Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | October 2, 2023

Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Bruna Reis Maia-Marquezine is professionally well-known as Bruna Marquezine born on the 4th of August, 1995 is a Brazilian actress. Bruna began her acting career at a very young age, working in TV series, etc. She got recognition for her character in the telenovela Women in Love in the year 2003. Bruna is 26 years old attractive actress who has over 41.7 million fans following her Instagram page where every single picture & post receives millions of likes & terrific comments. Bruna Marquezine’s captivating body figure and highly attractive personality make everyone fall for her easily. So, let’s know about the gorgeous beauty Bruna Marquezine workout routine and Bruna Marquezine diet plan explicitly. 

Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Bruna Marquezine Body Stats 

Body stats  Units 
Height  1.7 m or 5 ft. 7 inches 
Weight  55 Kg 
Age 26 years 
Chest  34 inches 
Waist  26 inches 
Hips  32 inches 

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Bruna Marquezine Workout Routine 

Bruna Marquezine has made its position as one of the finest & gorgeous Brazilian actresses. Also, Bruna has over 41.7 million fans worldwide who praise her for her beauty, works, and so on. The awe-inspiring figure & looks of the actress seamlessly grab her fan’s attention. Do you want to know what Bruna Marquezine workout routine actually is? Bruna Marquezine always takes a fitness goal and achieves it. First, she wanted to look skinny for which she performed several exercises & did it. After that, she wants to gain muscles & a bit of weight for which she is doing a range of diverse workouts.

She has been spotted doing CrossFit, yoga, core training, strength training, and so on with her personal trainer. She is very punctual and determined for her fitness and never misses out. So, for all those who want to follow Bruna Marquezine workout routine, then here it is given below in detail. Here, we are sharing with you all the stunning Bruna Marquezine workout routine. Her workout routine is divided into 2 sorts of training mainly which we will discuss further. So, any fitness enthusiast or youth female individual by following these workout schedules properly can achieve a well-toned and healthy body image. It basically entails

Bruna Marquezine Workout Routine 

Bruna Marquezine Workout Routine

Strength Training

A warm-up or dynamic stretching of at least 10 to 15 minutes is a compulsory part of pre-workout training. By this, every muscle group of the body becomes active for performing workouts. 


Bruna Marquezine Workout Routine includes


No.of sets – 5

No.of reps – 8

  • Front squats 
  • Overhead shoulder press 
  • Alternating reverse lunges 
  • Biceps Curls 
  • Sumo squats 
  • Upright row 
  • Curtsy lunges 
  • L-Fly 
  • Plank 
  • Glute Bridge 
  • Triceps extensions 
  • Glute Bridge hold 
  • Chest press 
  • Dumbbell row 
  • Single-Leg deadlift 



HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training ) Workout 

  • Alternating toe touch 
  • Toe tap
  • Mountain Climber 
  • Skater 
  • Jumping Jack 
  • Glute stretch 
  • Quad stretch 
  • Arm cross shoulder stretch 
  • Chest cross arm swing 
  • Jog in place 
  • Swap twists 
  • In and out squats 
  • Plank pulses 
  • High knee 
  • Plank Climbers 




A form of HIIT workout.

A few of CrossFit exercises include

  • Bar Facing: Burpees
  • Single-arm dumbbell snatch 
  • Box jumps 
  • Toes to bars
  • Handstand push-ups and many more. 




  • Sage twist pose 
  • Downward facing dog pose 
  • Fish pose 
  • Cobra pose 
  • Plow pose 
  • Half-moon pose
  • Boat pose
  • Plank pose 
  • Chair pose 
  • Locust pose 


This is all about Bruna Marquezine workout routine that she follows constantly to maintain her striking breathtaking body image. Also, these exercises enable the actress to stay fit and healthy. If you follow Bruna Marquezine as your fitness idol, then do follow these proper workout routines to have a beautiful and fit physique like her. 

This is all about Bruna Marquezine Workout Routine.

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Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan 

Bruna Marquezine focuses on eating healthy foods, herbal drinks, and a lot of water. She avoids taking high carbs and fats, high calories, high sugars, alcohol, processed or junk foods, etc in her diet routine. To maintain her body in shape, to make the muscles strong, and remain fit she follows this nutritious & fibrous diet schedule to fulfill her physique maintenance. So, Let’s have a glimpse of what does the gorgeous Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine diet plan is consists of.

Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan 

Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan

Is Bruna Marquezine a vegan?

No, Bruna Marquezine is not a vegan.



  • Boiled eggs 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Green tea 



  • Chicken breast 
  • Quinoa 
  • Brown rice 



  • Carrot & celery sticks 
  • Nuts & seeds 
  • Protein shake 



  • Light green salads 
  • Buckwheat with honey 


So, Bruna Marquezine diet plan consists of all these foods and beverages. She strictly averts processed or junk foods, high sugars, alcohol, etc from her eating schedule. A proper blend of expert advised workouts plus a diet plan enables the Brazilian actress to maintain her fit, curvy and elegant body figure. 

This is all about Bruna Marquezine Diet Plan.

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