Danna Paola Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Danna Paola Weight Loss: Danna Paola Rivera Munguía born on the 23rd of June 1995 is a famous Mexican model,  singer, and actress. She got public attention & fame as a singer and actress during her early childhood and adolescence working on numerous TV projects. 

Elite fame actress Danna has attained a great height both in her acting as well as a music career. Also, she has a great social media fan following such as on her Instagram handle. But within this article, we are going to look at the secrets of her toned & fit body figure by discerning Danna Paola Weight Loss workout  routine and Danna Paola Weight Loss diet plan. 

Danna Paola Weight Loss

Danna Paola Weight Loss

Danna Paola Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 1.6 m or 5 ft. 3 inches 
Weight 49 Kg 
Age 27 years 
Chest 32 inches 
Waist 21 inches 
Hips  30 inches 

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Danna Paola Weight Loss 

Recently this year Danna Paola has shed a lot of weight and has become a sensation on Instagram.  Her fans are very concerned about her thin and slim-looking body image which can be witnessed in her Instagram account. Do you like to know about the actress Danna Paola weight loss journey in depth? 

The popular clothing brand Berksha has signed to collab with the model Danna for which they released a video in which she is looking remarkably skinny. It’s very obvious that she has lost a great number of weight and has gone through a great body image transformation. Later in her Instagram posts too, she shared her pictures where she was so slim and toned. A few of her admirers were worried about her body transformation while other critics questioned her. Also, when she has a chubby physique she has gone through a lot of body shaming comments. 

Danna Paola Weight Loss 

Danna Paola Weight Loss

While from a few sources it has been said that she has gone through some gastric surgery due to which she has lost weight. But whatever the rumors are actress herself said that she is happy and healthy above all. 


Danna Paola Weight Loss Workout Routine 

While on her Instagram handle, we didn’t find much stuff regarding her fitness program but from other social media sources, we have got some information.  Well, Danna like to delve into dancing, yoga practices, etc. She visits the gym only thrice a week for performing cardio exercises, and upper and lower body workouts. Let’s dive in:

Danna Paola Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Danna Paola Weight Loss Workout Routine

Cardio Workouts: 

  • Burpee Pull-ups 

Danna performs this pull-up because it works wonders for a wide group of muscles comprising the chest, quads, arms, hamstrings, and glutes. 


  • Lateral band walks 

This exercise helps to prevent injury either from overstretching or muscle fatigue and so on. 


Upper & Lower Body Workouts: 

  • Pull-ups 

Sets / Reps: 3×10 

Paola performs pull-ups to work on her biceps & triceps along with core stabilization. Also, it works on the big muscle groups like delts, lats, pecs etc. 


  • Push-ups 

Sets / Reps: 4×12 

This workout not only focuses on the chest and triceps but also proves effective for muscles at the back, abs, shoulders & legs.


  • Dumbbell clean & press 

No.of sets – 3-5

Reps count – 2-5 per arm 

This workout let you lift the weight off the ground & press it overhead. So, in this exercise, the legs, shoulders, back, grip & biceps work fiercely to lift the dumbbell. 


Yoga Exercises: 

  • Intense side stretch or (Parsvottanasana)

This yoga pose is highly efficient in stretching your spine, hips, and legs. Also, it works wonders for balance, digestion, and posture. 


  • Cobra & Upward Facing Dog: 

This yoga exercise enhances the posture, strengthens the wrists, arms & spine, stretches the lungs & chest, shoulders, and abdomens, and firms the buttocks. 

So, that’s all we know about one of the most famous Mexican models Danna Paola Weight Loss workout routine. She has maintained a healthy and fit body figure. If anyone of one wants to have a physique like her, then do try out some exercises regularly.  

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Danna Paola Weight Loss Diet Plan

Danna Paola Weight Loss diet plan for weight loss has various interesting as well as healthy food elements included. She likes to feed very much on green veggies and healthy foodstuff that has a high amount of proteins, fibers, minerals, and nutrients.  She used to drink a lot of water the entire day because it helps in detoxification as well as keeps the body hydrated. For shedding out a ton of calories which can be observed in her latest Instagram pictures she followed a vegan diet. 

Danna Paola Weight Loss Diet Plan

Danna Paola Weight Loss Diet Plan

If you want to know about the healthy eating habits that are well-incorporated in Danna Paola Weight Loss diet plan, read it out below in detail. 

Is Danna Paola a Vegan?

Yes, Danna Paola is a vegan. 



  • 1 slice of 100% whole wheat toast 
  • One grapefruit
  • Fresh fruit smoothie 



  • Broiled veggies 
  • A bowl of mixed garden salad 
  • A small cup of brown rice 



  • 1 Fruit
  • ½ Piece of pita bread 
  • 1 cup plain yogurt with 1 tbsp. honey.



  • 1 cup of brown rice 
  • Steamed broccoli 
  • Caesar salad 

That’s all details we get about the popular Danna Paola diet plan. By staying adhered to a well-planned eating routine and workouts, she has losses her weight. She has absolutely attained a gorgeous and super-fit body image. So, if you wish to lose weight and attain a healthy body figure then you take insights from her diet routine. 

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