Issa Rae Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | June 1, 2020

Issa Rae Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Issa Rae is an actress, writer, and producer mostly known for her YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. Issa Rae also represents all the Black community, which she said by herself that she wants to look confident and good for all the black people. That’s why Issa Rae also started focusing on her physical looks and health, so if you also want to know the Issa Rae workout and diet plan, then look no further.

Issa Rae Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Issa Rae Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Issa Rae Body Stats

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 60 kg
Age 35 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

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Issa Rae Workout Routine

There is not much in Issa Rae’s workout routine; she doesn’t share about her exercise routine that much on social media, but I did find out what Issa Rae does to stay healthy and fit. Issa Rae talked a lot with Women’s Health about how she used to be earlier when it comes to exercise and how she is now.

Issa Rae Workout Routine

Issa Rae Workout Routine

Issa Rae tells Women’s Health that she hated working out and eating healthy; she always used to think that there would be another year in which she could start seriously. Issa Rae even made many new year’s resolutions, but in the end, they kept getting broken.

So, after a while, when she realized how much it’s necessary for her to workout, Issa Rae started doing a cardio routine to stay fit and healthy. She still doesn’t like the gym or weight training workouts.

Issa Rae Workout Includes:-


The cardio workout of Issa Rae consists of walking and jogging for about an hour every day. She stated that when I started eating well, I couldn’t take time to go to the gym and workout because of my work. So I chose a time that sticks to every day, and that’s when Issa Rae started waking up at 4:55 am to workout.

The workout gets mostly done in her neighborhood, where she has a lot of hills. Issa Rae enjoys walking and jogging in those hills; she also said it gives her an excellent Crossfit workout.

This is all about Issa Rae Workout Routine.

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Issa Rae Diet Plan

Issa Rae Diet Plan

Issa Rae Diet Plan

If you are wondering, what exactly does Issa Rae eat? Then don’t worry in one of her interviews with Women’s Health Issa Rae stated that she is following a paleo leaning diet. It’s a diet that includes foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats like pork, steak, chicken, fish, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc.

This diet can help you get in lean body shape and also helps your body to gain muscles. Now Issa Rae’s workout doesn’t consist much of strength training, so for her, the diet is purely working as a lean protein shake. Also, Issa Rae drinks a lot of water throughout the day.

So that’s all for Issa Rae’s workout routine and diet plan. Feel free to follow the routine and diet plan to get a body, just like the confident Issa Rae.

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