteins to your hair that needs to be strong and shiny. One of the best ways to get thick, healthy, and long hair is to sit back and enjoy a good hot oil massage.

  Good hair oil with good quality of ingredients promotes the development of healthy and strong hair, removes your bacterial infection, and protects hair from premature hair loss. There are so many options to choose from. Here is a guide to choosing the best hair oil. I have prepared a list of the best hair growth oils available in India.


  • Coconut Oil –

Coconut oil best hair oil for hair growth and thickness

     Most Indians have oil and use daily, coconut oil has many advantages. From cooking, skin, hair to cleaning its applications or uses are endless. For the condition best used as hot oil treatment and to tame your tresses, massage a coconut oil is something which we all have received at some point from our mother.

 Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties and it is rich in liqueur acid corrosives means that it is very good to keep your skull healthy and free from any bacteria and fungal infections. This promotes the growth of your hair and scalp and more hair. Coconut oil is cheapest than any other hair oil. Thus Coconut oil is  “Best hair oil for hair growth and thickness


  • Sesame oil

sesame oil for hair growth and thickness

   Sesame oil is used as a base oil in many Ayurvedic preparations for the development of hair. Since sesame oil is anti-microbial, it treats many of the scalp infections and fungal infections.

Sesame is best used as a hot oil treatment. It gives the condition to the hair, nourishes the scalp, and relieves dandruff and enhances Vitamin E hair growth in oil. That’s why Sesame oil is also the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness.


  • Castor oil

    Castor oil


    Castor oil works amazingly on hair It is rich in vitamin E, proteins, and minerals. There are also anti-microbial properties, which will help you get rid of dandruff and other scalp problems. Castor oil contains Ricinoleic Acid which treats scalp swelling and diseases. It gives moisture to the hair and softens, maintains the level of moisture in the hair, strengthens the list of best hair oils. This oil is one of the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness.

   Castor oil works by improving blood circulation within the scalp, thus, it supplies it with more nutrients. Better growth of strands of hair than the supply of more nutrients. Apply castor oil to your fingers, then slide them into your hair and gently massage the oil in your scalp.

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  • jojoba oil

Jojoba oil for hair growth and thickness


   Jojoba’s oil has the capability to loosen up and remove crusted crates. This build-up is known to inhibit hair growth and block hair follicles. Oil is considered as an effective oil to moisturize the hair strands and to protect against external damage. In this process, they nourish the hair strands and promote healthy growth of hair.

Jojoba is one of the “best hair oils for hair growth and thickness” because it is hypoallergenic and will not harm your hair or scalp.

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olive oil for hair growth and thickness

      The oil is known for every health-conscious food, this oil has many skins, hair and health benefits. A good quality olive oil is a little bit expensive but it is worth every penny.

You can use it as a remover and hair oil. It helps to soften, nurture and treat your hair and makes it manageable and smokeless. It also relieves from Russian and relieves any other scalp infection. You can leave it as a mask for extra benefits overnight.

   We have found the best way to use olive oil for the development of hair once it is used once a week to massage the head. After a head massage, leave the oil for one or two hours and then steam.

After the steam, take a shower but do not use any shampoo. Wake up your next morning then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. “Olive oil is also one of the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness “. You will see and feel the difference soon.

   To deal with hair loss, prefer a formula for the best oil for hair growth, which suits your hair the most. You can also choose to consult your trichologist for effective guidance on the same.

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