Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 20, 2023

Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Elizabeth Banks is an actress and filmmaker known for her movies like Walk Of Shame, Pitch Perfect 2, Cocaine Bear, Charlie’s Angels, The Hunger Games, etc. She is also well known for her fabulous body shape.

Elizabeth Banks has one of the fittest and sexiest body physiques. However, the question remains, how does Elizabeth Banks maintain that toned body physique? If you also want to know about the Elizabeth Banks workout and the Elizabeth Banks diet plan, keep reading.

Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Elizabeth Banks Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 55 kg
Age 49 years
Breast 34-inch
Waist 26-inch
Hips 35-inch

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Elizabeth Banks Workout Routine 

Elizabeth Banks undoubtedly has one of the best body physiques. Especially when you look at her age, she doesn’t look anywhere near 49 years old. It’s shocking how young Elizabeth Banks seems because of her fitness and healthy lifestyle. If you are also thinking about how Elizabeth Banks maintains that body shape, don’t worry, as I got you!

After some research, I found this article by Women’s Health. In that article, they mentioned how Elizabeth Banks also runs a gym with her trainer. So her workout is structured by her trainer. Also, as Elizabeth Banks stays in LA, Hiking is something that Elizabeth Banks does a lot. Plus, LA is a city of different workout classes, so Elizabeth Banks would often mix her workout and do various activities to keep her training interesting.

Elizabeth Banks Workout Routine 

Elizabeth Banks Workout Routine

Elizabeth Banks workout includes:

HIIT Workout 

Elizabeth Banks’s trainer explains to Women’s Health how Elizabeth stays fit. You can check this video where Elizabeth’s trainer also gives one of her routines which consists of five exercises you can follow to get toned. The workout seems well structured and created in a way that will build and tone your muscle.

So you can follow that and do different variations of HIIT workouts. I recommend adding more weight training exercises to the HIIT routine to help boost your metabolism and tone your body simultaneously. Also, ensure you work out four to five days a week for about 30-45 minutes.



Cardio is always a great way to finish your workout. So even though the HIIT routine itself works as a cardio routine, I will prefer that you do at least 10-15 minutes of cardio after your HIIT routine. Especially if you are trying to get rid of stubborn fat, cardio after the workout will burn it for you. I always recommend running, but the air bike or the elliptical machine works well.



As we talked about earlier, Elizabeth Banks hikes a lot. It’s a great cardio workout as you walk on an incline majority of the distance while hiking. So that strengthens your lower body and core while also burning many calories. 45-60 minutes of hiking when you don’t work out will help you stay fit. 

So make sure that whenever you are not in the gym, you are hiking. However, if you don’t have any hiking locations near you, you can do other activities like brisk walking, playing sports, dancing, yoga, etc.

That’s all for the Elizabeth Banks workout routine.

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Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan

Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan

Elizabeth Banks Diet Plan

In Women’s Health, they mentioned that Elizabeth Banks stays fit by ensuring that she buys more bananas than cookies. That’s a phrase for buying healthy stuff rather than junk or high-calorie foods. However, when she does eat a cookie it’s by her girl.

Also, when Elizabeth Banks does have to get serious about her diet for a movie, she would remove all gluten foods. So no rice, bread, etc. Her diet would mostly have salads, veggies, and proteins. That has always worked for her and is working great to keep her in shape. Elizabeth Banks also ensures to stay hydrated, and when on a diet, she consumes beverages like water, tea, and sometimes alcohol.

So you can also follow those tips, try to eat healthily, and consume less junk and sweets. After that, add more protein and remove unhealthy carbs from your diet. Lastly, stay hydrated with water and tea (I prefer green or detox tea). As long as you follow the workout and these tips you will surely get in shape.

Is Elizabeth Banks Vegan?

No, Elizabeth Banks is not a Vegan.

That’s all for the Elizabeth Banks diet plan.

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