Courteney Cox Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | June 18, 2021

Courteney Cox Workout Routine and Diet PlanCourteney Cox was famous for being Monica in an American hit sitcom series, “Friends.” Her role as Monica transitioned from a plus-sized teenager to losing all the extra weight during college. Even in real life, Courteney Cox has a desirable and fit body. Who would’ve thought that she is now around the age of 56 with a daughter?

A body like hers is definitely to die for. Know Courteney Cox’s secret as we dive deeper into how she maintains her body, what she likes to eat to burn those calories, her activities to keep her body and mind healthy at such an age, and how she works out to have a fit figure like her.

Courteney Cox Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Courteney Cox Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Activities Courteney Cox Does To Burn Calories

Part of her exercise is by playing sports. She likes to be active even when she’s not working out in a gym, including tennis and surfing. Cox enhances her agility and core strength through outdoor activities by playing tennis which she occasionally posts on her Instagram account.

Her Instagram is full of pictures that display healthy living and lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Staying active involves stimulating her mind to stay healthy and wholesome wellness. She also had a video posted on Instagram showing her skills on the basketball court.

Courteney also posted photos of her doing TikTok dances with her daughter, drinking celery juice, clips of her workout, activities, sports, and pictures of her youthful physique.

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Courteney Cox Workout Routine

Courteney Cox likes to do her diet and workout simple as she starts her routine with some cardio exercises, weight fitness training, running, hiking, and Pilates exercise. Her workout routine also includes yoga exercises, meditation, and walk at least 20 minutes a day, which she enjoys well with the company of her co-star and close friend, Jennifer Aniston.

Tracy Anderson, her fitness trainer at the time, revealed Courteney’s exercise program, which consists of squats, leg exercises, lunges, and the Superman exercise that helps her lower back and core increase more strength.

Courteney’s training focuses on her building up her strength. She aspires to an active life where she enjoys everything she does while doing it healthily. She also engages in Pilates, tennis, surfing, yoga, bike riding, strength training, and martial arts for her core.

Her latest trainer, Michelle Lovitt, recommends workout sessions that she revealed to the public. Her sessions include body toning through using resistance bands and stretches. Cardio sessions with squats and lunges while tracking her intensity throughout the workout using a heart rate monitor.

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Courteney Cox Diet Plan

Courteney Cox reveals her complex diet plans that involve Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet plan and Atkins diet plan. She follows weight loss and light diet plans suitable for her desired body type. She drinks coffee instead of eating meals for breakfast, a chicken salad for her lunch, and eats meat with some vegetables for her dinner.

Cox is all about eating healthy foods, which is timely, relevant in today’s health crisis.  Her daily meals include a light breakfast, chicken, fish, steak, and vegetables. She drinks a lot of water and takes vitamins. She intakes vitamins that have omegas 3, 6, and 9 and vitamin D that can intensify bone health. Courteney Cox has a healthy diet that she follows to maintain her toned body.

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type is a kind of diet plan that’s customized your meals according to your blood type needs. The Blood Type diet is believed to be a healthier option to achieve your ideal body weight through eating according to the specific needs of your body depending on your blood type.

All body types have different needs, some need high protein foods, and others need whole grains to avoid meat and dairy products. This kind of diet suggests that a body’s ability to absorb nutrients is closely dependent on its blood type needs. In order for you to have the ideal body, weight, and energy levels, you must follow and consume the nutrients that your body needs.

Atkins Diet Plan focuses on avoiding foods that are high in carbs while eating protein and fats as much as you want. The increase in protein consumption will result in a reduced appetite. This diet allows you to eat foods that are commonly avoided or not allowed by many diet plans. Atkins diet prohibits consuming carbohydrates that trigger insulin and makes you hungry, leading to excessive eating and weight gain. It is a high protein, high-fat diet that encourages you to burn fat for energy, leading to weight loss.

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Green Meals Are Great Meals

Courteney Cox, a mother of a 16-year-old, still looks young with those toned abs and picture-perfect body. When it comes to maintaining her killer body, she makes sure that she consumes the proper nutrients for her health. She eats more protein and vegetables.

Courtney is always open about her eating habits in every interview. She once told the public about her favorite cravings, which are all vegetables, namely kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and anything green. She mostly calls herself a “not a big carb person” that’s why she’s more into smoothies that are nutritious and green.



Along with the desire to achieve such summer figures all seasons, you must train hard and eat the proper nutrients for your body, like how Courteney Cox maintains her ageless physique. Being an active person can change your mental and physical health.

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