Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss

By | February 18, 2023

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss: Bruna Marquezine is a Brazilian actress known for her movies and TV shows like Blue Beetle, I Love Paraisópolis, Em Familia, etc. Besides her acting career, Bruna has a YouTube channel with 111k subscribers. However, she rarely posts any videos on that channel. Bruna is also very active on her Instagram sharing short clips of her daily life and routine with her fans.

So you can also consider her an Instagram model, and her account is like a professional portfolio of a model now, you would know Bruna shares many of her pics where you can see her in a bikini and other clothes that portray her fabulous body physique right now. So if you also want to learn more about Bruna Marquezine weight loss diet and Bruna Marquezine weight loss workout routine, keep reading.

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Body Stats

Height  5 feet 7 inches
Weight 52-55 kg
Age 27 years
Breast 34
Waist  26
Hips 35

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Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Workout Routine

After going through many articles and her Instagram account to see posts from 6-7 years ago. I was not able to find a lot about her workout. Sadly, I don’t think Bruna has ever given a specific routine or talked about what she does to stay fit. However, the reason behind it is not because Bruna doesn’t want to share. I found out that Bruna was trolled during her time with Neymar when she did a steamy advertisement.

People called her different stuff, but the comment that stood out most was this “You have spaghetti legs.” There was also a phase for which Bruna even took laxatives pills for three months straight to lose weight. Going back a couple of years, I found this post on her Instagram where we can see Bruna in the gym.

Besides that, she is very toned now with great muscles and abs. So we can say Bruna is working out at least 4-5 days a week doing some lightweight strength training to maybe CrossFit or HIIT workouts. I can’t tell you the exact routine that Bruna follows. However, I can still give you some exercises you all can follow to get the same results.

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Workout Routine

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Workout Routine

Bruna Marquezine weight loss workout includes

Strength training 

It helps your body gain muscles and also gets them toned. So, I would recommend doing four days of strength training every week to ensure that you train every region. Monday and Thursday, you can prepare your lower body and core. Tuesday and Friday, you can train your upper body. 


Cardio & Stretching

Cardio is essential to stay in a lean body shape like Bruna. However, you don’t have to run for hours to get a toned figure. Make sure to get 10-15 minutes of cardio as a warm-up before strength training and as a cool-down after strength training. Lastly, do not forget to include stretching, as it will help you stay in shape and also help you stay safe. 


Active rest days 

The last thing you need to do is stay active during rest days when you are not working out. If you see Bruna’s Instagram page, she is always out traveling, working, and doing some activities. That does help a lot boost your metabolism and keep you in a healthy body shape. So make sure to engage in some physical activity during your rest days.

That’s all for the Bruna Marquezine weight loss workout routine.

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Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Diet 

I found certain things on her Instagram that include; Bruna loves to eat desserts. Every once in a while, Bruna will post foods like cake, cookies, chocolates, etc. Also, she drinks juices, smoothies, and sometimes a cocktail on the beach or at a bar during vacation.

Besides that, there was some sushi, fish cakes, and different types of food. However, I haven’t seen a lot of unhealthy foods. So I’m guessing that Brunsa eats some not-so-healthy food every once in a while, but she does stay away from fried and junk foods. 

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Diet 

Bruna Marquezine Weight Loss Diet

Is Bruna Marquezine a Vegan? 

No, Bruna Marquezine is not a Vegan. 

Bruna Marquezine weight loss diet includes:


Organic foods 

To get a body physique like Bruna, I recommend eating organic foods like fresh veggies, chicken, fish, etc.


Eat 4-5 meals a day 

Try to eat more frequently but in small quantities, so your body’s metabolism rate stays high. 


Control Your Desserts and Junk Foods

As we saw, Bruna Marquezine also eats dessert every once in a while, but she does know how to control it. So, control your unhealthy food and eat it maybe once a week.

That’s all for the Bruna Marquezine weight loss diet plan.

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