Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

By | June 27, 2019
Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

Hello, We are going to discuss the Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit and Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects. Before going to know Lychee Fruit Disadvantages and Side Effects, let’s know about Lychee Fruit. Lychee is a fruit which has a delicious taste, and this juicy fruit arrives in summer in India. According to Wikipedia, its botanical name is Litchi Chinensis. But as I say everything has, it’s own benefits and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit

Although lychee is a great fruit, people usually take it who are patient of urination, cough, etc. but it also has some harmful effects on the human body.

Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

Disadvantages of Lychee Fruit | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

Unripe lychee contains many toxic substances which are not suitable for human health like Hypoglycin and methyl cyclopropyl (MCPG)

Hypoglycin is a kind of Amino Acid that is most likely to be found in unripened fruits, especially lychee.  While, if we talk about methyl cyclopropyl compound it is a harmful compound for the human body that causes a sudden decrease in blood sugar, vomiting and even can send the patient into a coma which ultimately leads to death as happened with the children of Bihar (Muzaffarpur). These are the disadvantages of Lychee fruit.

Moreover, if these toxic substances are given in excess amount to the human body can lead to vomiting.

Most important tip of the day for you is you should not eat unripened lychees on an empty stomach.

Case Study killer fruit – Lychee | Lychee fruit disadvantages

Lychees also are known as “killer fruit” after it originates a plague in Bihar ( Muzaffarpur)

In 2019 several children in Bihar feeling unwell showing signs of fever, unconsciousness, and convulsions. in this plague 122 children died while more than 322 admitted to hospital.

When researchers test the children suffering from these diseases and healthy children, they found some shocking results that children who are showing signs of diseases have eaten lychee in last 24 hrs and also they are more likely to live around lychee orchard.

Researchers found that due to eating lychee children are avoiding their night meal and are more likely to skip meals

Although, on many tests, there were found no infections on children’s urine and blood samples children were showing signs of inflammation in their brain. But the question still remains a Mystery that how did the children get that mysterious disease.

You should give your children sugar if they suffer from the same disease.  so, that their sugar level normalized.

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Side Effects of lychees | Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

  • lychees contain sugar in a very high quantity .so, people who are suffering from diabetes should avoid lychees and even in worse cases, you might get allergic to lychees.
  • Lychees also cause hormonal imbalance in the body. It can cause internal bleeding and many other troubles in the shape of a person. This is one of the “Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects”.
  • Pregnant women should strictly stay away from lychees as it causes hemorrhage and many infections that may cause harm to a baby child.
  • Chinese doctors also recommended that eating more lychees can cause fever and unconsciousness etc. These are the side effects of eating Lychee fruits.
  • If your goal is weight loss, then it is highly recommendable to avoid lychees.
  • canned lychees are a part of lychees that causes you to weight gain depending on your area you should check whether lychees available in your area are fresh or not
  • If you eat a lot of lychees, then you might miss the essential nutrients like protein. As lychees provoke you to skip meals. This is one of the “Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects”.

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