Emi Wong Workout Routine

By | March 18, 2022

Emi Wong Workout Routine: Emi Wong is an advance certified trainer, YouTuber, Fitness Influencer, and internet personality known for her workouts and training programs. Emi Wong is one of the most famous Fitness influencers in Asia.

She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Many people wonder how Emi Wong stays fit and what her actual routine looks like. So if you also wonder about that and want to know the Emi Wong workout, keep reading.

Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong Body Stats

Height  5 ft 5 inch
Weight 49-50 kg
Age 29 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 23-24 inch
Hips 33-34 inch

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Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong is an excellent fitness influencer that has shared many free workout routines and programs on her website that you can watch and learn. Also, on her YouTube channel, you will find all about her workouts and things that Emi Wong loves to do to keep fit and healthy. However, many people want to know, is that what she does? Or does Emi Wong has some other workout she follows? Well, to find that, I researched some of her videos.

After searching for a while, I did find this recent video where Emi Wong shares a health routine that changed her life. Emi Wong talks about how she wakes up and starts stretching in bed. You can watch that video and do those stretches to help you get up and get her ready. After that, Emi Wong would have some food and go for a 40 minutes jog, and then she would do a few HIIT runs. Emi Wong’s everyday cardio routine that she follows and sticks to almost every day. It’s not that old video, so Emi Wong would still be following that routine.

Besides that, she does a lot of different workouts like HIIT workout full-body workouts and makes excellent workout plans and videos for the fans. You can go to her channel and follow many of them according to your preferences. I would suggest this 45 minutes full-body workout to help you get an overall fitness. It’s one of the best workouts created by Emi Wong in her YouTube channel.

Also, if running is not your type of cardio, don’t worry, as Emi Wong has many cardio workouts you can do on K-pop songs from BTS, Blackpink, and many other artists. Some workouts will help you get rid of belly fats and love handles in 15-30 minutes. Also, many workouts focus on your arms and legs. I have seen so many workouts that I don’t even know how to explain all of them. I will say that it does work, and if you want to follow a workout exactly like Emi Wong, then do things that I would mention below;

Emi Wong’s workout includes:

Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong Workout Routine


So if you want to have a body physique like Emi Wong, you would need to follow at least 40-60 minutes of cardio in the morning five-six days a week. As I mentioned earlier, you can also do other cardio workouts from Emi Wong, more of walking, dance, and simple cardio workouts. However, make sure to stretch before you follow this workout routine.


HIIT Training

You will need to do 30-45 minutes of HIIT workouts from her workout plans in the evening. You can find any workout plan that suits you, but I would suggest 45 minutes of full-body workout where she does 40 seconds of exercises and 20 seconds of rest. It’s one of the best-created workouts from Emi Wong. So do follow that, or else there are many workouts to try on her YouTube and Website.

That’s all for the Emi Wong workout routine.

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