Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | May 5, 2023

Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Gillian Jacobs’s latest project ‘ Transatlantic’ was released on Netflix a few weeks ago and it is an engaging watch. Set in the World War II era, the series is a thought-provoking watch. Gillian has also come out in favor of season 6 of  ‘Community’ which is still one of her most loved roles. The cult TV show revolved around ‘Brita’, the ‘sad and hot’ character played by Gillian. She further went on to act in series like 

‘Girls’ and ‘ Love’ came to be one of her most known roles. She usually works in Indie films but currently, she is making rapid strides in Hollywood too. The consequence has called her latest work  Transatlantic ‘addictive’. It again sheds light on the horror of the war at a significant time when the world is marred by geopolitical conflicts.  Not just for acting, Gillian is also known for her great physique. She has a completely natural body and still has a youthful glow to her. We at healthyogi focus on bringing you a range of celebrity fitness routines so that you can pick up some tips that will work well for you. So if you want to know Gillian Jacobs Workout and Gillian Jacobs Diet keep reading.


Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Gillian Jacobs Body Stats

Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 47 kgs
Age 40 years
Shoulders 32 inches
Waist 24 inches

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Gillian Jacobs Workout Routine

Gillian’s Workout routine is not very extensive. He focuses on enjoying what she does and this is her philosophy for working out. She likes to keep things simple and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on her body.  Self reports she is usually comfortable working out 6 days a Week. Further, her workouts keep changing regularly and she likes to try new ways of working out every day. Also,  Gillian admits to being an exercise coward. She has not been athletic in her life and is almost scared of lots of physical activities- like skiing. But she still works out and pretty diligently so. 


Gillian Jacobs Workout Routine

Gillian Jacobs Workout Routine


Gillian Jacobs Workout Routine includes:


The actress has a special fondness for cardio. Most of the time it’s because people like the release of large amounts of dopamine that follows. Many people, at times, stick only to Cardio workouts, which is not helpful when you are targeting weight loss or weight management. Gillian doesn’t commit this mistake, she combines cardio with a range of other exercises which we have mentioned below.  Her favorite cardio workout is Jogging and Hiking with her Dog.

Being a New Yorker, she also loves stalling around the city, and on some days, that’s the only workout she does. The best way to spend her day is hiking around the city with her dog, on a rainy day. 



Gillian calls herself a sporadic Soulcycler.  She goes for a soul cycling session when it’s not possible to go on a hike or jog. Soul Cycling is slowly getting lots of preference among celebrities and the common man alike. That’s because it combines Cardio with strength training. It improves your cardiovascular health while also building muscle tone. So, Soul Cycling is a great exercise to try, if you are a fan of indoor exercises.



The Contractor actress also loves to do Yoga. Gillian doesn’t have an Instagram account so she doesn’t share her fitness or workout videos. But she said in an interview, Yoga is a regular part of her Workout Routine. She sometimes carries her Yoga Mats to work too. If you aim to create a nature of tranquility in your body and mind, Yoga is the answer. Because it combines physical, mental, and spiritual health, Yoga is beneficial for people in any age group.


Barre Classes

Barre classes combine low-impact exercise with high intensity. It’s a combination of Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. It’s especially beneficial for building lean muscles and keeping the body flexible while also building strength.  Gillian also does a range of other exercises, like moderate weight training, and functional exercise like Squats and Pull-ups, and especially focuses on flexibility.



The actress especially emphasizes rest and recovery. We at healthyogi have always recommended a well-rested body for maximum benefits. Rest is when you build muscles and burn fat. A well-rested body is the best playground for your efforts and improves results. Complete rest and recovery also allow one to stick to his/her commitments for a longer time. This is because a person feels refreshed and energetic after a good sleep.

That’s all for Gillian Jacobs Workout Routine.

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Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan

Gillian’s exact diet plan is not fully known. But from her interviews, it seems she is conscious of what she puts inside her body. Most of her eating habits only have unprocessed foods, and she avoids eating junk.


Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan

Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan


Is Gillian Jacobs Vegan?

No, she is not vegan.

Gillian’s favorite breakfast is oatmeal with fruits and green smoothies. She also loves her coffee. Lunch is usually Eggs, yogurt, and vegetables. For dinner, she usually prefers pasta and salads. One of her favorite food is Peanut Butter Cups. She also likes Granny Smith Apple, honey, baguette Cheese Sandwich, Chicken, and Oatmeal with fruits.  In an interview Gillian shared, she is inspired by Laughing Cow’s idea of ‘reinvent snacking’ – the concept of slowing down and truly savoring your food.  But sometimes when she is on the set, she goes for days, eating only out of cars or when she gets time. Nobody can be perfect with their commitments, it’s important to just try.

That’s all for Gillian Jacobs Diet Plan.

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