Daisy Ridley Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | February 29, 2020
Daisy Ridley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Daisy Ridley is an amazing actress and is very well known all over the world. She has done a lot of movies but she is most known for starring in the Star Wars series. Daisy Ridley Workout routine is very inspirable. She has always been an active person doing workout and staying fit. She likes to do a lot of things, but before Star Wars she wasn’t so sporty. So she has become more athletic after the movie Star Wars. Let’s see what is the secret behind her amazing shape in Star Wars.

In this article, we focused on Daisy Ridley workout routine, Daisy Ridley’s diet plan, and body stats.

Daisy Ridley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Daisy Ridley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Daisy Ridley Body Stats

Daisy Ridley Height 5 Ft 7 Inch
Daisy Ridley Weight 55 kg
Chest 35 Inch
Waist 24 Inch
Hips 35 Inch
Daisy Ridley Age 27 years

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Daisy Ridley Workout Routine

The workout routine of Daisy Ridley is well maintained. She workout for 5 days a week to keep her in good shape. Daisy Ridley’s workout consists of lots of cardio, weight training, fighting, and rock climbing.

Daisy Ridley Workout Routine

Daisy Ridley Workout Routine

Daisy Ridley Workout Includes –

Cardio Routine 

Daisy Ridley’s cardio routine consists of the 800-meter jog, as she’s not a good sprinter so to warm up her body she takes east 5 min to get 800 meters on the treadmill. After that she does track or 10k steps total then she does some other exercise like some HIIT workout for a few minutes.


Daisy Ridley Weight Training Workout Routine 

The weight training workout routine of Daisy Ridley is of 5 days, training different body parts with full-body workout and mixing them up. 

Day 1 Chest Exercise with Full-Body Workout

Daisy Ridley does chest exercise with a full-body workout. Starting off with the warm-up of running and push-ups. Bench press, cable flys, dumbbell press, etc.

She does around 3 sets with a minimum of 10 to 12 rep. She goes as heavy as she can.

After that, she does a full circuit of full-body workout with some cardio, planks and other exercises like burpees, etc.  Her full-body workout details are really not out yet as she hasn’t made it public. But we did know from her social media when she posted some of her workouts that it consists of mixing these exercises.


Day 2 Lower Body Workout

Daisy Ridley does lower body workout on the 2nd day with a full-body workout. Her full-body workout is like HIIT that works as cardio more than a muscle training routine.

She starts off with push-ups, running and some air squats. In the warm-up set, she does 10 to 15 reps and only 1 set.

Later she does exercises like the deadlift and weighted squat, leg extensions, lunges, leg press, straight leg deadlift. She does around 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps each exercise. This day she doesn’t really do a lot of cardio as it can put too much strain on your body after training the legs.


Day 3 Shoulders Workout

Daisy Ridley focuses on her shoulders, so she starts again with some push-ups and running. Push-up is not her strongest point as she had an injured wrist. Which still bothers her routine. She does military press, dumbbell press, Arnold press, etc. But before training she does full-body workout including biking, dips, plank, leg raises, crunches, mountain climber and box jump squats.

Daisy Ridley Fitness

Daisy Ridley Fitness

Day 4 Arms workout

Daisy Ridley does Arms workout on 4th day, she does a full-body workout again with running, push-ups and other things. Goes to biceps curls, preacher curls, triceps pushdown, dips, dumbbell rows, pulldowns. She does 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps.


Day 5 Full-Body Workout

She does the full-body workout with core training. This day she trains herself with squats jump, box jump, plank, dips, running, biking, jump rope, mountain climbers, leg raises, etc.

This is all about Daisy Ridley workout routine.

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Daisy Ridley Diet Plan

Daisy Ridley Diet Plan

Daisy Ridley Diet Plan

The diet plan of Daisy Ridley consists of lots of meat, seafood, food like chicken, salmon, tuna, etc.  They are rich in protein and less in carbs with salad and oats also.

Daisy Ridley takes light meals in the evening and drinks gallons of water the whole day. There’s not much that we can tell as her diet plan she told is this much only. This is only about Daisy Ridley diet plan.

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