LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 8, 2023

Hong Eunchae Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Le Sserafim, one of the emerging K-pop Girl Bands is quickly climbing up the popularity ladder and its Music title ‘ Antifragile’ has gained numbers in the K-pop arena. All of the members of Le Sserafim have a personality of their own and they are gaining popularity in a personal capacity also.

Le Sserafim has. five members, and besides being good musicians and dancers, they are beautiful too. All of the girls carry a charm of their own and bring a different energy to the whole composition. And their moves are amazing too, which of course requires a lot of practice and flexibility.

But in this post, we will look at the fitness regime of the youngest member of this Band-Hong Eunchae, who is just 16 years old and has already touched some of the milestones of her financial and personal life. Since she is a Minor, we are not mentioning the body stats of Hong Eunchae and she is still in a growing stage both mentally and physically. But she is 16 years old and stands at 5 feet 6 inches.

LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae Diet Plan and Workout Routine

LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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Hong Eunchae Workout Routine

Hong Eun-chae is very young but she is also conscious of her workout routines because of the management group of Le Sserafim, which puts the idols under a strict diet and workout routine. In a recent interview video, it was revealed by the band members that 

Hong Eun Chae doesn’t like working out at all. To which the singer replied that’s because he finds it extremely exhausting.

Nonetheless, we do know that Hong Eun Chae follows the workout routine like every other member of the band. Here is a list of exercises that the members, including Hong Eun Chae, do, to keep themselves healthy and energetic.


Jumping Jacks 

As revealed by the idols themselves, the workout routine starts with 100 Jumping Jacks after the essential warming up. Jumping jacks effectively warm up the system and get the heart pumping. It helps in burning fats from the abdomen area, hands, and legs, while also increasing metabolism and challenging endurance. Plus it burns a lot of calories too, so excellent for weight loss if coupled with restrictive calorie intake.

Hong Eunchae Workout Routine

Hong Eunchae Workout Routine


The idols are made to do 4 sets of 25 burpees each, and honestly, it’s exhausting. Burpees are truly the secret behind those toned and of Le Sserafim band and you can also include burpees in your exercise routine for an extra challenge. 

Burpees burn a lot of fat, bring your heart rate up and burn a load of calories while improving your agility, Posture, and balance. 


Jump Squats 

Hong Eun Chae, along with other members, is made to do Jump Squats while holding their ears. The reason for it is of course unknown.  But jumping squats are a pretty effective exercise. It’s known to increase explosive power and burns more calories than regular squats. It also improves Lower and upper body movement at the same time. 

Jump squats improve overall agility and quickness in your body. 



Plank forms a big part of workout routine of Hong Eun Chae. Plank and its variations take a lot of time in everyday training.  Some of sank Exercises in Plank Crawling,  Plank Up and Down and Plank Twist. We even have a video of all the girls doing Plank Twists. You can watch it here.

It seems that the girls are pretty serious about their abs and so most of her exercises involve Abs. Planks are one of the favorite exercises of all celebrities for their intense core-building capacity and multiple muscle targeting. It’s very effective for good posture and improves metabolism and flexibility.



As mentioned, the girls including Hong Eun Chas are pretty hard on their core and do close to 75 crunches every day along with the above exercises. Crunches are also a common exercise for core muscles and builds good long-term core strength and you can literally feel the burn after 10 crunches if you are starting out.



Dancing is the core competence of all K-pop idols and they train pretty hard in it during their training and also afterward. In training programs the K- pop trainees are made to train for as long as 6 hours every day in dancing which is pretty intense. So dancing also is a big part of Hong Eun Chae’s everyday fitness routine.

That’s all for Hong EunChae Workout Routine.

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Hong EunChae Diet Plan

As mentioned, just like every other K-pop idol, Hong Eun Chae too is conscious of her calorie intake. But she is an easygoing person too, which gives her more room to let go of her considerations and plunge into the depth of her taste buds. Some of her dietary staples include soft tofu stew, fruit smoothies, Tuna fish, Chicken slices, and some salads.

Hong EunChae Diet Plan

Hong EunChae Diet Plan

Hong Eun Chae also likes cookies and bread.

Is Hong EunChae vegan?

No, she is not vegan.

We at health yogi have always stood for listening to your own body and only following routines that work for you in the long run.

We know this workout and diet routine is pretty intense and so you should choose for yourself and not exert your body too much, which may become unhealthy.

That’s all for Hong EunChae diet Plan.

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