Jackson Wang Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Jackson Wang Weight Loss: Jackson Wang born on the 28th f March 1994 is a multi-talented personality, rich in diverse skills. He is a Korean singer, rapper, dancer, record producer, fashion designer, and not this much he is also music video director.

The outstanding rapper Wang has been made a position in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list and stood at 10th in the year 2021. But apart from all this, he gained intense public sensation for shedding his weight. So, here in this article, we are going to provide a brief on the Jackson Wang Weight loss journey i.e., his workout & specific diet regime. 

Jackson Wang Weight Loss

Jackson Wang Weight Loss

Jackson Wang Body Stats 

Height 5 ft. 9 inches or 1.74 m 
Weight 67 Kg 
Age 28 years 
Chest 39 inches
Waist 29 inches
Biceps  13 inches 

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Jackson Wang Weight Loss

Currently,  Jackson Wang weight loss journey has been a matter of booming sensation among his vastly growing fan base. In his recent music video Oxygen, he looks adorable, slim and fit. He has realized the importance of eating right and sleeping right to keep the body fit and healthy. 

The moment he realized the value of fitness & healthy lifestyle, he switch towards strict fitness and diet regimen. Now, he follows a specific eating routine filled with nutritious food and workouts at the gym. He has even shown his fans the video of workouts at the gym by doing live sessions. Below we are going to discuss in brief the Jackson Wang workout routine and Jackson Wang diet plan that was a big role player in his weight loss & fitness journey. 


Jackson Wang Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Jackson Wang Weight Loss workout routine is based on strict fitness habits as he has adopted recently to shed weight and stay in shape. “Oxygen” fame rapper Wang can be in the video with a chiseled body image for which he practices more than an hour in the gym. 

He tries to work out as much as possible to maintain a robust physique. His weight loss journey is highly supported by his amazing workout schedule. So, let’s check out in detail:- 

Jackson Wang Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Jackson Wang Weight Loss Workout Routine

Workout Training: 

The most crucial part of any workout regime is to do a warm-up of the entire body for at least 10 to 15 minutes to activate all of the blood vessels. Let’s start: 

Cardio Workouts

  • Low-intensity cardio – 

Wang used low-intensity cardio to burn calories and drop weight. Low-intensity cardio exercises include jogging, brisk walking, swimming, or aerobics. 


  • Jump rope –

Jackson practices rope jumping as it helps to enhance cognitive and coordination functions. It’s an amazing fat-buster exercise i.e., 1,300 calories per hour. 


  • Burpees – 

Wang performs this multi-purpose and effective exercise as it involves squats, push-ups, and jumps which in turn burns fat from the overall body. 


Weight Training

  • Deadlift – A great exercise to activate the core, boost metabolism, and burn fat. Wang practices precise sets and reps of deadlifts to attain his fitness goals.
  • Olympic lift – This exercise is practiced for strength, speed, and power. This also augments high-intensity exercise endurance which in turn burns extra calories. 


Dancing – 

The fitness secret of the most amazing rapper Wang lies in his dancing skills. Like other K-pop stars, Wang also likes to dance. Dancing is a fun yet effective way to stay fit. He used to practice diverse variants or forms of dance which also enables the burning of fat from his entire body. 


To relax and let the body rest down, he used to take a break from his workouts. 

This is all about the fantastic rapper Jackson Wang Weight Loss workout routine that he followed to lose weight and remain fit. The essence of fitness dedication is captured in his live video performing diverse workouts. If you adore his body figure and wish to achieve a similar fit physique then start doing exercises regularly.

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Jackson Wang Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jackson Wang diet plan has shifted more towards consuming the right and healthy foods. He follows specific eating habits to stay within limits. He focuses more on having the required amount of protein, fiber, carbs, and other vital nutrients. Also, he used to take vitamin C and omega-3 supplements.

He has clearly stated that 3 to 4 hours before going to bed or sleeping he avoids eating anything or drinking water or any fluid, etc. So, all this together helped him stay in shape. 

Jackson Wang Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jackson Wang Weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Jackson Wang a Vegan?

No, Jackson Wang is not a vegan. 

Let’s closely peek at the K-pop singer Jackson Wang Weight Loss diet plan to know his healthy living formula. 


  • Cup noodles 
  • Ice Americano 
  • Shakes or juice



  • 2 Diverse Plate of Green leafy salads 
  • Burger or pizza ( cheat meal ) 



  • Banana 
  • Sweats 



  • Meat 


Late night snack 

  • A glass of honey water 

So, that’s all about the Jackson Wang Weight Loss diet plan that he used to follow in a day. Depending on his shoot timings, his lunch or dinner time isn’t fixed. He made a healthy eating style his biggest strength to stay in shape and fit. So, if you want to attain slim and fit body image like him, make sure to include healthy way of eating habits in your everyday lifestyle.

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