Brianne Howey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | February 26, 2023

Brianne Howey Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Brianne Nicole Howey has been making the news again for her role in the new season of the hit Netflix series Ginny and Georgia. The actress has been in showbiz for quite some time now and has several roles to her credit. Her most popular projects include The Exorcist, The Passage, and the role of Reagan Pye in Batwoman, besides the recent talk of the town- Ginny and Georgia.

The actress is married to Matt Ziering since 2021 and her lifestyle is all about balancing work and leisure. So in this post, we will look at Brianne’s workout routine and diet plan to reap some tips for overall health and wellness, intending on the overall growth of your personality. We at healthyogi focus on holistic development and ensure that we give you enough space to adjust according to your own body needs and lifestyle. So we bring for you the diet and workout routines of a different range of celebrities from all walks of life to cater to your personal needs.

Brianne Howey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Brianne Howey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Brianne’s Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 53 kgs
Age 33 years
Waist 24 inches
Shoulders  30 inches

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Brianne Howey Workout Routine

Brianne Howey, as mentioned above is a complete person in herself and focuses on enjoying the process – be it that of exercise or work. So her fitness schedule also reflects her ‘the middle path’ approach. Her role in the series is also one of a mother in her 30s who is navigating through life and yet managing and building her relationship with her teenage daughter. The actress carries a youthful beauty to herself and it is a result of exploring nature. Here’s a list of exercises that Brianne Howey prefers-:


In an interview with Shape, the actress revealed that wellness to her means taking care of oneself inside out emotionally, mentally, and physically. The key is to find a balance where all three aspects make you happy.  So the actress relies on therapy, Pilates, Meditation, and other forms of physical and mental exercises in her everyday life.



Pilates is Brianne’s favorite exercise for its stretching, toning, and calming effects. Also, the actress relied on Pilates during the pandemic time to help herself with home workouts. Brianne says that she loves a Pilates session because it doesn’t involve much equipment; just a resistance band and mat is enough.

Also, it aptly fits in her daunting schedule and saves the time required for traveling to the gym. The actress likes to complete her workout schedule in the first part of the day itself; i.e in the morning.


Peloton Bike for Cardio

The actress loves solo workouts at home and a Peloton Bike is the best companion she got for a good cardio session. To really sweat it out, 30-45 mins of session work for Brianne Howey. A Peloton Bike usually gives results within a month of exercise, if followed by a calorie deficit diet. Thus it’s excellent for weight loss too, along with cardio and strength training benefits. 


Physical Activity

The actress revealed that she loves fitness on the go. This means that making small changes like walking to run errands, taking the staircase, or simply getting up for a small walk every 30 minutes on the chair are some of the exercises that work for her. 

The actress incorporates fitness on the go through regular walking, Gardening, and playing with her dog. 

It has been proven by many studies that these small changes are not so small after all and have long-term benefits for your health.


Yoga and Swimming

The Instagram page of Brianne Howey has some posts where she can be seen in her happy zone-  on a yoga mat or a swimming pool. She recently shared a video of herself in her yoga session on a beach and fans are going Gaga over her fitness and commitment.

That’s all for Brianne Howey  Workout Routine.

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Brianne Howey Diet Plan 

In this section, we will cover her everyday routine too. The actress starts her day with a big glass of Vitamin C-rich water and then consumes her daily dose of Coffee with a lot of creams.

Brianne Howey Diet Plan 

Brianne Howey Diet Plan

Is Brianne Howey Vegan?

No, Brianne is not vegan. She loves her non-vegetarian indulgences.

The actress feels that a good sleep schedule is one of the best forms of self-care and for this she relies on Acupuncture. Her sleep cycle is well regulated by acupuncture sessions and she ensures a reluctance to technology, an hour before sleep. 

Further, the actress also likes Meditation and tries her hands on a meditation schedule every once in a while. Also, the actress loves gardening and says that it helps her with peace of mind and keeps her hands working.

Organic Foods

The actress likes to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. And restrains from chemicals and pesticides in her food.

For this, the actress relies on Farmer’s markets and only buys organic foods.

That’s all for Brianne Howey’s Diet Plan.

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