How You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Using Contact Lenses | Top 9 Safety Tips

By | November 23, 2019
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How You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Using Contact Lenses

How You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Using Contact Lenses: Too many people across the world, contact lenses are a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy clear vision without glasses. For some, it has been a part of their fashion or form of self-expression. Whichever your purpose is, they still fall as a medical device and must be taken care of properly. 

If proper precautions aren’t met, you can quickly jeopardize your eye health. To help you out, here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy when using contact lenses.


How You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Using Contact Lenses

Here we are given the top 9 Safety Tips for Contact Lens Wearers.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses.

Germs and bacteria can easily from your hands to your contact lenses and case. Always wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before touching your kit. Some germs that cause eye irritations or infections, however, are present in water. It is essential to dry your hands using a lint-free cloth. Through that, you can also ensure that no fibers or dirt on the surface of your lenses.

  1. Don’t nap or sleep in your contact lenses.

Unless your optician says so, do not nap or sleep in your contacts. When you close your eyes while your lenses are in place, the oxygen flow diminishes and increases your risk of getting an eye infection. One of the most common eye diseases experienced by those who slept in their contacts overnight is microbial keratitis. This condition causes swelling of the cornea, which in the worst cases, can result in vision loss or permanent blindness.

  1. Take a break.

We know how contact lenses can do wonders and instantly give you a fresh look. There are lots of colored contact lenses available nowadays, which stunningly complement different makeup styles.  

While it can give you a renewed sense of being, it doesn’t mean you can wear them forever. It is advisable to wear your lenses for about 10 hours at a maximum, five days each week. If you are home on the weekend, it is best to wear your glasses. You may enjoy the aesthetics benefits of contact lenses, but letting your eyes have a break is always a good idea!

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  1. Never wear your contact lenses while swimming or in the shower.

Contact lenses and water aren’t the best of friends. Rivers, lakes, seawater, swimming pools, and even tap water can carry the organism called the acanthamoeba. This free-living life form can cause severe infection in the eyes. If you are doing any water-related activities, it is advisable to get prescription goggles to keep your eyes safe.

  1. Use daily eye drops.

Contact lenses can dry up as you do on the day, but using lubricating eye drops can keep them clean and hydrated. See to it to check packaging labels first as there are eye drops you can use while your contact lenses are in while some require you to take them out. If you are using computers or experiencing dryness, try putting a few drops of specialized moisturizing tears 15 minutes before you wear your contacts.

  1. Get added protection.

Some activities may require you to use an added layer of protection to your eyes. Depending on your daily routine, safety glasses or goggles can be handy and protect your eyes from typical hazards. If you are going to spend time outside, sunglasses are secure your eyes from harmful sun rays.

  1. Replace your contacts regularly.

Keep in mind that some contacts are made to be used for only a day, and then disposed of. Others can be worn for several weeks or months, depending on their expiry date. Replace old contacts regularly and never wear old lenses. Through time, the integrity of the contacts’ material deteriorates, just like how regular tires can wear out. Using old contacts can lead to severe complications, which may prevent you from using contact lenses and require your eyes for weeks or up to months to recover. For more information about How You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Using Contact Lenses, please continue to read below.

  1. Remove your contact if you feel something isn’t right.

Don’t ever disregard any irritation feeling when you are wearing your contact. If your eyes hurt, burn, or sting, it raises a red flag and implies that something isn’t right.

Remove your contact lenses right away and inspect them. Try to check if there are some tears or rips or if they are just inside-out. Make sure that there are no small particles that can scratch your eye. If you are confident enough, use your solution, clean your lenses, and re-insert them. If they still feel uncomfortable, proceed with the next item on this list. 

  1. Contact your health provider.

Should any severe issue arises concerning your eye health, make sure to have your doctor’s contact number in hand. You must immediately contact your eye doctor if you see some excessive redness, changes in vision, or damage to your eye. Keep in mind that you should not visit them only for emergencies. It is your best interest to get regular eye exams. These tests can help you determine that your prescription is correct should you want to purchase more glasses. Moreover, they can also detect different eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Your eyes are valuable. Always see to it that you are taking the right steps to keep them healthy, especially if you are wearing contact lenses, both for medical and aesthetic use. Follow these simple rules and enjoy a healthy and convenient contact lens experience!

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