Derrick Lewis Weight Loss

By | January 24, 2023
Derrick Lewis Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Derrick Lewis Weight Loss: Beast is just a short word for Lewis. Yes, I am talking about the UFC heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis. Competing in the championship has given him the limelight. Understandably, Derrick deserves every single praise he is getting now. Derrick holds the record for most knockouts in UFC history. His opponents are constantly terrified and pray not to face Lewis Derrick. What less can we expect from him? Derrick started his career professionally in 2010 and is continuing it. UFC is full of risks; players like Lewis Derrick face so many injuries it’s very casual for them.

Lewis fights in the heavyweight category, and Derrick looks like a stud despite such a weight. He carries a different charm. Derrick has a unique personality in the way he walks with his chest buffed up full of pride, and I Know many of us dream of being like him; however, we don’t know the hard work and dedication Lewis has made. Derrick holds the title of the most knockouts, but it couldn’t have been possible without his transformation; yes, Derrick Lewis went under weight loss to perform well to share all his weight loss routine; you can count on health yogi. Keep reading to know more about Derrick Lewis weight loss diet plan and workout routine.

Derrick Lewis Workout Routine

Derrick Lewis Weight Loss Body Stats

Height 6ft 3inch
Weight 120kgs
Age 37 yrs
Chest 46
Waist 34
Hips 35

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Derrick Lewis Weight Loss Workout Routine

The black beast is all set to knock out some more offenders. Derrick came up with a fantastic transformation many of us are eager to hear about. His fans started giving him the title of cardio king, and that’s justifiable. It couldn’t have been possible without a weight loss workout and diet. Derrick is now 170 pounds. It’s a hell of a transformation. Derrick has always been full of surprises. It doesn’t matter the field. He is ready to knock out this stud who competes in the heavyweight division and has never compromised with his workout in many matches. Derrick was seriously injured, but despite losing hope, he stood up again; however, recovering from injuries is not easy. It also requires a proper rehab workout.

Lewis was always sure of his career. In his childhood, he got into several street fights and knocked out some of them, and guess what? Knocking out has never stopped since then, so if you want to knock out some weight like Derrick Lewis, then don’t worry; you have landed at the best place. Derrick Lewis’s workout comprises strength and conditioning and various combat training, but for his weight loss, Derrick added some cardio and CrossFit to his workout routine. To know Derrick Lewis’s workout routine, keep reading.

Derrick Lewis Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Derrick Lewis Weight Loss Workout Routine

Derrick Lewis Weight loss workout routine includes,

Mixed martial arts

Derrick Lewis is an American mixed martial artist. Regarding workouts, Derrick is a beast to perform way more brutally than other athletes. Derrick practices different martial arts technique that helps him increase his skills. 

Martial arts that Derrick performs are:

  • Kickboxing
  • Judo
  • Karate 
  • Taekwondo


Weight lifting

Derrick Lewis can only lift up his ranks because of lifting weights in the gym. Lifting weights has helped Derrick gain a lot of strength. It is usually seen that people don’t lift weights, but if you are willing to be Derrick Lewis, then lifting weights is recommended. Derrick focuses on compound moments in the gym; however, he doesn’t play in any weight lifting competition, but still, he is good at the “Big 3″(Squats, deadlifts, and bench press). His gym split is unknown, but looking at him, he uses traditional training methods of push, pull, and legs.



Cardio king never loses his calm in recent days. Derrick Lewis is on cloud nine, all thanks to his transformation. Preparing for the next fight has made him realize the importance of stamina and weight, which is why he doesn’t compromise with it. Derrick did a lot of cardio to lose; however, cardio doesn’t help you cut down an ample amount of calories, but it helps improve the cardiovascular system and stamina. Derrick is good at covering up the things he lacks, so he chose cardio. If you want to be like Derrick, why don’t you start with some cardio? Sounds like a good idea.


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Derrick has mastered many martial arts techniques and is always searching for new ones. Likewise, CrossFit exercises are also much skill-based and help burn a good amount of calories. Derrick used his chance of weight loss to do CrossFit, which involved sled push, rope training, and many more. Crossfit Is a beautiful way to burn down calories and stay in shape. CrossFit helps you in improving your strength too. That’s why CrossFit is the perfect match for you.

That’s all for derrick lewis weight loss workout plan.

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Derrick Lewis Weight Loss Diet Plan

Derrick’s post has gone viral. His fans are eager to know how he knocked out some weight; however, weight loss means you have to do less than your TDEE, but with a proper diet, his meals mainly involved protein, fibers, and carbs. He used to have chicken and rice daily, Increasing his energy. Derrick takes supplements of creatine monohydrate to conserve strength during weight loss. Derrick used to have salmon, fish, chicken breast, and whey protein daily for protein.

Is Derrick Lewis a vegan?

No, Derrick Lewis is not a vegan.

That’s all for derrick lewis weight loss diet plan.

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