Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | January 3, 2022

Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The fitness industry has ushered new a new era with the age of social media. It has become easier to find a good workout routine and diet plan that seems to fit your body. Social media also increased the influence of artists from different cultural and lingual backgrounds. One of such artists is Giovanna Ewbank from Brazil. Starring in several remarkable projects like Young Hearts, Written in the stars, The Favorite among others, She has gained a following of about 28 million worldwide. Giovanna Ewbank is not just a Brazilian star, but a complete international package.

A look at her Instagram posts will give you a peek into the lavish life and social media attention she gets. But, She also carries a body that’s forever Insta- ready. Her body reflects good toning and steller abs that seem to require good amounts of work to maintain their shape. If you are also looking for inspiration for this year’s fitness journey then Giovanna Ewbank can be your best fit. Or, if you are a fan and admirer of Giovanna Ewbank and crave to know a little more about her secret to such an almost perfect body, then read along. We will also give you some tips from our end to make your exercise regime more efficient.

Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan and Workout Routine


 Giovanna Ewbank Body Stats

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 35 years
Waist 28inches
Shoulders 30 inches

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Giovanna Ewbank Workout Routine

Giovanna Ewbank is a mother to three. Which makes her schedule additionally busy alongside her career. But still, she seems to balance it all, and that too pretty well.

Giovanna Ewbank Workout Routine

Giovanna Ewbank Workout Routine

Giovanna Ewbank Workout Routine includes


Dancing is an integral part of every artist’s Routine. Dancing is a necessity and a perfect weight loss and cardio workout. Giovanna Ewbank’s social media posts have a lot of reels of her dancing to several trendy beats. She says that she tries to make her workout sessions as regular as possible and makes up for it through dancing. Dancing burns calories and tones your body, giving you a perfectly healthy and toned body. Further, it’s an enjoyable activity that you can easily stick to for a longer time period.



In a recent post of her vacation, Ewbank is seen riding a bicycle on what looks like a wooden platform. You can also add Cycling to your Workout schedules and give a good push to your 2022 resolution of a fitter body. It improves metabolism, provides strength to legs, and tones them up. Toned legs reflect the overall strength of your body and so, cycling can be of great help to you. The perfectly toned and strong but lean body of Giovanna Ewbank seems to definitely include some cycling sessions.



Another Instagram post of Giovanna shows her and daughter Titi and herself being involved in some boxing moves with her trainer. So, we can safely say that Giovanna loves to try out new and different sports that challenge her and also give a good workout session to her body. Boxing workout gives you strength and improve heart health. It has also been proved to reduce stress levels and improve the quality of sleep. So, we recommend a good boxing workout session to find a place in your exercise regime. You can do this for 30 minutes, 3 days a week, and improve upon endurance and technique.


Abs Workout

Ok let’s admit, We all want those killer abs no matter how much we love our pizzas and rolls. It’s healthier and attractive. And Giovanna Ewbank has a pretty toned abdomen area that has an absence of fats and gives an overall tone and figure to her body. Her abdomen muscles seem to be pretty strong too. So here are some exercises for those Abs, You might not find results soon enough but you will see improvements and reduction of belly fat.



Add squats for a well-defined lower body and full impact on major muscle groups. We will recommend 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. But you must start with as many as possible without much strain.



We all know of crunches and it’s excellent benefits for abdomen muscles. So add this too into your schedule with knee crunches that help in toning your Abdomen area. We will recommend 2 sets of 12 repetitions each, but with no undue stress on your body to avoid over-exhaustion.



Planks are well-known exercises, and no matter how experienced you are, they still exhaust you literally to the core. Start with 10 seconds of aim and improve with variations and endurance.

This is all about Giovanna Ewbank Workout Routine.

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Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan

First thing first, She is not Vegan and loves her animal-based protein sources. Secondly, she seems to love food according to her husband. Giovanna seems to have a good amount of food and covers it up with lots of physical activity. So, we have prepared a diet plan for you that will give you a good idea of what your diet plan must look like.

It’s a recommendation from Healthyogi, and you can make changes to it according to your own body type and requirement. Eat meals at 2 hours of gap and in smaller proportions but with lots of variety and colors. Additionally, we prefer seasonal fruits and veggies and avoid eating long after sunsets, as our body has decreased digestive energy after sunsets.

Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan

Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan


Giovanna Ewbank Diet Plan includes


  • Avocado toasts
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Oatmeal



  • Protein bar
  • Rice cakes
  • Coffee / Tea with made stevia and milk



  • Chicken breast
  • Brown bread
  • Beans/ Nuts



  • Soups
  • Salads

That’s all for the Giovanna Ewbank diet plan.

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