Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | April 7, 2023
Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Gabriel Basso’s new Thriller series with Netflix is doing the rounds again with the announcement of a second season a few days ago. Titled ‘ The Night Agent’ the series follows an FBI spy played by Gabriel who goes on an adventure to find the traitor to protect the United States of America. The production also features Lucaine Buchanan playing Rose Larkin who is a CEO facing threat to her life after the murder of her Uncle and Aunt.

The series is engaging to watch on Netflix and the Cast is getting lots of recognition for their work in the series. All of the actors did a great job, but it’s Gabriel whose role as an FBI agent is creating the most curiosity around his taxing physical routine in the movie. You can find him Running for his life, and for the life of others, involved in Combat and extreme Action throughout the Trailer. So, naturally, people are blown by the way Gabriel portrayed the character, especially by blending acting with the physical intensity demanded by the role.

So, in this post we will do just that, i.e break down Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan.


Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabriel Basso Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Gabriel Basso Body Stats

Height 6 feets
Weight 65 kgs
Age 28 years
Shoulders 39 inches
Waist 30 inches
Bicep 12 inches

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Gabriel Basso Workout Routine

Gabriel is not an average person turned spy with a strong muscular frame. He loves to stay in shape in real life. He is physically very active in his real life and considers workouts as meditation. We took a look at his Instagram page and it’s full of his warrior avatar in the gym and also otherwise. Those toned arms are not a result of a few months of training and steroids. He is an Athletic and gifted stunt actor.


Gabriel Basso Workout Routine

Gabriel Basso Workout Routine


Gabriel Basso Workout Routine includes:


The actor has been a child actor and wanted to be a professional football player at some point in his life. He took a year of break from acting and wanted to completely overturn his career to professional football. Even now the actor wants to play in the World Cup someday and trains every day despite his busy schedule. Soccer seems to be his favorite form of workout. 

Football or any other team sport is an excellent way of being in shape while giving you the release of happy hormones. A truly wholesome experience, Football or any other team sport is great for your mental health.


Martial Arts

The actor said in an interview that he has been raised by a Trial Lawyer and as such he loves conflict- mental or physical. In fact, he did all of his stunts by himself in the series and quite convincingly so. So, the Actor’s life is about his many interests, be it combat sports, Music, or Acting. 

He Fights, Trains consistently, and stays in shape in real life. He is Trained in TaeKwonDo and Muay Thai and actually enjoys his time in MMA training. He has been training for years on stretch and it has given him stamina and endurance that has helped in preparing for the role.  Mixed Martial Arts is a form of combat sport that especially helps with overall fitness and trains big muscle groups.



Gabriel shared a video of himself boxing and captioned it Meditation. Boxing is one of Gabriel’s longtime passions and he enjoys all the punches and Kicks. He revealed that preparing for the role he felt like all the punches and kicks were just broadened up and his Kickboxing training really helped. Kickboxing is an aerobic exercise that burns loads of calories and strengthens and tones the legs and lower body. It leads to lots of fat loss and muscle gain. So a Kickboxing session is good for long-term weight management.


Saxon Bar

The actor has shared snippets from his weight training sessions on his social media page on a Saxon Bar. Saxon bars are modified bars that have a broad gripping for extra resistance. Deadlifts are the exercises most commonly performed on a Saxon bar. Gabriel did deadlifts of close to 80 kgs in those videos.



Grappling is a new engagement for Gabriel and he considers himself a novice in that. Being trained by Actor and UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten, Gabriel is enjoying his time in the Grappling sessions too.

That’s all for Gabriel Basso Workout Routine.

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Gabriel Basso Diet Plan 

Gabriel Basso Diet plan is not covered on the internet. But we will not leave you stranded. If you are someone who wants to train as intensely as Gabriel, here are some tips for sustaining those muscles.


Gabriel Basso Diet Plan

Gabriel Basso Diet Plan


Is Gabriel Basso vegan?

No, Gabriel Basso is not vegan. 


High Protein Diet

A high-protein diet with fewer carbs, healthy fats, and fibers is essentially a diet for an MMA fighter. So, your diet must have lots of chicken, fish, tofu, cottage Cheese, milk and Almonds, olive oil, Brown bread, Rice, and a small proportion of dessert regularly.

The actor loves drinks though, which he shared in an interview and said that getting of age, I.e being an adult essentially is about permission to drink for him.

That’s all for Gabriel Basso Diet Plan.

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