Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | October 16, 2022

Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Netflix special ‘The Takeover’  has taken over the entertainment space with a  novel story that revolves around the life of an ethical Hacker and intertwines it with the criminal realm of her profession. The film features Holly Mae Brood in the leading role and the actress cum presenter is gaining quite a good number of eyeballs with her series.

Holly Mae Brood worked as a junior assistant for her mother and has seen showbiz quite closely. As photographer Jens wrote, she has turned into one of the most attractive females in the entertainment realm.  So in this post, we will shed some light on her workouts and diet plans that keep her in good shape all along the way.

Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at her Body Stats-

Holly Mae Brood Body Stats

Height 1.72 meters
Weight 56 kgs
Age 27 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Waist 28 inches

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Holly Mae Brood Workout Routine

Holly Mae has been a fit person for all her life. She is still in her 20s now so part of her fitness is definitely age-related. She carries a lean muscular body with very little fat percentage it seems. Plus she is highly toned and flexible. 

She has a naturally lean frame which she tops up with a lean muscle layer.

Holly Mae Brood Workout Routine

Holly Mae Brood Workout Routine

Weight Training

Weight training, be it through weights or body weight is the most acknowledged way to lean muscles. It has been falsely circulated that weight training brings a bulky body to women. Rather, it keeps the weight in check by increasing the calorie-burning capacity of your body at rest.

The actress has well toned biceps which reflect muscular outlining which is shown in a lot of her outfits. We would suggest you rely on simple exercises like lunges, squats,planks and pushups for getting a lean body.



The actress also has great flexibility. She has posted some pictures in impossible poses. And it seems regular dancing has something to do with the same. She has been a dancer from quite a young age it seems. Added to that is regular leg shaking at parties and get-togethers of the profession that provides the required physical activity on a consistent basis.

Dancing is an overall exercise that targets cardio, muscle building , flexibility and mobility.

So, you too can include a dance session in your workout schedules.



The actress also seems to be a swimmer with regular vacations on beaches featuring in her Instagram feed. She might also be surfing, given her love for the beaches ,it seems. Sunbathing is another activity that the presenter loves throughout the vacations. Swimming reduces stress and works to improve asthma according to uvaswim.org. Further swimming slows aging and works on cardiovascular health at greater range. Regular swimming builds muscles which in turn has a myriad of other benefits.



Cycling and regular walking is another set of exercises that the actress regularly does. Her workouts are more mobility based which makes it easier to stick to it for longer periods.  Cycling further features in her Instagram posts quite often be it through a project or in real life.

Cycling has been proven to be enhancing bone health to a great degree with building of lean muscles, especially in the lower body. According to bikeradar.com, cycling being an aerobic exercise burns fat and it is especially effective against belly fat. Adidas.com says that just 30 minutes of biking everyday improves and builds cardiovascular and muscular endurance by manifolds. The actress also enjoys nature walks and soaking in the morning sun for vitamin D and other such benefits.

This is all about Holly Mae Brood Workout Routine.

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Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan

Holly Mae ‘s Diet plan does not have a very strict schedule. Though it can be assumed that for maintenance of muscles, she might be conscious of her protein intake.


Is Holly Mae Brood Vegan?

No, she is not vegan.

Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan

Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan

Organic Food

In his blog, Jens recounted his shoot with the actor and revealed an organic diet that the actor resorted to. It’s not clear whether she takes only organic food on a regular basis or not; though organic food has a list of benefits.

It’s commonly preferred for lack of any pesticides in it.

According to mayoclinic.org, organic food has an increase in nutritional value, is devoid of any toxins and certainly a more assured quality of meats. In fact many state administration’s are encouraging organic farming among farmers for its increasing popularity throughout the fitness world.


Favorite Food

The actor really likes pastas, pizzas, chicken wings and an overall good meal with conventional food items of high quality. She has not talked a lot about her preferences , though her Instagram page occasionally captures her love for food that she enjoys with her loved ones.



Desserts also find themselves in her Instagram feed, unlike what would be expected of a conventionally lean actress, be it in the form of cake or truffles or pastries. Desserts are not your enemy perhaps she suggests. Besides, each body is different and one must make decisions, as to the level of consumption of sugar or desserts, according to their own specific requirements. Abrupt cut of sugar is also detrimental.

This is all about Holly Mae Brood Diet Plan.

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