J. Cole Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

By | May 28, 2022

J. Cole Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Jermaine Lamarr Cole or popularly known as J. Cole is an American singer, record producer, rapper, and songwriter. 37 years old Cole was considered one of the most influential rappers of his era. Cole got recognition from his debut mixtape released in early 2007 titled The Come Up. 

His other notable works in the singing field constitute Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011), Born Sinner (2013), and so on. The rapper has been bestowed with several reputed awards like Grammy Awards, BET Hip Hop Award, etc. Apart from all this, the singer has a well-built body image, so let’s look into the J. Cole workout routine and J. Cole diet plan precisely. 


J Cole Workout Routine and Diet Plan

J. Cole Workout Routine and Diet Plan


J. Cole Body Stats 

Body stats  Units 
Height  1.91 m or 6 ft. 3 inches 
Weight 84 Kg 
Age  37 years 
Chest 43 inches 
Waist  33 inches 
Biceps  14 inches 

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J. Cole Workout Routine 

The eminent rapper J. Cole has millions of fan followers all over the world who praise him for his looks, body image, and of course his songs and raps. His Instagram account titled @realcoleworld has 7.6 million fans following, on the other hand, his Twitter handle has around 14.2 millions follower. This simply indicates the love of people towards him. So here is the most adorable rapper J. Cole workout routine in detail. 

The singer J. Cole is famous globally for his raps and songs beside ye has a striking body figure. Cole has maintained an eye-catching body image through a rigorous workout schedule without any misses. J. Cole workout routine involves a variety of exercises from strength conditioning to interval cardio training to core balance workouts. Cole dedicatedly used to give an hour five days a week to work on his physique and fitness. 

Do you feel inspired or get attracted by seeing a well-toned & fit body image of J. Cole? If yes, then here is the amazing singer J Cole workout routine in a complete detailed way for you all to practice & adapt in your daily life for a fit & healthy body figure. Here it starts 


J. Cole Workout Routine

J. Cole Workout Routine


Workout Training 

Before one should begin with the actual workout sessions, for a better outcome a 10 to 15 minutes warm-up is recommended as a mandatory task. 


J. Cole Workout Routine includes:


Leg & lower body 

No.of sets – 3-4

Reps Count – 6-8 

  • Machine leg extension
  • Machine hamstring curls 
  • Dumbbell walking lunge 
  • Romanian deadlifts 
  • Lying leg curls 
  • Standing calf raises
  • Barbell reverse lunge 
  • Weighted donkey calf raise 



Biceps and Triceps Day 

No.of sets – 3-4

Reps count – 6-9

  • Incline dumbbell triceps extension 
  • Dumbbell alternate biceps curl
  • Single-arm dumbbell preacher curl 
  • Cable Rope Push-down 
  • EZ Barbell Reverse Grip curl 
  • Dumbbell standing kickback 
  • Leant-forward EZ Bar Curl 
  • Barbell step-up 



Arms, Chest, and Shoulders 

No.of sets – 3-5 

Reps count – 6-8

  • Incline chest press
  • Renegade row 
  • Banded Push-ups 
  • High to low cable fly 
  • Horizontal cable crossover 
  • Speed Bench press 
  • Plate press out 
  • One-armed medicine ball push-ups


Cardio Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training/HIIT  

  • Chest cross arm swing 
  • Side bend stretch right side 
  • Hand walkout 
  • Close grip chest press with crunch 
  • DB over the shoulder chops 
  • Lunge to split jumps 
  • Plank to hip dips 
  • Push-ups with shoulder taps 


Core workouts


No.of reps – 10-12

No.of sets – 3-4

  • Single leg bridge 
  • Side plank with a hip dip 
  • Side-lying hip abduction 
  • T-spine twist 
  • Starfish hold 
  • Med Ball Side Toss 
  • Superman plank 
  • Pallof press 


That’s all information we have about the eminent rapper J. Cole workout routine. He used to dedicatedly practice his entire workout sessions composed to varied exercises. If anyone wants to have an attractive body image like him, start performing a couple of diverse workouts to tone up your body muscles & get them into a perfect shape. 

This is all about J. Cole Workout Routine.

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J. Cole Diet Plan 

J. Cole diet plan is entirely a plant-based vegan diet routine. Well, most of the vegan diet items that he used to consume have lean protein, green vegetables, and high fiber included in them. Also, these food items are low in carbs and fat content so cut off the extra calories. Drinking a lot of water is a compulsory part of his everyday routine. He made a distance from unhealthy items like junk foods, alcohol, high sugar, and so on to stay fit and healthy. 

Let’s properly look into the American singer J. Cole diet plan to exactly know about his healthy & well- balanced food habits. 


Cole Diet Plan 

J. Cole Diet Plan


Is J. Cole a Vegan?

Yes, J. Cole is a vegan.  


Cole Diet Plan includes:


  • Blueberry oatmeal waffles 
  • Tofu omelets 
  • Pearrific green smoothie 



  • A bowl of brown rice 
  • Miso soup 
  • Mixed green salads 



  • Apple & kale chips 
  • Dry nuts & seeds 



  • Broiled veggie bowl 
  • Avocado toast 
  • Lemony chickpea quinoa salad 


Eating habits are a crucial factor to maintain a healthy and fit body image which is well accomplished by the rapper J. Cole diet plan.  He used to eat healthy foods free from high carbs, sugars & fat which enable him to attain a fit body figure. With a proper workout schedule and a healthy diet routine, well-toned body posture is no more an imaginary goal. 

This is all about J, Cole Diet Plan.

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