BTS Diet Plan

By | October 29, 2021

BTS Diet Plan: BTS is one of the most famous boy bands ever, especially in youth. BTS follows the K-pop music genre and is also getting into English pop slowly as they reach more International audiences.

The group contains seven members; RM, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, and Jimin. However, while many people love their music, some fans love the way they all look. So if you also want the BTS diet plan that all of the members follow, keep reading.

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BTS Diet Plan

BTS Diet Plan

BTS Diet Plan

BTS members like to stay fit for sure, and as we know, how hard it is to be part of K-pop sometimes just because of the way they have to diet and stay lean. We all know that many K-pop idols are known for their rigorous diet plan and extreme eating habits; well, don’t be surprised when I tell you some BTS members are also on that list. I wouldn’t say I like to promote a K-pop diet because most of the time, it’s so unhealthy and can be very bad for your body. However, since you all want to know their diets, I will give you what I have learned about their diet.

BTS diet includes:

BTS Diet Plan

BTS Diet Plan

V Diet Plan

Well, V has a diet that everyone would want to follow, and if you follow the instructions that he has given, you will be able to enjoy food like V and still above a good body shape. The article of Soomoi tells us about the V diet plan and the tips that V has shared about dieting. V said three things to take care of to stay healthy, and if you do that, you won’t gain weight.

  • Don’t get stressed while eating; if you don’t get the pressure, you won’t gain that much weight.
  • If you enjoy how your food taste, then you won’t gain weight while eating
  • You won’t gain weight if you have soup as your meal.

Well, that’s undoubtedly optimistic thinking, and believe it or not, that’s all V does. He thinks positively and works out to stay healthy; there is no diet at all. V tries to have light meals, but he eats what he wants to eat.


Jin Diet Plan

Jin follows a regular diet for now, but when he has a performance or video shoot coming, Jin sometimes goes extreme. Like he went around the time of Blood Sweat and Tears single. This article from Koreaboo tells us how Jin was eating just two packs of chicken breast the whole day for a year.

That one pack contained just two chunks, so there was no way he was getting full. At that time, Jin had only one thing in mind: their slender and handsome body so he could look better. Jin even declined to eat any vitamins because he didn’t want any weight gain. However, that leads to malnutrition and health risks for Jin. So you should not follow this diet.


J-Hope, RM, & Suga Diet Plan

The diet plan that J-Hope follows is pretty standard. He doesn’t have any diet plan; instead, J-Hope enjoys eating what he wants and when he wants, which is quite okay because hours of dancing burn calories and get you hungry. However, if you are not working out that much, you should eat healthily in moderation.


Jungkook Diet Plan

For the diet plan, JK still eats a lot of meat and gets all the food inside. JK may be taking the supplement, I can’t confirm it right now, but it may be true. However, I found this video where he is eating steak; first, he looks super cute; I don’t know why?

Even though I’m a guy, he still looks cute while eating, LOL. So, I’m guessing that he is consuming as much protein as from meat and other foods.


Jimin Diet Plan

In one of the interviews, Jimin told the media how he did a rigorous diet that even made him faint. The proof is in Allkpop, Jimin was taking only one light meal the whole day before the Blood Sweat and Tears album. The diet and habit have given the idol quite challenging times, eventually putting him to sleep for a while.

However, it seems like now the singer is eating healthy foods like veggies, fruits, chicken and in moderation, and with his excellent workout, he won’t be gaining weight anytime soon. So you can also do the same by controlling your food quantity and eating in moderation; you will be able to get your body lean and slim like Jimin.

That’s all for the BTS diet plan.

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