Harry Maguire Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | October 16, 2022

Harry Maguire Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Harry Jacob Maguire is an eminent English professional football player. He plays as a center-back for the two notable premier league clubs England National team and Manchester United.  Apart from being a fabulous footballer, he has a very robust & attractive physique. 

He has won several records in his career and earned huge fame. But are you here, to know about his alluring body figure maintenance secrets? Well, we are not going to disappoint you as we are sharing the Harry Maguire workout routine and Harry Maguire diet plan in detail.

Harry Maguire Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Harry Maguire Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Harry Maguire Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 1.94 m or 6ft. 4 inches 
Weight 79 Kg 
Age 29 years 
Chest 42 inches 
Waist 32 inches 
Biceps  15 inches 

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Harry Maguire Workout Routine

The English footballer has reached the hearts of millions of people across the globe. As he has around 3.7 million huge fan followers on his Instagram account, around 1.9 million people follow him on Twitter and so on. But here we going to check out the Harry Maguire workout routine. 

Harry has a well-built robust and attractive body image for which he chooses to do a lot of workouts. Harry Maguire workout routine is packed up with several types of exercise forms fore core workouts to strength training and cardio workouts. Also, he likes to indulge in some physical activities such as jogging, walking etc. He takes out at least 1 to 1.5 hour of a day to visit the gym six days a week. 

Are you excited to curate your workout schedule by taking inspiration from the famous football star Harry Maguire workout routine that is described below in detail? So, all our amazing readers, Harry’s fans, and fitness buffs keep your eyes on the next paragraph to know precisely about his daily workouts. Let’s get started with:

Harry Maguire Workout Routine

Harry Maguire Workout Routine

Workout Training: 

Must start your workout training session always with a short warm-up of at least 10 to 20 minutes. 

Monday Stretching Exercises

  • Move on to a bent arm wall stretch 
  • Hamstring stretch 
  • Lying quad stretch 
  • Trunk twist 
  • Seated glute stretch 
  • Hip flexor stretch 
  • Crossed legs hamstring stretch 
  • Standing toe lift 
  • Rotator cuff stretch 
  • Piriformis stretch 


TuesdayCardio Training 

  • Mountain Climbers 
  • Arm crossover
  • Front squat plus push
  • One-arm dumbbell snatch
  • Shuffle jump tucks 
  • Cherry pickers 
  • Pivot punch 
  • Kneeling thrusters  


Wednesday- Core training

Reps count – 4 to 5 

Duration – 1 to 2 minutes 

  • Side to side push up 
  • Scissor kick 
  • Jump lunges
  • Swan up and down 
  • Swan cross right 
  • Swan cross left 
  • Single arm swan right 
  • Single-arm swan left 


Thursday – Strength Workouts

Arms, Chest & Shoulder 

Reps count – 6 to 8 

Sets no. – 3 to 4

  • Inclined bent over row 
  • Incline chest press 
  • Supine eventual raise 
  • Side pullover 
  • Renegade row 
  • Alternating curl 
  • Single arm snatch 
  • Military push-ups 


Friday – Lower back & leg 

Sets no. – 3 to 4 

Reps no. – 7 to 9 

  • Single leg bridge 
  • DB split squats 
  • Barefoot standing calf raise 
  • DB walking lunges 
  • Sled push 
  • Hamstring rotations 
  • Gluteal squeeze 
  • Transverse abdominal march 


Saturday – Yoga workouts

  • Low plank 
  • Three-legged dog 
  • Cat cow pose 
  • Reverse lizard 
  • Intense child’s pose 
  • Extended shoulder rolls 
  • Hip width forward bend 
  • Eagle pose 

So, finally we have came to an end of the Harry Maguire workout routine.  His workout schedule is so well-curated and stuffed with various kinds of exercises to tone up the whole body. If you want to stay fit and healthy with an attractive body image, start following a well-prepared workout schedule blended with right food habits.

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Harry Maguire Diet Plan

Harry Maguire diet plan is highly nutritious, clean, and simple. He likes to eat food that has a good proportion of proteins, fibers, minerals, and nutrients. He never use to drink alcohol or include high-sugar or fat-containing meals in his diet regime. To stay fully hydrated and energetic, he puts stress on drinking a lot of water. Harry believes in having a healthy and nutritional diet which in turn helps him to maintain a fit and chiseled body figure. 

Harry Maguire Diet Plan

Harry Maguire Diet Plan

Here is the interesting and most loved footballer Harry Maguire diet plan described in detail.  Have a look to infer in-depth about his daily healthy food habits.  

Is Harry Maguire a Vegan?

No, Harry Maguire is not a vegan. 


  • Taco stuffed sweet potatoes 
  • Drop biscuits and sausage gravy 
  • Broccoli cornbread 
  • Blueberry smoothie 



  • Tofu spinach scramble
  • Texas barbecue 
  • Gluten-free blueberry pie 
  • Vegan Ambrosia salad 
  • Fries with vinegar



  • Greek yoghurt parfait 
  • Dry fruits. And nuts 
  • Lentil Strawberry Salads 



  • Baked Portobello Mushrooms &
  • Zucchini stuffed with spicy millet  
  • Green Asparagus Celery Soup 

That’s all the information we have gathered about the Harry Maguire diet plan. He very nicely understands the primacy of the right food habits for maintaining a well-toned body image.  So, his diet plan has all the essential components present in it. Also, to stay fit and healthy nutritious and healthier eating habits in everyday life is very necessary to follow.
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