2 Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

By | August 6, 2019
Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

Hello, We are going to tell you BEST HERBAL SHAMPOO FOR HAIR FALL. In a country like India where pollution is at peak once you step out of the home, you have to encounter with Pollution, Dust and various other things. Encountering with such problems may damage your hair and cause HAIR FALL and if you are the one suffering from Hairfall then, one thing you can do is change your normal shampoo to Anti-Hairfall shampoo.


Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall


In this post, I am going to tell you how to choose the BEST HERBAL SHAMPOO FOR HAIR FALL and for ease of your work I will also recommend two Anti-Hair fall herbal shampoo in different budgets. Choosing the best Anti-Hairfall shampoo can be a difficult thing for you especially these days when the market is flooded with different products.

You need to choose your shampoo carefully because changing your shampoo frequently can also damage your hair. I will tell you how to choose an Anti-hair fall herbal shampoo whether you should go for regular shampoo or Expensive shampoo or like you should take the organic or chemical one. Choosing the best Anti-hair fall Shampoo for you, follow below tips.

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Tips to choose Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

  • Go for Natural

Your hair gets rough and unmanageable when you use harsh chemical composition. Make a  smart choice and opt for a Herbal shampoo that has active natural Ingredients because that is necessary for your hair fall condition.


  • PH Scale

I know it is a scientific way but if you want best then, you have to chose an Anti-Hair fall shampoo whose PH scale is around 6.5. Shampoo with this PH won’t allow your hair to be dry and helps them to keep shiny and healthy by retaining the moisture.


  • Don’t go for more Lather

The greatest myth about shampoo is “ the shampoo which produces more lather(foam ) is more effective”). In reality, the molecules of a shampoo grab more dirt and oil if less lather is produced.


  • Mild Shampoo

Using strong shampoo can get you to result earlier but it had many side effects in long terms. Therefore, I recommend you to use Mild Shampoo that is beneficial and cause almost no harm to your hair and skin.


  • Other Tips

Use Moisturizing Shampoo for damaged hair Such shampoo smoothens your hair and makes them shine. If you have colored hair or chemically use creamy and nourishing shampoo. These kinds of hair are more prone o damage and thus, needed more deep nutrition. Also, These creamy and nourishing shampoos are costly and much expensive than regular Anti- Hair fall shampoo.

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Two Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

This post is not sponsored and I have collected much data and research about these products before telling you.

  • Low Budget: Indulekha Bringha Anti-hair fall Shampoo


Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall: Indulekha Bringha Anti-hair fall Shampoo

This shampoo contains 9 full extracts of bringing Plant. The Bringha plant is also known as Keshraj( king of hair ) in Ayurveda.

Use this shampoo for 3 times a week and the best part is you can use it even for colored hair and mostly due to its herbal formulation it color changes but its effectiveness will no change.

Buy it from Amazon – Indulekha Bringha Anti-hair fall Shampoo

Price – 187 for 200 ml.


  • High budget: Organic Harvest HFC Shampoo

Organic Harvest HFC Shampoo: Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall

This is completely an organic shampoo and in many tests, this shampoo proves to be better than others. It strengthens the root of the hair and prevents hair fall. It is enriched with many potent ingredients and scientifically proven formula to give you a longer, healthier and shiny hair.

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