ITZY Lia Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | December 23, 2021

ITZY Lia Diet Plan and Workout Routine: ITZY Lia is a singer and one of the lead dancers of the Kpop group ITZY. She is pretty well recognized and gained immense fame with her talent and beauty.

While she is one of the talented singers for sure in the group, her fame is also because of her beautiful physique and looks. We can’t deny that Lia looks super pretty and hot, so if you also want the ITZY Lia workout and the ITZY Lia diet plan, then keep reading.

ITZY Lia Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Lia Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Lia Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 20 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

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ITZY Lia Choi Ji-su Workout Routine

Lia is quite a fit and a healthy singer, and she has always been in good shape since we have seen her after her debut. However, many things go to keep that figure in shape, and we all know how much Kpop people like to see their singers and idols in form. So how does Lia keep herself in that incredible figure?

To find out about Lia, I searched a few things, but there is not much about Lia’s workout. The workout isn’t that open, and I don’t think she does anything special besides her teammates. We all know that Kpop singers have almost regular dance practices that they have to do no matter what.

All that dance practice and workout help Lia stay in shape, and the ITZY dance workout is already way too intense. Their choreography is also complex, and doing that five to six-day a week for two hours or even more does burn a lot of calories. Other than that, I have read that all ITZY members have to do stretching before the dance, which is essential to avoid injury.

There is news about specific exercises after the dance workout, which contains activities like squats, crunches, plank, leg raises, etc. However, it’s not from a promising source, so I’m not that sure about it, but don’t worry, as I can still provide you with a good workout routine to follow.

We will follow a routine that will include yoga, pilates, dance, and some free body exercises. It’s probably the same workout as other ITZY members, but that’s because of their similar body shape. Also, many Kpop stars believe in this workout and do these specific exercises to stay fit. So it’s inspired by other Kpop artists. Now let’s get started with the routine;

ITZY Lia Choi Ji-su workout includes:

ITZY Lia Workout Routine

ITZY Lia Workout Routine

Morning Routine

In the morning routine, I would recommend you do an hour of Yoga or Pilates to help you stay lean and get a flexible and toned body. Lia does have that, so these workouts will help you get that quality. It also enables you to stay mentally strong, and you can burn many calories while having a relaxing routine. I mean, it won’t be relaxing while you do it, but after you get done, it will be super comfortable.


Evening Routine

In the evening routine, we will focus on the dance workout, and that’s our main aim. If you do this routine for five days a week, your core and lower body will work nicely. You will be able to lose way too much weight while getting toned abs and slim and fit thighs. Make sure you take a break when you want and grow at your own pace.

That’s all for the ITZY Lia workout routine.

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ITZY Lia Diet Plan

Now in the article with Koreaboo, I have found the diet that Lia takes. There are only two meals that she likes to have, and between them, Lia will enjoy a snack. All of her meals are pretty light, but her snack contains some extra treats for Lia. Like in snacks, Lia likes to order a donut, but yeah, Lia also stated that she keeps the quantity to one donut a day. Now let’s see her diet:

ITZY Lia diet includes:

ITZY Lia Diet Plan

ITZY Lia Diet Plan


  • Fruits smoothie



  • Cherry tomato with balsamic sauce or honey
  • Glazed donut



  • Kimchi fried rice with some mozzarella cheese

That’s all for the ITZY Lia Choi Ji-su diet plan.

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