Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

By | November 4, 2022

Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Gabriel Fernando de Jesus born on the 3rd of April, 1997 is a professional Brazilian football player. He plays as a forward player for the Brazil national team and the Premier League club Arsenal. Gabriel is well-recognized for his technical talents, pace, movement, dribbling ability, creativity, finishing, and work ethic. 

Jesus is known as a talented and versatile forward but at the back of this skills and style of play, he does a lot of hard work in the gym. So, do you want to know the efforts he put behind his striking body image and performance? Do read out Gabriel Jesus workout routine and Gabriel Jesus diet plan in detail.

Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabriel Jesus Body Stats

Body Stats  Units 
Height 1.75 m or 5 ft. 9 inches 
Weight 73 Kg 
Age 25 years 
Chest 37 inches
Waist 31 inches
Hips  14 inches 

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Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine 

Gabriel is famous worldwide which can be measured by the 19.9 million fan followers on his Instagram account. Jesus stays adhered to the “performance lifestyle” with the help of his personal trainer Cunha. Are you excited to dig deep into the Gabriel Jesus workout routine

Jesus follows a well-curated workout schedule to stay in shape and improve his performance.  Gabriel Jesus workout routine is based on strength improvement training, core-building workouts, and so on. His trainer always motivates him to work on himself to enhance his performance and Jesus works so hard to stay physically fit. He spends around 2 hours in the gym practicing various kinds of exercises. 

Those who are looking out for an ideal workout routine or want to be an athlete can surely check out the detailed version of Gabriel Jesus workout routine.  Let’s begin: 

You should do a warm-up session of 15 to 20 minutes. It may contain any basic stretching exercises or physical activity for the best results. 

Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine 

Gabriel Jesus Workout Routine

Gabriel Jesus Plyometrics workout:

  • Squat jump – 

This workout works to tighten the glutes & the arches in the feet rise. 


  • Staggered pushup – 

Gabriel used to practice this workout as it works well on the shoulders, chest, and arms.


  • Punch throw – 

This exercise challenges the shoulders and hips. Also, it provides strength and resilience. 

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus Yoga Exercises

  • Side angle – 

This yoga pose helps in enhancing balance and build focus.  It strengthens and stretches the hips and leg muscles. 


  • Boat – 

Gabriel used to practice this pose as it focuses on the core muscles, transverse abdominals, hip flexors & upper back.


  • Pigeon – 

It’s a great way to stretch the hip flexors, psoas, glutes, and outer hips. 


Gabriel Jesus Heavy strength training: 

  • Prowler: Sled push – 

This strength training is highly effective for the glutes, quads, calves, chests, hamstrings, arms, and core. It helps in achieving speed, strength, power development, and overall conditioning.  


  • Medicine ball toss –

No.of sets – 4 to 5

Reps count – 7 to 10 

This workout is a great low-body exercise as it helps in strengthening the glutes, quads, etc. It helps in training all the triple extensions. 


  • Dumbbell clean & press 

No.of sets – 3 to 5

Reps count – 2-5 per arm 

This workout let you lift the weight off the ground & press it overhead. So, in this exercise, the legs, shoulders, back, grip & biceps work fiercely to lift the dumbbell. 

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Gabriel Jesus Mixed training: 

Apart from all the training mentioned above, Gabriel performs breathing work, running on treadmills, flexibility and mobility work, and much more. For an athlete, movement efficiency is very important as it helps in energy transfer which in turn leads to less energy and less stress in the body. 

This is an end to the Gabriel Jesus workout routine that he follows in his daily life to maintain a rugged and toned body image. A well-curated workout regime is very necessary to keep the entire body’s muscles toned. So, the best advice you can get from his routine is to practice daily workouts with dedication.


Gabriel Jesus Diet Plan

Gabriel Jesus diet plan depends upon a precisely made diet plan by the nutritionist and cooked by the personal chef. Inside Jesus’ fridge, there are a lot of pictures of the kind of nutrition so that he gets an idea of everything he is consuming. Apart from following a diet routine, he takes his supplements, vitamins, omega-3, and more. So, basically, he eats clean food with lots of colors & calorie control. Here colors in the plate refer to different food items present, more food items more nutrition. 

Gabriel Jesus Diet Plan

Gabriel Jesus Diet Plan

Let’s have a keen look at the Gabriel Jesus diet plan to check out how he maintains a healthy eating habits with the help of a nutritious diet plan. 

Is Gabriel Jesus a Vegan?

No, Gabriel Jesus is not a vegan.



  • Omelette and 
  • Smoothie 



  • Grilled meat with squeezed lemon
  • Roasted almonds
  • Brown rice with chopped broccoli 
  • Mashed potato Gratin 
  • Beet juice with orange
  • Mix of leaves 
  • Avocado, beans & tomato 



  • Banana 
  • Oats and 
  • Organic honey



  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Brown rice with peas & chopped asparagus 
  • Boiled eggs
  • Tomato, Salads ( spinach ) 

So, that’s it! We have summed up all the details relevant to the Gabriel Jesus diet plan. The right diet routine followed by proper exercises is the key to maintaining a fit and healthy body image. If anyone wishes to achieve a well-toned and chiseled body image, then make sure to get the appropriate amount of healthy nutrition and hydration. 

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