Dascha Polanco Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Dascha Polanco Weight loss: Orange is the new black would never be successful without this actress. Yes I am talking about dascha Polanco. Dayanara “Daya” Diaz was portrayed so well by Dascha that the way she presented and delivered the dialogue made her the superstar for many of us. Well, her career wasn’t that easy Dascha faced a lot of backlash from the surroundings, but it wasn’t enough to suppress her talent. She revolted and fought for herself. That spirit has made Dascha Polanco what she is today. Many of us don’t know what it takes to be an actor. It’s way different from what we see on TV or mobile. However, the biggest misunderstanding we have is their lifestyle. We think they enjoy their life and do what they want; however, it’s different from this, not in the case of Dascha. Even after becoming such a big actress,  Dascha wasn’t satisfied.

She began her acting career in the early 2010s and has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. In addition to her acting work, Polanco is also known for her activism and philanthropy. Well, the cause for her activism and philanthropy is because of her own experiences Dascha was always a good actress, but there were some points and insecurities that held her back from taking a step into the industry. It was because of her mirror self. Yes, Dascha said that she wasn’t happy with her physical well-being, nor did the people around her motivate her to accept herself. She was deluded into thoughts like “I am not good,” “there are better people than me,” etc. But after some time, Dascha gained some courage and stepped up for a role in the industry. She was selected in the audition; this tells us a lot about how we are our limits. However, it doesn’t matter how you look now. You can always change yourself in the future. Therefore to help you learn from Dascha’s transformation, a health yogi is here with the Dascha Polanco weight loss workout routine and diet plan. To know more, keep reading.

Dascha Polanco Weightloss

Dascha Polanco Weight loss


Dascha Polanco Weight loss body stats:

Height 5ft 5inches
Weight 74 kg
Age 40 years
Breast 40
Waist  29
Hips 42

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Dascha Polanco Weight loss Workout Routine

Dascha is living her dream physique now. Thanks to all those hardships she went through, Dascha has always felt insecure with her body. She blamed her weight for being a hindrance in her acting career. Well, life is all about that second chance, and Dascha was waiting for that chance indeed. After years of struggling, Dascha has finally loosed weight and is happy with her current physique. Still, the ways are unknown, so to inform you about Dascha Polanco’s workout routine, the health yogi is here with her complete routine keep scrolling to know more about it.

Dascha Polanco’s weight loss workout routine includes,


Dascha Polanco Weightloss Workout Routine

Dascha Polanco Weight loss Workout Routine

Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight; in the case of Dascha, yoga has played a massive role Dascha has never been a great fan of working out, but over time she started to feel the urge to work out, and I guess what? She right away started working out, and the first step she took was “yoga” it has helped Dascha find a better version of herself and made her look younger. While people were sleeping and junk eating in lockdown, Dascha was practicing yoga at her home. In a video, she was seen doing a headstand with the latest yoga equipment Dascha took her health as a priority and made yoga a daily routine. 


Weight training

Weight training is a big yes if you want a shape like Dascha Polanco. It involves compound and isolated moments. It targets every muscle group and can be done using various workout splits and techniques. In the case of Dascha, she prefers doing HIIT or circuit training. A professional trainer has designed her workout plan. Dascha loves training her legs; she becomes very excited when she trains her legs.

Her leg workout includes,

Weighted squats


Leg press/vertical leg press


Leg extension/lunges 


Leg curl/ stiff leg deadlift


Sumo squats


Smith machine calves 


Resistance hip abductions



Resistance training

Resistance band training has also been one of the fav workouts of dascha Polanco. She prefers doing resistance training at home.



Dascha’s day is full of cardio activities. Her busy schedule has made her lifestyle active, but apart from this, she goes for a 20 minutes walk and HIIT for better results.

that’s all for Dascha Polanco weight loss workout routine.

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Dascha Polanco Weight loss Diet Plan

Polanco’s transformation has made many of us wonder, “how?” However, we all know the answer is her strict diet plan; Polanco followed a proper quantified and strict diet plan that helped her achieve her dream physique. She eats a lot of rich food items and engages herself in activities. What she eats throughout the day is unknown, but we have details on the food items she likes and usually eats.

Dascha Polanco Weightloss Diet Plan

Dascha Polanco Weight loss Diet Plan

Dascha Polanco’s weight loss diet plan includes,

  • Breakfast

Egg whites with truffle and protein shake.


  • High fiber foods

She eats a lot of papayas as it holds fibers. 


  • Energy boosting food

Fruit juices boost her energy. 


  • Post-workout/lunch

Grilled chicken with vegetables.


  • Favorite Vegetables

Dominican yucca and yams.


Is Dascha Polanco a vegan?

No, dascha Polanco is not a vegan.

That’s all for dascha Polanco weight loss diet plan.

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