Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss In Winter 2019

By | August 8, 2019
Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss In Winter

Hello, we are going to discuss the “best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter”. Many of you guys have been told that for weight loss you should skip meals or eat less that’s the absolutely wrong approach. For weight loss what you need is just a good diet plan and a strong will to exercise continuously and consistently nothing in this world can be achieved without hardship. Here the question arises can we attain a lean body shape at home or by not going to the gym?

The answer is Yes if you do not have an extreme level of fat then, you can do weight loss training at home also the only thing which you need is consistency, dedication, and discipline. I will do half of your work means I will be sharing a Winter diet plan for fat loss in India. Now, if you want me to share the Exercise routine of fat loss then, comment down below or just E-mail me your doubts regarding fat loss or weight gain.

Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss In Winter

Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss In Winter

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Many people not only in India but in the world are suffering from obesity and for weight loss, you should understand the reason why you are fat? I will tell you some of the reasons people usually get fat.


Reasons for being fat

  • Poor diet

The most common reason that people are obese is they have a poor diet. Now, this doesn’t mean you are hungry this simply means you are eating food that has low nutritional value. If you are eating crap food then you can not get a good physique.

  • Poor sleep

In modern-day times, the workload on humans is increasing day by day and thus, maybe you cannot get the proper quality sleep or you are suffering from insomnia. You need to think about this issue and moreover getting proper sleep also increases your productivity and thus you can do a work in lesser time.

  • Alcohol

Although, you can drink alcohol on some occasions or maybe once in a week drinking alcohol on a regular basis and in a large quantity will affect your body. You need to think about this issue and get rid of this because drinking alcohol not only causes obesity but many other harmful diseases like cancer which can even lead you to death.

  • Stress

This can also be a factor for which you are obese now just see how stress makes you obese. Our body releases a steroid hormone cortisol which helps us to deal with anger and stress. Although it helps us to deal with stress it slows the metabolism of our body making us obese.

  • Genetics

If you have an obesity problem in your genes then, it might be a challenging work for you to get in shape. You need to do an extra workout or eat more balanced food. Curing genetic obesity can be a really challenging task for anyone.

  • Lack of Basic exercise

Most people do not exercise on a regular basis due to workload or not having proper time that can be also one of the reasons that you are being obese. Now, if you fall into this category then, you should try small fat – burning workouts which will save your time also.

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  • Smoking

Researchers do not consider smoking as a direct effect on obesity but for instance, you can also check this issue and get rid of smoking.

Hopefully, you understand all the causes of obesity and try to change those habits if you found any in yourself.

Weight loss is not an easy task and many people turn to fad diets like the keto diet, Air diet. But, to be honest, being Indian to stick with such a diet is really a difficult and boring task.

Nowadays, many dieters have been turning to the Indian diet to shed kilos due to significant reasons as “ India is a country which is full of locally grown food that helps to reverse our situation and get help us to get stamina and structure grow back “.

Indians think that eating 5-6 meals in a day is a bad thing for weight loss but that’s not true instead on contrary eating in bulk within 2-3 meal times is a wrong approach for every athlete.

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best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Your weight loss diet plan should be high on protein and less in carbs and fats. A protein-rich breakfast is a must for your weight loss goals in order to avoid craving for a whole day.

A low-calorie high nutrition diet will help a person to lose weight in a healthy manner without compromising person health.

Before breakfast wake up early drink a glass of lemon juice take rest for 15 min and do some fat burning workouts for 15-30 min. Believe me alone this strategy will reduce your body 20% weight in a healthy manner.

  • Breakfast: best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Mixed veg Dalia

Peanut butter with brown bread and one glass milk

Poha or upma

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  • Mid-morning snacks: best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Green tea, Buttermilk

Bowl of fruits and veggies

  • Lunch: best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Dal with  2 chapati or brown rice

Salad and Raita


  • Evening snacks: best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Vegetable soups

A protein shake or veg sandwich


  • Dinner: best Indian diet plan for weight loss in winter

Chapati with dal or vegetables.

Veggies or Nuts

Try to eat in moderation and limit things like ghee and oil try to use less oil and ghee in the food.

Remember diet plan will work slowly but if you want to make progress fast then, do some exercise on a regular basis.

Some exercise which you should try as a Warm-up


Mountain climbers


Russian twists


Make a 30-sec gap between each exercise and do all exercise in one set. Repeat set for 3- 5 times as per your strength.

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