Blackpink Jennie Kim Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Jennie Kim Weight loss: The face of black and pink is also the face of many luxurious brands like Calvin Klein. Indeed, I am talking about the famous singer, rapper, actor, and model Jennie Kim. Jennie is a core member of the black pink and has contributed a lot to the growth of the crew. Jennie was born in Seoul, South Korea; however, later on, she shifted to Newzealand and studied in Auckland. Jennie debuted in the Industry by joining as a trainee in YG Entertainment, later forming the black pink. 

Almost every single music lover knows about Jennie Kim. Today she has gazed at billions of people through her voice and gestures, and even I am one of them. Speaking of her music career, Jennie has always aspired to be a singer, even as a trainee in the YG entertainment; she used to sing cover songs that many of us loved. Jennie was the first one in her crew to speak English well not only English Jennie is also good at french and knows some basics of Japanese. What to speak about her beauty.? Jennie looks so delicate that many of us can’t take our eyes off her. Recently her fans have gone mad. Yes, they spotted a slight change in the looks of Jennie kim. She has loosened some inches and got thinner, but how did she lose weight? Keep reading to learn about Jennie kim weight loss workout routine and diet plan.

Blackpink Jennie Kim Weight Loss

Blackpink Jennie Kim Weight Loss

Jennie Kim Weight loss Body Stats

Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 50kgs
Age 27 yrs
Breast 33 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips 34 inches

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Jennie Kim Weight loss Workout Routine

Jennie kim is good at thrashing billboard’s top singer chart. Jennie’s debut song, “solo,” was also loved by her fans and created many records. Well, Jennie is full of surprises. Her fans always nurture her gentle nature and personality.

Jennie’s weight loss has spiked the curiosity among her fans, and if you are among them, don’t worry. Health yogi is here to tell you about Jennie Kim’s weight loss. Kennie has a slim and curvy physique thanks to her workout routine. Kennie always loved doing activities. She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer in her childhood; however, now Jennie’s workout routine is slightly different. She follows strength and conditioning workouts accompanied by cardio. Her daily routines also include pilates and cardio. To learn more about Kennie Kim’s workout routine, keep reading.

Jennie Kim Weight loss Workout Routine

Jennie Kim Weight loss Workout Routine

Jennie Kim weight loss workout routine includes,


Jennie Kim is likely to follow the pilates program. Every five days a week, Jennie goes for a pilates session that helps her put tension on her muscles and strengthen them. Pilates has proven to be very beneficial for many celebs. Pilates is a set of exercises primarily based on own body weight training. Pilates helps in increasing flexibility and improves the stability of the core. It also helps in burning calories. If you are willing to train like Jennie Kim, then make sure to follow the fixed-day pilates program. According to an article, Jennie’s favorite pilates workouts are sided crunches against a wall, leg lifts, Eiffel tower exercises, leg circles, and crunches.


Flying yoga 

Flying yoga is an improvised version that aims explicitly at flexibility and stunts using silk sheets as straps. Flying yoga is an aesthetic training technique it involves different poses using silk straps. It helps in freeing the joints and increases the mobility of the muscles. Jennie Kim was one of many to start this exercise. Even jisoo accompanied her to start flying yoga. In the case of Jennie Kim, flying yoga has been very beneficial.

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim


Jennie Kim is conscious of her physique’s importance on the stage. Many of us are always surprised to see Jennie Kim full of energy on the stage, and it’s because of her cardio exercises. Cardio doesn’t only involve exercises like running and walking, but it also involves dancing. Jennie Kim is fond of dancing. That’s why Jennie does a lot of dancing sessions that have helped her lose weight. But it can be different in your case, so if your aim is weight loss, you should start with increasing activity levels in your daily routine, like walking.

That’s all for Jennie Kim’s weight loss workout routine.

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Jennie Kim Weight Loss Diet Plan

Diet has never been a big deal for superstar Jennie Kim. Jennie Kim is good at rocking in the outfits she posts on her Instagram. She fits in them so well that it makes many of us have a physique like hers; however, her weight loss is trending over the internet. Her fans are eager to know what Jennie ate to get thinner. Jennie Kim is not bossy when it comes to food. She eats whatever fits in her macros, which has helped her get thinner. Jennie follows a balanced and quantified diet. She goes for cheat meals in between, but that doesn’t mean she goes on eating instead; she eats anything she wants but in a specific quantity. Macros are relatively easy to understand. If you aim for weight loss, you must set target macros and complete them daily. Jennie Kim weight loss diet plan is still unknown, but we have a rough idea of what she eats daily.

Jennie Kim Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jennie Kim Weight Loss Diet Plan


Whole grain toast or fruit.



A typical salad made of avocado.



Porridge and juice.


Is Jennie Kim a vegan?

No, Jennie Kim is not a vegan.

That’s all for Jennie Kim weight loss diet plan.

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