BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss

By | March 31, 2023
BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss: Black pink’s favorite Lisa made a surprise appearance as a mentor for YG Entertainment’s new girl group named Baby Monster. The latest Girl K-pop group was having their last evaluation session for a cover of Black Pink’s ‘Don’t know what to do’. Before this, they have already performed a cover of Black  Pink’s ‘Stay’. K-Pop band Black Pink is the largest K-pop band and has touched a level of success previously unheard of in K-pop Girls’ groups. 

All the members of Black Pink are gorgeous and talented on their terms and together bring a blast on the stage. No wonder people love the band worldwide. Lisa’s appearance on YG Entertainment’s channel brought out weight loss rumors again. Lalisa Manobal is the only Thai K-pop star and one of the most attractive and famous women in the K-pop industry and people are obsessed with her. She seems to have lost weight in her latest appearances.

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss

So in this post, we will chart out some secrets of Lisa’s Health and Fitness and grope upon how she would have lost weight since she looks slimmer.

Here’s a Look at Lisa’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 46 kgs
Age 25 years
Shoulders 26 inches
Waist 22 inches

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BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Workout Routine

Lisa has been a petite girl all her life. Her pictures from childhood show her as this lean and tall girl. In fact, during her training days, Lisa had to put on weight to bring toning to her body. For this, she got into lightweight training to bring a definition to her overall look.

We can safely say that not working out reduces Lisa’s Weight because she has an ectomorphic body type.  People have trolled her in the past for her thin body. People are not happy with anything it seems. We at health yogi have always strived for well-intentioned weight loss which focuses more on health and less on aesthetics.

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Workout Routine

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Workout Routine

Here’s a list of exercises in BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss journey-:.


We all know a K-pop star’s daily schedule is spent majorly dancing. The K -Pop members work out every day besides dancing.  It means that the K-pop industry gives you a good dose of Workout just by being in the profession. Dancing helps in losing weight by toning your muscles and burning calories. Dancing is preferred for weight loss because most people enjoy dancing and this helps them with consistency in their workouts. And Consistency is one of the two pillars of fitness. The other is Discipline.



Lisa enjoys Boxing too. Several reports claim she likes the stress-busting nature of Boxing sessions. Boxing is preferred by various celebrities throughout the world. It increases metabolism, which burns a lot of calories and helps in overall weight loss. Further, it helps in replacing the layer of fat with that of muscles and brings definition to your overall frame.

Since boxing is a combat sport and involves your complete body, it burns a lot more calories than any other exercise. Further, it simultaneously works on cardiovascular ability and builds long-term health.

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss


Yoga and Pilates are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry. This is because it promotes flexibility while building muscles and also gives mental health benefits and brings calmness. It regulates the digestive system and posture of your body, which are directly connected to weight loss. Pilates is especially favored for belly fat in contrast to gymming as it focuses on deeper layers of your abdominals. Lisa is a Pilates Enthusiast and no wonder she has a lean toned body that also has strength.


Staying Active

The K-Pop star is not always available for a gym session or any other above-mentioned sessions. So when she is on a tour or has a paucity of time, she focuses on staying active throughout the day. Staying active itself burns calories and prevents your body from lazing out. Staying active has increasingly become one of the simplest but most effective ways to lose weight.  It requires small changes, like consciously taking deep breaths throughout the day, walking often, and giving rest to your eyes to recover.

That’s all for BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Diet Plan

Lisa has mentioned already, her struggles with gaining weight. So she doesn’t follow a strict diet. Unlike other members of the group, Lisa eats majorly carbs, since she aims at maintaining her weight due to her lean body type. She is the thinnest in the K-Pop industry and she derives benefits from this through her love for food. The idol doesn’t have a strict diet routine for weight loss.  She believes in consuming controlled food and calories in small portions 3-4 times a day.

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Diet Plan

BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Diet Plan

Eating several times a day-

Eating several times a day reduces cravings. And this allows you to make healthier choices rather than giving in to the urge to eat sugary and fatty foods. It improves satiety and keeps you feeling full for longer.


Detox Juices

Lisa likes to have lots of detox juices. Detox juices can be prepared using a variety of vegetables and fruits available throughout the seasons. It gives you essential vitamins and minerals and builds digestive health which is the basis of weight loss.


Is Lisa from Black Pink Vegan?

No, she is not vegan. She particularly likes Pork backbone stew.

That’s all for BlackPink Lisa Weight Loss Diet plan.

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