Cody Gakpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

By | December 13, 2022
Cody Gakpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Cody Mathès Gakpo born on the 7th of May, 1999 is a Dutch professional football player. He plays as a winger for the Netherlands national team and Eredivise club PSV. Gakpo won the Dutch footballer of the year award in the 2021-22 session. 

Cody is well recognized for his amazing speed & dribbling skills he displays on the ground. Of his extremely fit body image & striking performance, he used to practice a lot in the gym. But here we are going to share the famous Cody Gakpo workout routine and Cody Gakpo diet plan in detail.

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Cody Gakpo Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 6 ft. 4 inches or 1.93 m 
Weight 76 Kg 
Age 23 years 
Chest 41 inches 
Waist 32 inches 
Biceps 17 inches 

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Cody Gakpo Workout Routine

Cody just being a player of 23 years has attained a lot of fame and support for his incredible play style, pace, and physique. Cody has around 318 K followers on his Instagram account and so on. Apart from that many other team players have good remarks on his dedication towards fitness. So, let’s see what’s exactly the Cody Gakpo workout routine in depth. 

Cody has a sheer dedication to the game and he puts in everything and anything that is required to attain the highest level. He has that fire inside him to play perfectly. Cody Gakpo workout routine has strength and core workouts included in it. Cody used to devote 2 hours or more if needed to the gym practicing numerous exercises to keep himself fit and maintain a chiseled body image. 

So, one of the most striking left-wingers of the Netherlands national team Cody Gakpo workout routine Is presented below in detail. Check out the entire workout schedule that helps him to attain a rugged physique, and gain agility & speed. Let’s jump in: 

One of the most important steps is a pre-workout routine that is basically a warm-up session of 10 to 15 minutes.

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine

Strength Workouts:

  • Dumbbell step-ups 

Sets – 3

Reps – 6

Rest – 1 to 2 minutes rest between the sets 

Cody has added this workout to his schedule as it enables him to enhance strength, burn out additional calories, and tone up the entire body. 


  • Interval Sprints 

Reps – 8 

Rest – 10 seconds on 20 seconds off 

As a winger, he used to perform this workout because it helps him in increasing anaerobic threshold, boosts power, preserves muscle mass, increases efficiency, and more. 


  • Hip Thrusts 

Sets – 3

Reps – 8

Rest – 1 to 2 minutes between the sets. 

This workout may help in strengthening the hip muscles, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus. 


  • Depth Drops 

Sets – 3

Reps – 8

Rest – 60 to 120 seconds between the sets.

Depth drops augment the stretch-shortening cycle which basically is a process that occurs in the muscles to generate power.


Core Workouts:

  • Rolling side plank –

This workout is a combination of plank & side plank. It braces the core muscles and also challenges the abs & obliques.


  • Renegade row –

This exercise works effectively on the core along with the muscles present in the chest, shoulders, back, hips and even quads. 


  • Single-leg lowering  –

The best workout to activate the core muscles & restore the body posture.


  • Medicine ball push-ups 

Gakpo includes push-ups as it serves the dual purpose of improving balance and strengthening core muscles.

These are all details we assembled relevant to the Dutch footballer Cody Gakpo workout routine that he stays adhered to maintain a rugged body image. He used to have a great style of play, pace, and agility for which he practices several rigorous workouts. So, it’s highly advisable for all those who want to be athletes or attain a fit body image, to make sure to follow a well-curated workout regime.

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Cody Gakpo Diet Plan

Cody Gakpo diet plan is well-planned as he is known for putting 100 percent into everything he does. He follows strict but nutritious eating habits to maintain his body image, energetic performance & pace. The Gakpo diet has more proteins, fibers, minerals, and so on. On the other side, the diet contains low fat, a balanced amount of carbs, no alcohol etc. He also focuses highly on hydration so he takes the required fluids and plain water to stay hydrated well.

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine

Cody Gakpo Workout Routine

Let’s shed light on the popular player Cody Gakpo diet plan to check out what he eats in a day to stay fit and energetic every time. 

Is Cody Gakpo a Vegan?

No, Cody Gakpo is not a vegan.



  • French toast 
  • Bread & Chocolate Sprinkles 
  • Poffertjes



  • Mashed Kale & Potatoes 
  • Hotchpotch
  • Split pea soup 



  • Croquettes
  • Dutch herring
  • Patat



  • Brown bean soup 
  • Dutch potato salad 
  • Stewed pears 

That’s all we know about the prominent football player Cody Gakpo diet plan. He used to follow a proper nutrition habits in his everyday life to stay healthy & fit. Apart from that, he focuses on his hydration as well. So, if you look up to him as your fitness idol make sure to inculcate healthy eating habits and proper hydration in your daily life to remain fit & maintain a well-toned body image. 

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