Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

By | October 7, 2018

Disadvantages of Drinking Tea 

Disadvantages of drinking tea
Disadvantages of drinking tea
There are many types of tea depending upon ingredients in it. Especially white tea, green tea, black tea are the common type of tea. The research said that approximately 72% of the Population is preferred to drink tea. Hence you must know the disadvantages of drinking tea. here in this article, we discuss the disadvantages of drinking tea.
Going to the topic “disadvantages of drinking tea”. Let first discuss the benefits of drinking tea in short. Drinking tea has some health benefits. Drinking tea helps to relives stress. Drinking tea boost the immunity system. Drinking tea helps to improved focus and concentrate more.
Tea is a beverage that high in antioxidants that’s why drinking tea may help to prevent heart disease. Drinking tea build somewhat stronger bone. Drinking of tea improved mood. Tea is a hot drink which gives you instant energy. If you drink tea in too much quantity it can lead to a serious health issue. let discuss the disadvantages of drinking tea.
Disadvantages of drinking tea:
  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 1–  Bad effects of high-level sugar on health:

Bad effects of high-level sugar on health:

Bad effects of high-level sugar on health:

Sugar has no nutritious value. It gives 16 to 20 calories per spoon. Sugar level will increase in your blood after drinking too much tea. This is one of the disadvantages of drinking tea. There are many diseases come due to an increased level of sugar in the body. Sugar leads to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetics. Tooth decaying, accelerated aging, chromium deficiency, glucose level to spike and plummet, effect on cognition of children are the “disadvantage of drinking tea” because of high sugar level in tea.

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 2– Caffeine effect: 

Tea contains mainly caffeine and it is beneficial to our health but some extent. Some people can’t tolerate too much caffeine because of this heart problem occurs to them. while tea contains less caffeine content than coffee, the caffeine content in tea has negative effects great extent. Due to caffeine in tea, Drinking tea at late night before going to bed causes the disturbance in sleep. Trouble in falling asleep at night is the disadvantage of drinking tea at late night before going to bed

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 3– Stained teeth:

Stained teeth due to drinking tea

Stained teeth due to drinking tea

Check here Effects of not brushing teeth at night outer layer of the tooth called enamel is stained due to drinking tea. “stained teeth is a disadvantage of drinking tea”. Because of drinking tea naturally occurring tannin process along with oxidation hence our teeth start to stain and splotchy. Tannins are usually found in the beverage. mostly it is found in wine in very large quantity. Actually, tannins are antioxidant called as the tannic acid it very sticks to form plaque on our teeth and also form the yellow layer in our teeth. In short more tannins in your tea, more stain your teeth. Stained teeth are the common disadvantage of drinking tea with more tannins. Drinking Tea stained your teeth more than drinking coffee.


  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 4– Iron absorption:

Iron is the mandatory element in our diet. Iron is an element of hemoglobin. iron is very essential for blood circulation. Iron is situated in red blood cell and help to carry oxygen from the lungs to all part of the body. Tea contains flavonoids which are antioxidants which provide many health benefits after drinking tea but it give one biggest disadvantage is that called iron absorption.

If you are drinking tea with eating some food, all iron in food will absorb. Hence due absorption of iron, iron deficiency occurs. You feel low energy and fatigue due to iron deficiency. If you want to maximize the absorption of all nutrition in food, avoid drinking tea before and after a meal. you can drink tea in between two meals. so Iron absorption is a disadvantage of drinking tea during the meal.

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 5 – Stomach pain:

Disadvantages of drinking tea
Disadvantages of drinking tea

We already explained tea contains tannins and effect of tannins. Stomach pain after drinking tea is occurred due to a high level of acid in your stomach is produced. Due to tannins in tea stomach acid level increase cause stomach pain, stomach ache, cause constipation and you will be feeling nauseous. Stomach pain and ache is a “disadvantage of drinking tea.

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 6 – Increases esophageal cancer probability:

Drinking hot tea causes esophageal cancer as research said. Esophageal cancer occurs in the pipe where food goes to down to stomach from throat. Esophageal cancer is also the disadvantage of drinking tea. Hence you should avoid drinking hot tea.

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 7 Increases prostate cancer probability:

Prostate cancer is developed in tubercle in the male. This cancer badly affects the reproductive system of the male. Prostate cancer develops slowly sometimes it spread with speed. and also damage nearby area like bone, lymph, nodes. prostate cancer is a dangerous disadvantage of drinking tea. drinking tea lead 50% chances of developing prostate cancer in a man who drinks tea than a man who does not drink.

  • Disadvantages of drinking tea no 8– Osteofluorosis 

Osteoporosis is about disturbances in a bone. It is caused due to chronic fluoride poisoning. Drinking too much tea causes multiple bone spur. Osteoporosis is the “disadvantage of drinking tea”.

“How many cups of tea, a day should you drink?”

We are telling you that you should stop drinking tea but avoid drinking too much tea. drinking tea of 2 to 3 cups per days is okay not going to harm your health.


1.” high-level sugar effects, caffeine effects, stained teeth, Iron absorption, stomach pain, prostate cancer, Osteofluorosis, esophageal cancer are the disadvantages of drinking tea”.

2.”How many cups of tea a day should you drink?”
Answer- Drinking a tea of2 to 3 cups a day is normal.

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