Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss

By | April 2, 2023

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Gina Rodriguez is an actress known for her shows and movies like Jane The Virgin, Miss Bala, Not Dead Yet, Someone Great, Awake, Annihilation, etc. Gina Rodriguez is also a public figure with over four million followers on Instagram.

Besides her acting career and great personality, Gina Rodriguez gets known for her fabulous physique. Fans always wonder if Gina Rodriguez has worked hard to lose weight for Jane the Virgin or other roles. If you want to know more about the Gina Rodriguez weight loss workout routine and the Gina Rodriguez diet plan, keep reading.

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Body Stats

Height 5 ft 4 inch
Weight 55 kg
Age 38 years
Breast 34-inch
Waist 28-inch
Hips 35-inch

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Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Gina Rodriguez has always been fit and healthy throughout her entire career. She has the blood of a fighter and has trained as a fighter. However, Gina Rodriguez never worried about her weight. Gina always worked on being healthy and fit, and the weight she lost was the result, but it was not Gina Rodriguez’s goal.

So the weight loss that you see was not intentional. Gina Rodriguez has always gotten surrounded by good people. That also helps Gina Rodriguez to love her body and not worry about weight. Gina mentions that once during Jane the Virgin, Gina lost 15 pounds suddenly because of the flu. So everyone got worried, and the show producer and team sat  Gina Rodriguez down and told Gina Rodriguez that they all love her the way she already is and that Gina doesn’t have to lose weight for the role.

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Workout Routine

Gina Rodriguez weight loss workout includes:

Muay Thai

Now, going back to the topic of what type of workouts she does and focuses on to stay healthy and fit. As I mentioned, Gina Rodriguez has the blood of a fighter, so she practices and trains in Muay Thai and other mixed martial arts.

Gina Rodriguez started working on her hobby of Muay Thai by visiting Thailand and learning Muay Thai there for a month. Now, it’s just part of her regular workout routine, and that’s how she stays in shape and has that body physique. Muay Thai is an incredible way to train your body while getting toned.

Depending on how much you train, the workout can get more brutal and burn thousands of calories in a session. For example, Tony Jaa trains in his Muay Thai gym for over 5-7 hours daily.

However, you don’t have to train that much, and I’m sure Gina Rodriguez workout for about an hour to two maximum. So aim for an hour of Muay Thai session five days a week, and you will be good.


Climbing and other Activities 

You can see Gina Rodriguez climbing in the climbing gym in this Instagram post. Gina Rodriguez captioned trying out a new hobby. This activity is not the only activity Gina Rodriguez does as she also goes for a hike or walks with her husband. So I recommend you also try going out and staying active in whatever way you can burn those calories. It can be anything from climbing mountains to taking a hike with friends. The essential part is to keep your body moving, which will help you burn a lot of extra fat and calories.

That’s all for the Gina Rodriguez weight loss workout routine.

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Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Now for the diet, Gina Rodriguez focuses on eating healthy and staying balanced. After reading some interviews, I found that Gina Rodriguez believes in eating in moderation. Gina doesn’t force herself to be on a rigorous diet plan, as she loves her family.

So whenever Gina Rodriguez celebrates her success or any other family member’s success occasions, she likes to drink, eat, and spend time with them. Gina Rodriguez mentions that she can’t do all that if she is strict on her diet. That’s why she never worries if she eats a slice of cake or a pizza.

Although about her proper diet, I’m not sure what to tell you, as Gina Rodriguez doesn’t have a diet plan. It’s all about how she feels that day and what she wants to eat. So, I would ask you to focus on keeping your foods healthy and don’t be hard on yourself when you eat junk food.

Is Gina Rodriguez Vegan?

No, Gina Rodriguez is not vegan.

That’s all for the Gina Rodriguez weight loss diet plan.

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