How to Relieve Stress At Bedtime: 5 Useful Tips

By | May 23, 2022

How to Relieve Stress At Bedtime: 5 Useful Tips: When it comes to lifelong wellness and self-care, there’s perhaps no better celebrity example than Jennifer Aniston. With an enduring, successful acting career, sunny personality, and stunning smile, Aniston has improved with each passing year.

Fortunately for us, Jennifer Aniston is open about her self-care regimens and bedtime routine. Here’s how to relieve stress at bedtime, based on her personal routine and success. 

Embrace Your Weaknesses

It might seem strange to start by mentioning weaknesses, but it’s an important first step toward creating a stress-free nighttime routine. The key thing to remember is that weaknesses aren’t failures; they’re just a part of who we are. These are our traits and features that create challenges but also create opportunities to practice self-compassion.

Jennifer Aniston’s self-proclaimed weakness in regards to self-care is that she’s a night owl, preferring to go to bed late and sleep in. However, that’s not always possible with early casting calls. Yet, understanding this challenge is what has allowed her to create a consistent routine that helps her get enough sleep without going against who she is as a person.

Consider what challenges you face with your current habits and preferences, and brainstorm solutions to help you overcome them. For example, if you struggle to wind down like Jennifer, create a wind-down routine, or use a calming wearable device – visit Hapbee website for more information. Jennifer’s wind-down routine includes walking and cuddling her dogs and using mindfulness practices to reduce stress. 

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Practice Mindfulness

Jennifer is a huge advocate for mindfulness and spirituality. She’s been engaged in the yoga community for years, with a special love for Hatha practice. Aniston was introduced to Hatha yoga over 20 years ago by her friend and world-renowned instructor, Mandy Ingber, author of Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover. She finds her daily yoga practice a nice balance with her more intense cardio and calorie-burning boxing sessions

In addition to a gentle yoga practice, Aniston also incorporates other mindfulness practices, such as meditation and gratitude journaling. Intentional gratitude practices have been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and improve happiness, making it the ideal bedtime activity. 

Incorporate 10-15 minutes of mindfulness practice into your nightly routine to help diffuse stress and soothe your body. Start small with a 2-5 minute meditation and gentle yoga flow. Once the habit is established, increase your practice, focusing on the areas that bring you the most joy.


Reframe the Day Ahead

Negative thought spirals are stress-inducing sleep killers. Jennifer has mentioned her struggle with facing negativity when considering the early mornings ahead. Over time, Jennifer has been able to reframe her mindset about early mornings, focusing on the opportunity to work rather than negative thinking about an early casting call. She’s also learned the value of getting up and engaging in calming activities when she wakes during the night.

To reframe your mindset for the next day, you can practice the same positive reframing— a technique commonly used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). If you find yourself stressing about things you can’t control at bedtime, stop the thought process and reframe it in a positive light. For example, “I have way too much on my plate tomorrow and don’t know how I’ll get through it” could become, “I am prepared to handle tomorrow one step at a time.”


Practice Self-Care

In addition to incorporating mindfulness practices into her evening routine, Aniston also reiterates the importance of self-care. She’s committed to washing her face and practicing her skincare routine, even when the exhaustion kicks in. Aniston reports that she’ll have a hot bath before stretching and doing her yoga practice if she’s really stressed.

Take some time to show yourself some TLC before bed, figuratively and literally washing away the day. Incorporate other self-care activities that suit you personally, engaging in calming hobbies like reading or walking.

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Turn Off the Tech

The negative and stress-inducing impacts of constant connectivity are nothing new. Yet, Jennifer Aniston has recently made unplugging from technology her top priority for stress management before bed. She’s even reported putting her phone out of reach to minimize the risk of habitually checking it. Of her many stress-reducing bedtime activities, Aniston attributes this habit to successfully overcoming her insomnia.

Consider putting your phone on airplane mode or setting it in a different room before bedtime. Your body and your mind will thank you!

 If you’re experiencing stress before bedtime, try incorporating Jennifer Aniston’s effective stress-reducing strategies into your evening routine, and remember: consistency is everything.

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