Felix Mallard Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 8, 2023

Felix Mallard Workout Routine and Diet Plan: A few weeks ago, Ginny & Georgia made it to Netflix’s list of Top 10 Most popular English shows list. The series is gaining a lot of viewership and of course critical acclaim. All of the characters are impeccable in their roles and we are loving the screenplay. All of the actors have also leveled up in terms of their popularity and reach, following the great success of the show. But, these actors not only look flawless in their roles as characters but also extremely healthy and attractive. So, how could we not search for their workout and diet routine, to present to our readers?

In fact, we have already covered the diet and workout routine of Brianne Howey who plays Georgia in the series. You can read it here. But in this post, we will look at the Felix Mallard Workout Routine and Diet Plan who plays Marcus Baker in Ginny & Georgia.

Felix Mallard Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Felix Mallard Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The role is played by Felix Mallard and he is an Australian actor, model, and Musician. A breakthrough follows him after the success of Ginny & Georgia and he is loved by the masses. Some of his other projects are titled ‘Happy Together’,’ Locke and Key’, and Zoey’s Extraordinary playlist.

Felix Mallard Body Stats

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 70 kgs 
Age 24 years
Shoulders 32 inches
Biceps 14 inches 

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Felix Mallard Workout Routine

 Being an Australian Felix Mallard has some insane love for coffee and misses his native place while living in New York City or Los Angeles.

Felix Mallard carries a very naturally toned, lean but strong body, i.e a body that is strong and yet flexible. This gives him a charming boy next door energy who sings and writes and plays for a band. The workout routine Felix Mallard is not very stringent and since he is working a hectic schedule, it keeps on changing. 

Felix Mallard Workout Routine

Felix Mallard Workout Routine

Felix Mallard Workout Routine includes



The actor revealed in an interview with Byrdie that before the Pandemic, he used to be a homebody and loved to remain inside with his music and guitars. But after the easing of lockdown restrictions, the actor has started loving his time out, especially in nature and around good morning sunlight. So, he tries to regularly visit parks and goes on walks throughout the day. This, he says, calms him down and he has learned to enjoy these little bundles of happiness rather than staying at home all of the time.

Walking has proven benefits, and it’s arguably the best and most efficient way to inculcate fitness into your daily schedule.



This is a relatively new addition to Felix Mallard’s routine and it seems he has already fallen in love with surfing. He said in an interview that if he gets some off time in his schedule, then it would undoubtedly go into a surfing session. The actor revealed that the aspect of accepting the waves as mighty, letting go of resistance, and then figuring out a way to fit into the dynamics of waves has a very spiritual and meditative aspect to it. 

So surfing is then a big part of Felix Mallard’s workout routine which he loves.


Cardio workout

The actor used to go to the gym six days a week during the Ginny and Georgia shootings. But it all somehow got to a backhand during the pandemic and Felix wants to restart the gym sessions. It can be safely assumed that the actor did a lot of cardio training during the shoot of Ginny and Georgia. It can be in the form of Running, Skipping ropes, Burpees, Squat Jumps, and HIIT, which target your cardiovascular capacity, build endurance, and improve overall health.

Felix also likes to play the thrown ball.


Weight Training

As the actor mentioned, he had lost a sense of improving himself during the pandemic but is slowly trying to gain him back. In recent posts, Felix Mallard is looking ripped and toned, so it seems he has rejoined his gym session. So, Felix carries a lean toned body that comes from a weight training session which is supplemented by a high protein diet.

Some Weight training exercises are Squats, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, and kettlebell training along with other targeted exercises like bench presses and deadlifts.

That’s all for Felix Mallard Workout Routine.

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Felix Mallard Diet Plan

There is not much information about Felix Mallard’s diet routine on the internet. But we have joined snippets together to help you with your diet plan. Firstly the actor loves Coffee and not just the regular one. He has a special taste in coffee, Double shots, Oat milk, flat white, and hot. That’s the coffee Mallard likes all year long.

The actor also takes his multivitamins, but we would suggest you take multivitamins only at the prescription of your doctor.

Felix Mallard Diet Plan

Felix Mallard Diet Plan

 Is Felix Mallard Vegan?

Yes, he is vegan and is quite active in animal rights.

You can also opt for healthy eating habits, according to your body type and health. We at healthyogi promote a healthy lifestyle and not just some scales. So follow a vegan lifestyle or any other workout routine only if it suits you because remember- each body is different. You can go for Sprouts, Quinoa, Chia seeds, Oatmeal, and vegan protein powders for protein intake. You can also opt for artificial meat as a substitute.

That’s all for Felix Mallard Diet Plan.

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