Hande Erçel Weight Loss

By | December 9, 2022
Hande Erçel Weight Loss

Hande Erçel Weight Loss: This Turkish superstar lost up to 11 lbs in a week. Yes, I am talking about hande erçel. Hande is a renowned superstar who has played many famous roles in Turkish movies and serials. However, hande has tamed fans from all over the globe because of her stunning beauty and acting skills. People have started watching Turkish films and series. Hande’s beauty is always the talk on the internet, and that’s why her fans noticed a lot about her. The recent news of her weight loss had spiked the curiosity of her fans about how she managed to lose this much hande was always a slim person but being an actor is not an easy task hande had to cut off weight for her shooting.

So, now let us discuss how this award-winning actress lost weight. Hande has over 29 million followers on Instagram, where she posts her outfit flex hot pics. Her recent weight loss came into the limelight through her posts, but how did she manage to lose 5 kgs in weight? We can’t deny that drastic weight loss is not optimal, but to fit into her role, hande had to comply with the rules. So, to give you a briefing about what workout plan and diet hande follow to lose weight, health yogi is here with hande erçel weight loss diet plan and workout routine.

Hande Erçel Weight Loss

Hande Erçel Weight Loss

Hande Erçel Body Stats:

Height 5ft 9inch
Weight 55kg
Age 29 yrs
Breast 32
Waist  25
Hips  34

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Hande Erçel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Hande erçel has created a name for herself in the glamour world. She was crowned with the title of miss turkey 2012, and even now, she looks forward to her modeling career. This is undeniable that hande is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her fans are so freaked over her beauty that they often label her a goddess on earth. Well, glorifying her beauty has no end, so let us talk about the hande erçel weight loss workout routine. Her drastic weight loss has left people to know about her workout habits during those days.

Hande has always been slim and active, even on her average days. She used to work out as a part of her daily routine but did she surpass her limits during her weight loss journey? After researching for a while, we learned that no significant changes were made in her workout. The only difference was her nutrition on her usual days; she does a lot of cardio, pilates, and gym, so now let us look at the hande erçel weight loss workout regime.

Hande Erçel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Hande Erçel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Hande erçel weight loss workout routine includes,

Core training

The core plays the most vital role in the model. Models always opt for a slim waist and curves; that’s why hande erçel trains her heart to the depths core strengthens the body and helps in better functioning of the body. That’s why one shouldn’t only train core for beauty and better lifestyle purposes. Hande was seen doing crunches, Russian twists, and planks. These exercises are perfectly matched and can be done by anyone. If you are willing to start with these exercises, you should begin with two sets of 10 reps each, and for plank holds, you can set any number of seconds or minutes according to your compatibility.


Own bodyweight training

Bodyweight training is also an excellent way to start your weight loss journey. Many of us can’t hop in the gym, but that doesn’t give you an excuse. Hande does some bodyweight training, like squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. She has added them to her workout routine and performs them in her warm-up sets. 


Weight training

Weight training is an optimal workout routine when it comes to weight loss. Weight training helps you train every body part with the help of proper equipment and machine. Likey hande also likes to do weight training. She was seen doing reverse hack squats, which tells us a lot about her training; however, what kind of split she follows is still, we still need to find out how many days she workout.



Weight loss without cardio is unimaginable.

 What is cardio? 

Cardio is an exercise that involves running, sprinting, and jogging. It helps increase the cardiovascular system and leads to calorie burns that help in losing overall body weight cardio helps you fight sedentary and keep your lifestyle active. That’s why hande also does cardio exercises in her daily routine.

That’s All for Hande Erçel Weightloss Workout.

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Hande Erçel Weightloss Diet Plan

Workout plays a 30 percent role in losing weight other 70 is played by the diet. That’s why hande paid a lot of attention to her diet. According to an article, she eliminated sugar and drank water. She even included salad and green apples in her diet, which helped her release intoxicants from her body. However, her proper diet plan is unknown, but she also said that she paid keen attention to her protein intake, which helped her gain sustainability during her diet plan.

Hande Erçel Weightloss Diet Plan

Hande Erçel Weightloss Diet Plan

Is hande erçel a vegan?

No, hande is not a vegan.

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